Chapter 0: Messaged SurpriseMature

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The Frontlines of the Shadow War - Forest of Ecwodar

"Ta 'ell wit all o' ye, ya wee elven cowards." Ackerak muttered as he crushed an elf within the palm of his humongous hand. He was seriously peeved at how long this was taking to break through the elven defenses. But in reality, he was more frightened than angry. He knew his lord's patience was wearing thin as of late, and he had seen only part of Xeranad's wrath, but that part haunted him in his sleep every night he failed to do his master's wishes. Even though he was twice as tall as he was and under normal circumstances he would laugh it off...

Ackerak heard the sound of metal boots march through grass and twigs, and turned to see what was there. He immediatly relaxed upon seeing it was his superior, Kojiro... only to immediatly tense up again when he realized that Kojiro was rarely the bearer of good news.

Kojiro sighed. "There is no need for you to be so tense, Ackerak... Xeranad is still calmly awaiting your victory. He has merely instructed me to give you this message." He pulled out a scroll, bearing Xeranad's seal: a lance going through two thorny half circles. Ackerak gently lifted it out of Kojiro's hands.

"Wat manner o' message be dis, Kojiro?" Ackerak asked. Kojiro shrugged.

"That I do not know. This message was for you, and you alone. I have no reason to read a message not addressed to me." And with that, he turned and left.

Ackerak called a Stygian over, and the creature opened the seal for him. Ackerak then looked at the message, and his blood ran cold. It read:

"I will be joining you on the frontlines very soon, Ackerak. This war with the Elves has gone on long enough... and while I enjoyed their pitiful resistance, my patience has been nearly eradicated..."

Lord Xeranad Lekard

Escartes Castle - Grand Hall

Aria stood up, wondering what was taking so long for their meeting with the king to begin. She then compared herself to the others, and frowned. She was nothing compared to them: they all looked like heroes to her, but then she looked at herself... she was nothing more than a bandit down on her luck, whose only desire was revenge against the man... or thing... that stole her life and future. What would the others think of her? She did not want to know.

Then she looked at the lamia girl, and tilted her head slightly in confusion. What is she? Aria asked herself in her mind. A half woman, half giant snake... wearing a dress... wait, what?! Is this even possible? She continued to contemplate, staring at the lamia girl, but when their gazes met, Aria blushed and immediatly turned her head in a different direction. I should not have done that, I should not have done that. Bad Aria, bad! That was rude! You were raised better than that! she kept yelling at herself in her head, being her own mother.

The End

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