Chapter 0: CrazyMature

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"WOAH!! This view is AWESOME!" said a breathless Fujitsu, who was leaning from an up-high stone bridge to another part of the of the castle. 

A servant came up from behind him and sighed, "Yes, it is indeed."

Fujitsu looked back and nodded. He then pushed his bushy ponytail to the side and slid his trunk off so that he could stand on it to get a somewhat better view. It wasn't much better, but he could at least see a bit more of the lively town below. It was like watching the inside of a busy ant colony for Fujitsu. All the citizens looked enough like ants from where he was standing, and the added view from the trunk revealed a wave of shoppers at the market that were all bunched together, making them look like a glimmering cluster of people.

Fujitsu hopped off his trunk, opened it, and took out a shining metal telescope. He closed his trunk and stepped on again, putting one end in his eye--the wrong end--and looked back and forth, becoming confused in a matter of seconds. A somewhat rough hand came from behind him and turned it around, placing the smaller end on Fujitsu's right eye. Fujitsu looked behind him briefly to see who corrected him. It was a servant, but not the same as before; the previous one had brown hair with brown eyes, and this one had blond hair with blue eyes.

Fujitsu turned around and began looking at the civilians again, and with the magnified vision, he could make out exactly which race was below. He could spot humans, half-elves, elves, dwarfs, ogres, and a few others. The scene gave Fujitsu a feeling of peace because of the unity of this town and its separate races; nobody was excluded, except for the ones who were working for Xeranad.

Fujitsu grimaced. For the past fifteen years, Xeranad had been terrorizing the world with his army, destroying kingdoms, defeating armies, killing families... He had had just about enough of it, and wanted to do everything in his power to help stop his reign of terror and not allow his soldiers to touch another family because he, too, had lost his family in the midst of the war, and he didn't want to have anybody else feel the same pain.

Fujitsu was following a group of small children playing tag for a couple of minutes, hoping that the smallest one, who looked about seven years old, would be able to catch up to the others and show them that he could be faster than them if he wanted to. As he was following the kid, a teenage girl took out a mirror to check how she looked. The next thing Fujitsu remembered was laying on the ground, his head searing with pain.

He clutched his face and groaned aloud, wishing the pain would go away. In a couple of seconds it did, though he couldn't see anything. He tried to feel his way around and ended up tripping on his own trunk, banging his head and left knee against the stone.

"Uuuhhhggg..." he moaned, standing back up, ignoring, the pain from his head and knee.

He rubbed his head for a minute while he waited for his eyes to adjust to reality again before coming to a sudden realization. "I'm not being crazy..." he said to nobody in particular.

"Okay, let's see if I can regain my 'insanity' again..." he muttered. He took a minute to think of something to do, rubbing his head to try and ward off the pain so he could think insanely. When he was done thinking, his eyes shot open, and he yelled, "JINKAY!! JINKAY!! SHALAMALADINGDONG!! FEE FI FO FOOT, HEY EVEN A NOODLE CAN BE A SCIENTIST DE FLUBBERGUGGETS!!!!"

He started dancing while yelling his craziness, freaking out a passing guard, and made sure it echoed as far as he could make it. He did an assortment of dances, including the Waltz, tap dancing, the Moonwalk, and all while ranting on about how farts would someday rule the outer space of Topeka. This lasted for ten minutes before he abruptly stopped.

After he was done, he took a minute to ponder what he had done. He made a few "calculations" in his head, and said, "Yep. That seems about right. Now, let's see if I can find where the soldiers train..."

He then limped off towards the center of the castle, picking up his trunk; his knee still hurt. Along the way he took the time to marvel at the beauty of the place. The tiles were sparkling clean, there were tons of coolly-designed armors, shields, weapons, and magnificently painted paintings. One was so glorious, he couldn't take his eyes off of it, and he bumped into somebody, the two of them falling down.

A sword fell out from underneath Fujitsu's leather cloak, and he hastily snatched it and put it into his cloak again. He looked at the person he bumped into. It was a girl with blue curly hair and--... a half snake body. This surprised and shocked Fujitsu, because he knew full well of what she was, and was surprised to see her out of the forest.

Fujitsu started for a second and facepalmed himself the next; he realized that he had forgotten his manners. He reached a hand out for her.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Are you okay?" Fujitsu said.

He looked to the side and found another girl by them, of which looked like a bandit. The snake-girl grasped his hand and he helped her up. He looked to the other one and asked, "Is this where the people are waiting for teh king-person? I are applying to help with the war."

The End

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