Chapter 0: Enter the CommandoMature

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User Uplink - Elarin Militia, Research and Recon Command
User - Conrad Hezer, Captain-Elect

Slidding into a seat in the briefing room along with 5 other militia members, Conrad awaited the officer in charge of the mission brief to arrive. From the sounds of things, they were on a combat only recon, which mean they were headed to a possible battlefield. When hte officer arrived, all 6 soldiers in the room stood to attention. The officer waved for them to sit, and they did. "Ok ladies and gents. I'm sure you've all heard the rumor mill running around. Well, this time, rumor is correct. We've got ourselves a battlezone recon op. Please direct your views to the HUDs in your helmets." The officer said, standing behind hte podium. As the soldiers flipped down hte magitek over-eye hud units, and focused on them, the officer activated the briefing. "Ok, we've got solid intel from the folks on hte civilian side-" "More like scrying if you ask me!" grunted a soldier while the officer was talking. "-and we're going with it. Intel tells us that we've got an army of Free Elves located on the northern end of this battlefield, with the Stygians on the southern end. We're placing you roughly in hte center off to the west of the field. You are to merely observe and report. Any interaction with either the Free Elves or the Stygians, is to be purely defensive. Remember people, we don't exist, not yet at least. Now, normally we'd be having you walk, but since this area is one of hte more fluid regions of battle, and it's within hte fly-back range of a VTOL, you folks are lucky. We'll be dropping you off 3 klicks from the target zone, where you will ahve to walk to, and walk back to here, from." As the officer spoke, the huds each of hte soldiers had were changing, showing what the officer was talking about. The soldiers were paying close attention, or otherwise, they wouldn't be here now. Working on hte Surface was considered a rare privliage, and the last person who abused it, was put in front of a firing squad in Elarin Survival Square, and shot publicly. Thankfully, it had resulted in little damage beyond the unexplainable deaths of a dozen Free peoples, but as it was a battlefield region, that kind of thing was not uncommon.

"Ok ladies, do we have any questions?" The officer asked, turning off the brief, and watched as the soldier replaced their huds. Conrad raised his hand. "Sir, SOP here?" He asked. The officer nodded. "Ok people, this is a Military Recon SOP. You're allowed leeway in terms of defence, but it must be confirmed with other members of your squads. Otherwise, Follow Standard SOP. Leave no trace of your being there, create no trace, and ensure security of the City. Anything else?" The officer explained. When no other hands went up, he smiled."Alright people, let's get htis started. Knight-General Brenner has given his full support on this mission, but don't let it go to your heads. Haraith?" The officer stated, getting a bellowed 'HARAITH!' from the soldiers. As they stood to file out, Conrad looked at his team. 'All veterans of their careers, and experts at this kind of mission... Nothing should go wrong, but you never know what the Goddess plans.' Conrad thinks, as he heads to the armory to pick up his kit.

The End

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