Chapter 0: The Screwed FableMature

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((Okay, this probably takes a place a few minutes before the end of Xeranad's post, but I figure Click's first scene should desribe him pretty well.))
“-And, THAT is how I wiped out the entire invasion force. I earlier used the same basic idea of storming in and slashing with a small gang out on a road between Ider and Len but, then it was only twenty” Click paused thinking “-five.”

A small applause came from the crowd that had slowly built up around the ‘hero’ as he talked, now holding every person in the bar’s attention squarely on him. Two women sat on either side of him as he drank from his large glass of cider, winking at one to his side.

“Where’s Ider and Len? I’ve never heard of them.” An older man asked from across the bar.

“Umm, far off past the horizon. At least a months journey from here, but the beautiful sunsets are more then worth the trip. And, one they learn of the beauty of the women here, they will know it’s worth the trip to come!”

He held his glass up followed by everyone else in the bar, “TO THE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN THAT FILL THIS CITY, may the evils of this world never touch them.” Then they all drank up.

Click walked towards the counter , bumping into a man on the way there, “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about.” The man almost seemed, excited, to be touched by someone he saw as such a great hero.

Click walked up to the counter and poured out a pouch of money across the counter, “Drinks all around, on me.”

A cheer swept across the cavern.

“And later, maybe a few girls, too.”

In the excitement he slipped the pouch into the waste basket, “Sorry, I must make my exist. There is a meeting I’m supposed to attend.” Click took on a heroic stance, “But, I’ll return soon, and I’ll tell you of the time I vanquished a dragon, and it’s flock, and maybe new stories of me versus the Stygians.”

Click bowed, blew a kiss at a young girl cleaning a table, a marched out of the room. Just a moment after he left the man he bumped into noticed his money was missing.

Click walked down the sidewalk, his thoughts finally catching up to him. First of all, he was actually surprised that these people bought his lies so easily, he figured being raised in a city they would be harder to fool. Maybe he was just more talented then he thought, after all, he was a natural liar.

Sadly, lying wouldn’t be as much help as he wanted. He already knew that, despite that the day had started well enough (some pick-pocketing, lying, scams, a few kisses from some pretty girls) it would probably end very badly, if he made it to the end at all. On one hand, maybe he would get lucky and not get involved in a fight, just a medal for showing up and nothing would happen until tomorrow, which would mean he’d have a chance to sneak out and get back to his new home show the medal and tell stories of his heroic stand against the Stygians. Alone. With a bad ankle. And maybe saving a baby. Yea, he liked that, ‘So there I was, saving the baby, struggling to walk, as I slash those abominations’ open’, sounded good enough.

He walked by a store window and paused , looking at his reflection in the glass. He smile and continued to look in it as he walked by, idolizing his fictional physique.

After he passed he was suddenly slammed back into his thoughts. If he was pushed into a fight today or tonight, he wasn’t going to last. That was obvious. He couldn’t help but picture himself shot in the back or stabbed repeatedly from behind as he tried to sprint to safety. Or, the other possibility, the kingdom catch him while he flees, then arrest him for desertion. Ending the day sleeping in jail next to Bubba awaiting tomorrow’s execution isn’t how he wanted to end a day.

Maybe he could slip to the rear and hope for the best? Who knows, maybe he could be a great warrior. Then again, maybe a Lycan looks good in a dress.

Click sighed, “Yeah, I’m screwed.” He walked towards the castle.

The End

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