Chapter 0: Starting off With a BangMature

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The Fortress of Foliwen

Venice looked out at the sea and sighed. It's splendor was breathtaking... like a blue sapphire glistening in the sun, coated in hot silver. Such a beautiful sight made Venice forget that they were at war.

That was, until, his master appeared.

"Venice, I trust you are doing well." Xeranad asked, appearing out of nowhere.

Venice straightened up and saluted. "Yes s-sir." He said meekly.

Xeranad waved his hand. "At ease. I'm only here to give you your new orders." With that, he walked next to Venice and whispered something in his ear. Venice closed his eyes and nodded.

Xeranad turned to leave. "I trust you will do as I ask. In the meantime... I'm going to pay a visit to Escartes... and give them one... final... chance..." With that, he vanished in a cloud of darkness.

Venice pulled out his scythe. He pointed at the nearest Stygian. "You there! Gather your troops! We're heading straight for Liamson! I want our entire fleet prepared within three hours!" The Stygian bowed and ran off. Venice smiled. "While Ackerak is busy dealing with the elves at Ecwodar, I'll have taken care of the humans and grab the refugees who managed to escape our lord... I'll be praised for sure!" He laughed as he walked off towards his flagship, the Hurricos.

(Yes... Xeranad himself is coming to Escartes... I said everything would start off with a bang, didn't I?)

The End

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