Chapter 0: *Fangirlish scream*Mature

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Click walked through the halls of the castle, too bad he was in fake hero mode right now, or he would already be looting the place. So much gold, which could be used to buy so many drinks, which could be used to get so many women drunk, which is really the point of life, isn't it? May the gods bless everyone that makes alcohol and the people that serve it. Especially the ones that invented happy hour.

He looked along the walls, decorating in the most beautiful treasures and materials. The king was such a show-off. Then again...

Click walked up to a wall where a golden medallion hung. He looked both ways, thought for a second, grabbed it and threw it around his neck and kept walking. Humans were the easy race to fool, to stupid to see what was right in front of them.

He then turned and walked into a room where people were sitting. His eyes slid across the room, a bandit-girl. A few people walking around, all possible targets. Then he noticed an incredible looking woman just to the side, he smiled and looked at her, his eyes started at her beautiful, if not serpent-like eyes, moved to her curves and then her snake-tail. "holy..." he whispered, then in a matter of seconds came to two conclusions: 1. when confronted with something you don't recognize, be nonchalant 2. Snake-person-woman-thing or not, still a woman, and that's all he needs to know.

"IT'S CLICK!!!" He heard someone exclaim.

He jerked slightly, then moved his hands to his hips and stood triumphantly, looking into a fictional sky, "YES, I AM." he opened one eye to see a crowd surround him, and then noticed the snake-person wasn't in her seat anymore.

((No idea how she would act, so...)

The End

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