Chapter 0: ON A PIKE!!!Mature

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"That's right, Click is here!" He bowed raised his hands in the air and then stepped forward, the prince noticing his medallion and wondering why it looked so familiar, "Hello, Prince-, umm, sorry, I forgot your name." He stated.

"It's Elric, it's a pleasure to meet you." The Prince shook his hand.

A series of whispers moved through the crowd. Mostly they were rumors that, one way or another, Click had started about his heroism. Finally he saw the bandit woman again. Someone that steals for the soul purpose of survival, and not just for personal gain? She must not of got the point yet. 

Click then turned slightly, seeing the two serpent eyes looking directly into his. He felt like his heart was going to stop, his skin must have turned pale. 

"The one who'll kill Xeranad!" A man yelled from the back of the crowed.

Click swallowed. What did he get himself into? Well, Click was all story and he could scare people, maybe Xeranad was the same way?

On an impulse he exclaimed, "Yes, yes I will...and BRING HIS HEAD ON A PIKE!!!" He exclaimed.

The crowed cheered. What the heck did I just say?!?!

The End

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