Chapter 0: Please Draw Your Attention Away From the Hot Lamia and Towards the Legendary HeroMature

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Kara had gone into hiding when Click came in. She wanted to study him more. She normally did this with her play things... but Click was no play thing. It wasn't too hard--this many handsome men and pretty woman easily worked a foilage to hide herself in. She had her medical bag ready. She had no idea how she could impress Click--as she wanted to be next to him, should this "corpse" status apply to him. However this was Click, and if what the nurses said was true, he would either corpse in a mighty battle against some demon--even stronger than Xeranad, or just disappear into the thoughts and whispes of others.

Maybe he could disappear into Kara's mind... Kara was somewhat unsure of this process. However at this point two people entered. One who would never be able to hide in the foilage. He looked like even if he was in the woods--no, he'd never be in the woods. He just doesn't look like he could survive. The other was the "mayor" of the town. He was a smart man in Kara's opinion. Kara suspected that this Mayor, could make the head nurse think with her clothing in a similar manner Click could make the younger nurses think with their clothing. Kara wondered if she could make people think with their clothing. Little did Kara know, many of the heroes in here were already thinking with their loin clothe when they saw her. Whether it be excited thoughts or a few that kind of pissed themselves... really it was a mixed reaction. Kara wasn't making an attempt to smell stuff with her tongue--she had stopped that as soon as she was in the City. The City smelled far from well.

The rather poorly dressed person--he said his name was "Prince"? Kara never understood this multiple name thing. This poorly dressed "Prince" asked the heroes their names. Kara came out of the foilage of people, right beside Click. Kara answers this "Prince", "Hi... uh.. Prince? (odd name). I am Kara. I am not a hero, but a simple nurse--My desire is to help my village in any way possible."

Click kind of jumped at Kara appearing next to her--it had to be Kara's imagination. Click would never jump--especially with how smooth he was acting. Kara continues, "but we don't need to worry! We have Click to save us!" and at this point Kara draws everybody's attention to Click.

The End

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