Chapter 0: Royal PowerMature

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Escartes Castle - Grand Hall

Aria looked at the swordsman, and nodded. "Yes, it is." She said, in a soft, timid voice. She felt somewhat uncomfortable in this room filled with heroes. Suddenly, a crowd gathered, and she saw the reason why: the legendary Click, the man who single handedly defeated an entire legion of bandits. They were not, however, the same kind of bandits she was from: hers were a people who stole only for survival, while the ones Click defeated were thieving cutthroats who desired luxury at the cost of everyone else's happiness.

The same could be said of Xeranad... the man who stole everything from her. Half of her body quaked in fear... but the other half trembled with anger. She knew what she was up against, and yet she could not live with herself if the deaths of all of her friends amount to nothing. Her revenge against the monster was nigh.

Suddenly, two figures came down the steps, one dressed flamboyantly, but was far too young to be King Gallon, while the other was dressed in a more common outfit, but still stood out enough to be classified as a high ranking official. These two must be Prince Elric, the only son of King Gallon, and Governor Wessel, the King's advisor and the man responisble for Escartes upkeep. The two of them seemed to be having a conversation. Aria listened closely:

"For the last time, Elric, your father, the king, has lost it. We should not get involved in this war at all." Wessel stated, nervously fidgeting like a scared rabbit.

"Then what do suggest, Wessel? Stand by and watch this oppression of life continue? Wait to be stepped on by Xeranad's boot? I think not. The sooner we deal with this demon, the better." Elric shot back, confident and haughty about the good will of the nation.

"Elric, listen to reason. If Xeranad learns of this entire scheme, both Escartes and the neighboring town of Liamson will burn. Do you not see the folly of this action we will take?" Wessel stammered.

"I understand completely... but I would rather die a free man than live under oppression, and that time will come soon if we stand around and wait. Father is aware of this, and that is why we called upon these heroes to deal with the coming darkness." Elric repied.

Wessel looked down at the floor, submitting. "You make a valid point. I will carry out King's command." And with that, he walked off.

Elric turned and saw the crowd of people in the Grand Hall, and shouted. "What is the meaning of this?!" The crowd turned and dispersed. Elric walked down the steps and stared at the group assembled in front of him. "I'm sorry for the delay. A meeting was being held, and it took longer than necessary. I was sent by my father, King Gallon Escartes, to direct you to the throne room. This way." He turned and took a few steps forward, then halted and turned to face the group. "I'm sorry for my lack of manners. I failed to introduce myself. I am Prince Elric Escartes, the son of King Gallon Escartes. May I ask your names?"

Aria took a step forward. "Aria Candenza, my lord. It is an honor to meet one of such a kind and honorable lineage." She bowed. She yelled inside her head: There! I did it! I summoned up enough courage to introduce myself in front of all these heroes, to the prince of Escartes himself, no less! Woohoo! She smiled and stood up.

Elric blushed a little. "Oh, please. You are embarrassing me! Our lineage isn't that magnificent."

Frontlines of the Shadow War - Forest of Ecwodar

Ackerak stood, nervously awaiting his master's arrival. The situation must have been grave to cause Xeranad himself to see fit to come and deal with the elves personally. All Ackerak knew for sure is that once Xeranad drew his fervid sword, Chaos, the only thing that will be left of the elves would be a memory.

Ackerak turned and saw the thing he dreaded: a man of 5'9" in height, wearing an opal white mask with markings on it. His armor was a deep jade color, and he wore a fur collar that moved in the wind like hellfire. Chains adorned his armor, and his left hand was gauntleted, like a giant claw. In his right hand, was the dreaded crimson sword Chaos.

Xeranad stared up at Ackerak with his opal white eyes. "I trust you are doing well, Ackerak. It has been ages since I saw you last. How long has it been exactly? Nearly a year? Am I right?" Xeranad asked softly, but a sinister chill was present in that voice.

Ackerak was too terrified to answer with words, so he nodded. Xeranad walked right past him. "Hmm, I see. These elves have been rather tiresome. They must be proud of themselves, knowing full well that they have lasted longer than anyone else has... no matter. Their triumph ends today..." Xeranad stepped forward. Elven archers fired a volley of arrows, but to no use. Xeranad blocked with his large gauntlet, which was big enough to be a shield.

Xeranad didn't even say a word, but his power could be felt. Immediatly, the grass around Xeranad withered and died, the wood on the trees became rotten, and the wildlife ran deeper into the woods. The elves, greatly distressed by this turn of events, fired another round of arrows, but the result was exactly the same.

Xeranad shook his head. "You nature lovers never learn, do you?" Before the elves could react, they were electrocuted by blasts of violet lightning from the sky. All that remained of them were piled of dust and bones.

Ackerak saw this, and was amazed. Xeranad's magic was far stronger than even that of the elves! His presence alone was enough to kill the life in this sacred wood!

However, to Ackerak's surprise, Xeranad turned his back towards the forest and looked directly at him. "The archers have been dealt with, Ackerak. The Stygians should have no problem finishing the job. Take the City of Hadafang at any cost. Burn the entire forest down if you have to. These elves will learn what it means to cross me and my army. I entrust this task to you. Do not disappoint me." And with that, Xeranad vanished in a cloud of pure darkness.

Ackerak looked at the forest ahead. "Do not worry, my liege. Dees wee little elves don na stand a chance against us." With that, he called the Stygian army and had them march forward into the woods.

(Only a glimpse at Xeranad's true power. One scene in particular that I have planned will make it clear)

The End

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