Chapter 0: Hot Killer Nurse Lamia ThingyMature

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Kara had just came from the hospital. They had told, after a cute patience died--she was still taking care of his corpse--that perhaps she should go to the front lines. This word "corpse" still rang on her tongue. It appeared to something applied to the rather cold people--kind of like how she got during the winter. She didn't know where they were moved to. They tended to be quite warm coming in. Must be summer where these "front lines" are. Some didn't need to be warmed up--they were sent back to these "front lines". It really was something new to Kara. She was told to slither over to the castle. They were looking for people that could help end the War.

Since Kara slithered out of the woods, to figure out where her villagers were going--they seemed to play with her less, she was introduced to this new world of war. It didn't make sense to her, but she was picked up to help take care of the people being... hurt... by this "War" concept. She kind of wanted it to stop. She didn't know what it was. War was just this concept to her that took away or broke her toys.

She slithered down the street. Nobody really noticed her--they were unhappy. Apparently once she got to the castle, she would be told something to do to make them happy. She gets to the gate where the guards were. One answered, "Monster! How did you get here".

He lowered his lance. The other guard put his hand on the first's shoulder, "You must be new here. This is one of the new hot nurses. You should see her in some of the hot pinups I have. Meow!"

The first looks over to the first guard, somewhat relieved, somewhat shaking still, "you know, I thought you were a perv before... now I _know_"

The second one looks at Kara, not really making any sign he knew anything about these "artist renderings", looks Kara in her eyes, putting his hand on her shoulder, "What can I do for such a skilled and established nurse as yourself."

Kara replies perfectly sincere, "well, I was told I could join some 'heroes' to help go to the 'front lines' to try to stop so many of my villagers from going away."

The first guard starts up, "do you have any weapons on your person?"

The second guard looks over, "she is a nurse! Her job is to heal!", he turns to Kara, "Go along to the castle, you can join the people you will be working with."

Kara smiles, kisses the second guard on the cheek, and slithers past them. The first guard looks at the two daggers on Kara's back, and swats the first guard, "You horn dog! She could kill the king! But noooo... you see that monster as a hot nurse. I hope the other guards catch her, and we are eating fried monster nurse tonight."

The second one looks at the first, "if she wanted to do that, as likely as that would be, would you be able to stop her? She wants to see her villagers helped. It is obvious"

The first one looks at the second one, "I am going to put in that you be restationed. No more 'tours' of the castle for pretty young things. I won't have it any more"

Kara at this point was now slithering the halls of the castle. Ooh and aah at various things--most of it, she did not really understand it, but she was impressed.

(there we go. Kara is in.)

The End

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