Chapter 0: Back to the SurfaceMature

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User Uplink - Elarin Militia, Research and Recon Command

User - Conrad Hezer, Captain-Elect

Conrad shrugged hte heavy pack and the forest green cloak covering his armor and pack into a more comfortable position on him. The backpack on him was carrying supplies for 2 weeks in food, 2 water canteens, and several Magitek Packs for his pistol and rifle. The other 5 soldiers had similar packs and cloaks, as well as pistols, but they had different weapons. One had a long-range combat rifle, with a custom-made scope for it attached to it, while another had a small, SMG that used two pistol packs instead of a more specialized Magitek Pack. Another carried a rifle like Conrad's, but with a pouch attached to the side, carrying an extra rifle pack in it. All of these weapons were non-standard issue, but for the base forms. Now, they were to go to a Forest of Ecwodar as the locals called it, and perform their recon on hte edges. Hopefully, nothing would go wrong, but as these Militia members know all too well, things go wrong that should have gone right. As they neared hte VTOL pad, the blades on the VTOL were just starting to spin up. As the soldiers got closer, the blades slowed down, and hte pilot and co-pilot could be seen checking instruments, and the co-pilot could be seen kicking somethign at his feet, getting hte prop spinning up again. As the soldiers hopped into the belly of hte VTOL, Conrad sitting on the floor, hanging somewhat out the side, watching as hte base lifted off, the mountain range coming into view, leaving a somewhat breathtaking sight, even with the dull red glow from somewhat dormant volcano. Thankfully, it wasn't close enough to effect hte base that had been erected over the sight of the first Elarin mining team's breach to the surface after so many years under both hte surface and hte waves. As the VTOL flew south and east, Conrad couldn't help but wonder how Lynn was faring somewhere in the northern snowfields.

WARNING, Uplink lost, Status Now Labeled as On Op!

Roughly 5 hours later, the VTOL was landing in a natural clearing, dropping off the team, before flying back to the base. As the prop wash from the VTOL left, Conrad stood up, and adjusted his gear and weapons, letting hte large cloak flow over them, having put his helmet in his pack during the ride, in an easy to access pouch, should hte need arise. "Ok folks, let's get walking. We've got a day's walk ahead of us, and less then 4 hours of light to do it in." Conrad says, making sure the recon team heard him. Waving his hand in a 'come on' motion, Conrad starts walking to the edge of hte clearing, headed towards where the fighting was taking place.

(and now, the set-up for the team, and why Elarin get's sucked into the war... Fun, right Xeranad?)

The End

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