Chapter 0: No Pub For YouMature

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Kara was in this throne room... lots of handsome men here. She really wanted to play--but she had to concentrate. They all seemed to have a stern look on their face--like something very not fun was about to happen. So she tried to be serious. Not stand out too much. She had her med kit handy. This war could happen at any time--she didn't want to have any more corpses. Apparently these creatures seemed to get cold easily. Then one human--a female was looking at her and looked away and blushed. This was an odd response--usually it was the men that did that. The woman usually froze, ran away or fainted. Maybe she had this "fever" thing that many of these creature seemed to get. Overheating? I dunno--this world was weird. She'd have to check her up, make sure she was okay. If she did have a fever, she couldn't go to the frontlines.

Kara started to think. She had heard from some of the nurses about a hero named "Click". The head nurse did not approve. Saying the younger nurses were thinking with their skirts and not their heads. Peculiar creatures these are... thinking with clothe. It apparently came from those sheep creatures. It was amazing what these "sheep" could do. The tasted mighty good. She still didn't believe this wonderful "mutton" came from these sheep things.

Back to Click. Kara was never allowed in these "Pubs" he went in. The head nurse did not approve at all--and had let some nurses go over it. However Kara had still heard stories of Click. She just realised... _she_ could be a hero now. She can have the young nurses singing her praise. How she fixed all her broken visitors, and brought back the ones. Or maybe--she could meet Click. No--she had to get rid of that thought. Click is sooo heroic, he'd never need healing. Heck he prolly has his own Painside ability. An ability many of these creatures never used. It allowed Kara to metabolise pain--it made her have plenty of energy, but she often felt like crap after words. Click's Painside ability could prolly heal him after falling off a cliff! She had a lot to learn about the world from Click (((OOC: oh, the ironing is delicious)))... if he would just show up. He had to be getting here soon. A hero like him, that made the younger nurses think with their clothing.

The End

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