The Shadow Of Zeal

Book 1.

The Beginning

We start our story within the darkness of space (explaining how it would be out there, where time does not exist). We start to focus our sight to look at the earth's universe from the outside (explain how the universe moves and what colors there are). We start to gradually move towards the universe (giving a sense of motion to the reader, explain how they move closer and what the colors are like, give a sense of magic), the universe gets bigger and bigger (try to give a feeling of adulthood and a child, example, your the giant amongst the galaxies and stars which are your creations), and we start to see the galaxies in more detail as we pass by (give examples of color and texture), we slowly moved past them deeper into the universe, then finding ourselves at the milky way,(explaining what the colors are like and how it moves and what textures it has). We slowly zoom into the milky way past all the stars, (explain how it would feel to zoom past the stars, what colors can you see and what sounds you can you hear). We start to zoom faster into the milky way looking past all the potential planets with life. Zooming past the solar systems, we star to shrink in size, as we look closer, zooming even faster, as we come to our solar system. We can see smaller planets just before we reach pluto, (explaining pluto) zooming faster and faster and shrinking smaller as we get closer and closer. The planets start to get really big as we zoom further past them. We slow down again as we look closer, as we zoom to the earth, we look at the moon (explaining how the moon fits the earths size and distance) we then zoom in, closer to the earth as we travel around to the daytime zone, we zoom over india, an start getting closer, as we look at the lands of india and see how things how changed (explain a details summery of the landscapes history, as they watch monuments and lands changing almost as it they are zooming into the future), and as we reach the ground we zoom across it, through towns villages and cities in our path to the north east., we gradually move upwards into the air across large farming lands and forests as we get closer and closer to a small village. Below the slopes and mountains of nepal. (choose a sufficient village near nepal that would fit with the zooming faze). We look at the people in their everyday works, (learn about the type of things that go on there, what type of animals, the clothes they wear, their traditions, or religion, what plants exist and trees). As we observe this village a small shaking feeling starts to happen from the ground, and the ground starts to crack and break, and move, a very big earth quake for this region of India. (try to find out how the ground moves for this type of landscape, make sure you find out if earth quakes happening have happened near nepal before, if not then try and get a summary for a potential earthquake that would or has affected that area, or could happen there...the people start to run all around the village, (try to find out how people react in that kind of situation, especially in that type of society) we come to a find a young boy, standing and looking around, he's calling for his mother and father (explain where the boy is standing or what he might be doing there, what does he look like and what clothes he's wearing, how old he might be,) the boy continue to call out to his mother and father, as the earthquake intensifies and starts to destroy the village, a building collapses just yards away from the young boy, (what type of building is it, what surrounds it, are there people running out of it as it collapses suddenly the boy runs closer to the broken building, no one is in site as all the villagers are running away out of the village the boy looks at the rubble and calls to his parents once more, they must have been in the building before it collapsed a faint voice quietly calls out the word "kazeal" and fades, suddenly there's a big thump on the back of the boys head then things become silent and blurry around him the boy falls to the ground lying on the dusty broken ground, (explain what danger he might be in) a man looks at the boy in the distance, (what type of clothes will the man be wearing, how old does he look and where is we standing to observe the danger the boy is in) and quickly haste's to helps him, the man picks him up over this shoulder as the boy faintly whispers father, presuming this man is his father as he falls asleep being carried away from danger the man is running towards a cart with some animals strapped to the front and places the boy on some crops (explain what types of plants are in the vehicle and what type of vehicle it is, what type of animals are strapped to it all the people in the far distance are still running away (explain how chaotic it would be), as the earthquake gets worse the man haste's the cart along the broken road, trying to make sure it doesn't lose any wheels inside the broken road the cart rushes past as the remaining buildings falter to the ground, we can see many people lying motionless on the ground (explain what you can see and who), many have been killed or knocked unconscious or injured, but the man has only space for a few more people, so he stops to those people that he can safe from the worst danger (explain the type of danger and people) other villagers with carts can be seen helping in the distance to the west and east, some people that ran away come back to help as the earthquake slowly fades the man is now traveling near to outer areas of the village, past the people running back to their homes the man does not stop, but he takes the people he helped with him traveling out of the to the south of this small village, he then reaches a turning and travels right to the west, (what type of landscape can he see to the west), (explain what things look like where he is now) that man travels to another village, about 10 miles from the earthquake, he can see more chaos, but the villagers there have set up a small survivors area, in the distance up to the east and northeast, we can see hundreds of people from the small village coming down the man reaches the entrance to the southwest village, and helps the survivors he rescued he then walks around and looks to see if he can help anyone else, he stands still in the chaos looking around and suddenly remembers the boy is still asleep on the back of the cart, so the man walks to the back to the cart and picks him up again the man looks to the survivors area an walks over to a young woman, he places the boy into her care but not before noticing a sequence of small strange marks on left side of the boys neck, they almost look like birth marks but have patterns and faint colors the woman looks to the mans eyes and asks," are you his father" the
man then convincingly answers," no, i'm sadly not, i'm a friend of his parents" the woman looks at the man in a concerned way "and where are they" she asks, the man slowly looks up at her after looking concerned himself, but convincingly answers the woman, "they were killed by a collapsing building just before i found him, please look after him the lady promises to look after the boy by nodding her head and saying" i will" as in most situations like this she then asks for the boys name and the man answers, "i don't know his name, "but my name is jaris" i will come back for him soon, but for now i must leave him with you without realizing that the man claims to know the boys parents but not his name, the lady asks, "where are you going" i must help anyone else i can" speaks jaris gets back into his cart and travels back along the road to the northeast village the earthquake stopped some time ago and as he gets back to the village, there is no one left alive to help, but jaris decides to search the rubble where he found the boy, he assumed the boys parents had been somewhere near by, and realized they must have been in the building he travels back to the north of the village slope where he found the boy and looks through the rubble and tries to distinguish them with the boys markings he searches but can not find anything jaris starts to wonder if the boy just lost his parents in all the commotion, after all why would the boy be standing without them after thinking that might be what happened jaris looks around the bits of rubble for anything that can be salvaged he find a small green pouch inside the rubble, he finds a small note attached, it says," dear kazeal, have a happy birthday love mother and father" i found him" speaks jaris, almost as if he's speaking to someone "is this the boy we were looking for", after a short pause, of silence jaris speaks out again "he will only rebel again when the time comes, but i will do as you ask" after sometime jaris delicately removes the boy's parents and any one else under the rubble he then digs out mud from a small patch of land near a large tree and buries them side by side, he also gives them a buddhist prayer (search for possible buddhist prayers so the reader can discover the language, type such things like this out in the characters language then explain what it means) jaris then leaves the village and heads back to the southwest village upon returning to the young woman he left the boy with, he is surprised to see the boy has left, the young woman speaks from behind him, " so you know his parents then, but you don't know his name" jaris answers "did i say that, well his name is kazeal" the lady speaks" well i have spoken with him, he claimed that you were his father, i told him what you looked like and your name" jaris speaks" so where is he now" the lady answers" he ran down that way" he has never met you jaris answers the woman in a cunning way," i said i am a friend of his parents, and i always will be they once told me what they would call their first baby, but i only just remembered, kazeal was born far after but i'm not here to argue; i must go back to nepal now if he's still around here, please give him this "his parents wanted him to have it. Jaris turns and walks back to the cart, then speaks as he gets onto the front, "make sure he finds a good home" jaris goes on his way, the young woman looks into the village to see if kazeal is anywhere and can not see him, she then looks back to jaris and watches him turn towards the northwest road jaris looks back at the village at the woman, almost as if he knows she's watching him, he then turns his head towards the upper road continuing back to nepal back at the southwest village, kazeal is walking though the distraught faces of people, the lady back at the survival area told him about the man that saved him, and that he explained kazeal's parents died, kazeal looks slightly to the ground with tears falling from his eyes, people are screaming and running about, though he can only slightly hear, he can see very well, the terrifying sight of people dying with blood staining the muddy ground, he walks on in that moment he gets a feeling of hope almost as if someone was telling him he's going to be ok but he then realizes that his parents are not ok kazeal quickly turns back to the north road of this horrifying scene; he starts to run back to the village entrance in all the stress of this place the young lady just misses sight of him kazeal runs to the entrance and out to the east road leading back to his village he runs for a few miles then walks, he walks to the far part of the village, where his mother and father left him he notices that the rubble from the ruined building has been moved about, he builds up his hopes that his mother and father are well, so he starts to look at the broken building to find nothing, he then faintly smile and turns around to the right looking into the village to see just a few people searching for survivors, he continues to look around to his right then to the back of the village, where he sees the tall tree suddenly his smile drops to a sorrowed frown, he looks to the mounds of four graves lying underneath the tree, he hears in his heart and mind the words, happy birthday kazeal, almost as if he could hear his mother and father speaking to him and is some sense he can feel them with him kazeal walks up to the four graves, not knowing which ones are his parents, he kneels down and places his hands on the top off the first grave, than the next and the next and the next he stands up again, and holds one hand to his chest, he feels hurt and tears fall from his heart and eyes he stands there for a while, and then sits down crossing his legs he looks up to the tree as the clouds as they seem to be peaceful in the blue sky kazeal falls asleep as night fall comes, kazeal opens his eyes to the evening blue sky glowing down on him, the world seems peaceful up there, he sits up and gets up, at his age in those days and in that part of the world, children are most likely fending for themselves kazeal remembers what his family thought him, so he sits up, and stands up he walks looks around to find some flowers growing, and pick a few of them, he places the flowers on top of each grave after kissing each one then he's speaks" i know what you told me, i remember, i'll will be ok, i promise" kazeal then walks away from the graves, and down the broken road as he walks, he looks up at the night sky and full moon he walks out of the village, and turns right to the other village, but he does go there, he keeps walking and walking, with no care in the world, he believes he has nothing now kazeal walks straight past the village, not realizing that he has a gift from his parents there he just keeps on walking, through the night to the day time, kazeal walks for one day (explain how he survives for the day and what he can see), he must have walked to at least fifty miles now, and he is really tired but the south west village is now far away luckily kazeal has walked just far enough to see a small light shining up a mountain slope he decides to walk just a bit further and as he reaches the light, he notices its a farm, but he would not dare to impose or ask for help, just for the fact that he might be sent on his way so kazeal looks to a small shed housing a baby goat and its mother, he opens the lower gate and before he can get inside to rest, "bang" shouts a loud voice, scaring kazeal out of his shoes he turns around to see an old man, (try to find out what india farmer wear, and how they look the man asks, " what do you want here " kazeal answers, " i've been walking for a long time and i just needed to rest for a while" a long time " the man speaks " my village was destroyed by the earthquake and my family are dead" no family you say", speaks the farmer," well come on in, then, what's your name then" " my name's kazeal omnilon sir" "well kazeal where did you come from then," " the north east village " answers kazeal they both walk into the farmhouse the farmer shows kazeal into the kitchen, "here your are, take a seat hear" "son will be back shortly, he's just been looking after the pests killing our cattle, i almost thought it was you that's why i scared you like that" bang" he shouts," sorry lad, just joking" after the day kazeal has had he just doesn't care about jokes and wants to sleep, its also only a few hours before sunrise, but he is quite happy the man is good enough to help him out suddenly the front door opens with a big slam, "ha, look father, look what i've got" the man hauls in an wild animal" kazeal can barely take much more of this, " don't you bring this in here" we have a guest" the farmers on answers " what is its now", the farmers son drops the animal outside and walks into the kitchen," oh sorry young sir, i didn't know we had a guest," what village you from then" "he's from the northern west village,"" the one that took most of the damage, he needs a place to stay and he's been walking all this time, he just got here" the farmers son gasps, "you should work for us then, we need your sort, most other travel by cart these days but if you're walking this far then stay by all means, until your ready to leave of cause thank you sir but i wont be outstaying my welcome" speaks kazeal, "oh no, no you wont be doing that" speaks the farmer's son, " my father barely does anything here, we would pay you, and you'd have a room, what do you say, stay" kazeal starts to think again what his parents told him, kazeal thinks to himself what they said to him" charity starts at home, just remember that the whole world is also your home" he thinks these things to himself and wonder what they really meant when they told him kazeal is only young and for someone his age to remember such things is unique, especially with those grim feelings he's having but he starts to understand what his parents were trying to say, he thinks to himself, "they were telling me how the world works in time of turmoil, he speaks quietly" people will always shy away from good deeds when they make themselves believe the world is fine, but really they just cant understand what it would be like until the problem is at their doorstep" in times of suffering, the needy have to ask otherwise they wont appreciate what the already have the true heroes in the world are those that give charity without interest of reward or appreciation, they realize that their home is the world and there are worse places to be "yes" speaks the farmer, "but do you want help kazeal" kazeal answers, "yes sir, i do thank you very much for asking me but i ask you, please may i stay here for a while, i can help you and you son, i will herd as hard as i can" asks kazeal" "of cause kazeal, and may i just say, that is a good mind you have there, for such a young lad" speaks the farmer, the farmers son speaks, "you know, they have a saying for this in the west," and what's that, speaks the farmer" you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours" speaks his son" what lad, you been letting those back hairs grow again" "ha ah" goes the farmer" the farmer son looks at his father in a way that says, ha ere, your absolutely rubbish at jokes kazeal looks at them both in a faint smile " so kazeal," speaks the farmer " " here," the farmer hands kazeal some bread and goats milk" thank you sir" "well we shouldn't be saying sir round here, call me ahnok and is name is arrok speaks arnok" well, nice to meet you speaks kazeal" "hhrrr, yawns kazeal sir i was just wondering if could" "that's ok kazeal, arrok will show you to your room". "all right lad, its out this way" speaks arrok. Kazeal gets up off his seat, bringing his food with him. " are these yours kazeal?" asks ahnok. Kazeal turns around to find ahnok holding some items. " this is your herding cain and this is a whistle, were going to be very busy tomorrow evening, arrok will teach you how to herd when you wake up." then i will need you to accompany him while some aid workers collect rations ". "thank you sir, good night" speaks kazeal" kazeal walks outside the front door with his cain and food, arrok is holding a wild animal over his left shoulder (what animal is it), " well then, i'd be starting you off tomorrow then, seen as you got some tools now." come kazeal, i just need to get rid of this" kazeal follows arrok round to the side of the farmhouse, arrok then dumps the dead animal onto burning crops and wood. " so now, your room is just over there," arrok directs kazeal to a large barn, i will bring you some bed covers shortly, but first i will show you where your sleeping." they both walk up to the barn, arrok opens the barn door, kazeal looks around to see there are some yaks in the far north corner and some more crops there are also some small windows. " follow me, kazeal, its just up here" kazeal looks up to arrok standing at a first floor of the barn via some ladders. Kazeal climbs up the ladders to see a small area of straw and a candle lit lantern attached to a post. This will be your bed for now kazeal. Kazeal starts thinking to himself again, "is the no room in the house" he asks, " now, kazeal if you sleep in the house right now, then how will you be able to handle the cold nights herding the cattle. There's a reason why your sleeping here tonight mind you, my father an i will need to move loads of junk from the attic for you, but its quite cozy up here and you have company, i bet you would be liking it up here after all that stress. "thank you arrok, i apologize if i sounded unappreciative, i've never really slept in a barn before. "barns are probably the safest place to be around here, our barn has no riches but the yaks, mind you with what's happened in these parts, it will be your job to stop thieves, you can lock the barn door from the inside if you like, that way no one will be waking you, you look like you need to sleep. "thank you again sir" speaks kazeal" i will be back with some blankets for you," kazeal feels a bit shameful by what he said, after all the farmers didn't need to hire him, many people needed help, but for some reason they needed kazeal, almost as if kazeal can is a good luck charm, maybe there was another reason or maybe kazeal's parents were right. His mind starts to wonder back to the village just as the building fell, thinking to himself " who was that man, i've seen him before but my parents never spoke of such a person" knock knock, goes the barn door " here you " arrok hands kazeal some think blankets and bed clothes" i hope you don't mind, my mother saved these bed clothes when i was your age, " thank you, again sir" speaks kazeal. "night now, remember to lock the door" arrack walks back to the farmhouse, kazeal bolts the door down below and collects the blankets and clothes, placing them on a small workbench by the door. He then walks over to the yaks and pats them softly," hello there" the yak turns its head to the right in a way that says hello back at you. " arrhh!! Yawns kazeal, suddenly, kazeal starts to hear a girls voice " you should get some sleep now, kazeal" kazeal looks around in shock, " h hello, whose there." he asks, "hello " he walks to the ladders to climb up to the first level, but no one is there, "who are you" asks kazeal" but no one is there, kazeal realizes that he must be so tired that he's started to hear things, even though he heard a girls voice with his own ears, he believes that its just his mind playing tricks. He gets back down the ladders and fetches his blankets and bedclothes then rushes back up to the first floor. He just lay's down on the straw with the thick blankets on top of him it is only a few more hours before the sun comes up. Kazeal is now fast asleep after all that time walking, which can blame him.  The farmers are now catching up on there sleep after a good night of catching the wild animal killing their cattle. Back at the two villages of the northeast and southwest, people are still traveling back and forth collecting their dead and savaging what is useful. The 4 graves that jaris made are peaceful under the stars and alone and without anyone in the vicinity to disturb them. The stars above are shining bright, and back at the farm kazeal is peacefully dreaming. In a more distant land known as tibet the darkness binds its time until only the sun can exhaust it, and as we zoom from the barn house that kazeal now sleeps, we see ourselves flying through the distance, past all the trees and lakes, past all the himalayan mountains and into the plateau of tibet. As we take gradual steps walking along a moonlit path, we can see new mountains that separate for hundreds of miles, suddenly while we look at a mountain to the exact north east, a dark haze cloud enveloping the peak of the mountain can be seen, and a very cold feeling comes across you as this black cloud starts to move down the mountain, the mountain starts to disappear inside this cloud of black dust. But suddenly the dream gets worse, the black cloud is intelligent and is watching you from afar, its starts getting bigger and bigger, is it moving towards you, you cannot move but only watch as is magnitude grows. It's getting closer and closer and now it's filling every horizon around you, you cannot see, and everything is dark around you, no stars no moon, nothing. Suddenly a faintness of the northeast mountain starts to show as the dark dusted cloud moves by, you don't know what has happened but you look back without fear. You can see what ever it may be, drifting now over the himalayan mountains. As we follow this entity, its now moving very fast from you and you can not catch up, a feeling inside you tells you that something bad is about to happen, you can now see this dark hazed cloud from afar and its heading for the farm that kazeal is at. Suddenly the cloud stops still engulfing the barn, it starts to fade into a whirling vortex above the ground, the cloud fades and a dark shadow emerges from the vortex. It walks past into the barn where kazeal is sleeping. No! Shouts kazeal, leave me alone. Suddenly kazeal is wide awake sitting up amongst all the straw he ravaged while in this nightmare, in a cold sweat and panting in shallow breaths. He calmly speaks "why me, why me" he asks himself. Knock knock knock, goes the barn door. "kazeal, its arrok" kazeal gets up and climbs down the ladders to open the door" "politely saying thank you as arrok places the meal he prepared on the small table" " so lad, how was your first night in here" i know the yaks can be noisy and a bit smelly mind but hope you slept well, have your dinner and come in the house for a moment to freshen up then we'll be off" "thanks" replies kaz kazeal closes the barn door grabs the plate of meat and wheat bread; he scoffs the food in no time it must be mid day as the sun shines high, after such a restless night he needs a bit of cheer realizing that he did make a mess of his bed, he climbs back up the ladder to fix it, but before he completes his task he notices a small fracture in the wooden floor, just large enough to see a tiny glow inside " what's that he mutters to himself" he reaches through the small gap with one finger, and after a struggle he lifts a small decorative charm out " looks like a small flower made of silver" " best put it back, might be arrok's or ahnok's he suddenly hears a whisper of a girls voice, " its ok, this is mine" "wahh" kazeal speaks, "who are you, where are you" "what's your name" asks kazeal" my name is aki" speaks the faint voice "well where are you, i cant talk to the air you know" says kazeal " i'm just here to make sure your ok kazeal, a friend of yours asked me to check up on you, don't be afraid, its just that, you cant see me because i'm not really standing in the same room as you, but sorely by your personal experience you know this, don't you" yes" speaks kazeal in an anxious manner " but where are, and what's happening to me" suddenly the barn door knocks" " i must go now kazeal, speaks arrok, hope your ready for a hard days labor, " ok, i'm coming" speaks kaz" bye for now kazeal" speaks aki, " we will meet again soon" kazeal rushes to open the door "ready lad" "ready sir" they both walk to the farm house, and go inside " we'll just need to get a few things for our selves first, its going to be a long day" speaks arrok " morning kazeal" speaks arnok, "hope you slept well, have you got all your things" "what things" answers kaz "sorry lad, here you go take this with you" he hands him some more food " kazeal, you ready" "ready", arrack walks out the front door, kazeal follows just after wards they both walks back to the barn, arrok opens the barn doors to let the two yaks out he firstly attaches a noose around one then the other then attaches a cart for them to pull  kazeal gets onto the cart, then arrack " we be off then, our first task is to collect some supplies from the south west village then we travel east to (the south west village) to drop them off, the earthquake left a lot of people homeless so most of um have made their way there speaks arrok, "i know, i just came from there a few days ago" kazeal speaks sorrowfully" if your still tired mind you, you can have a rest in the back there" says arrok " lets get going then" " mush" calls out arrok" they start out the small road leading from the farm and turn right leading down the slope (what kind of things can be seen from that height, explain the landscape)  Continue with just imagination. After traveling for not even one mile, they come across four travelers, that ask for help, the travelers seem quite grateful until they're true intentions reveal. After a time of anxiousness, the four men threaten and one of them hold out a knife to show the seriousness, they want all the supplies kazeal and arrok are to deliver, they take all the items as arrok considers the situation. The travelers walk away, and kazeal and arrok travel back to the farm, arnok is at that time looking out of a window, and can see them in the distance, he steps out the front door to see why they are back. After a few moments of looking at each other, arnok looks at the cart, and realizes the supplies were stolen. Arrok gets of the cart to get more supplies, but arnok says no, wait here. Arnok walks up the stairs and into the attic, he collects a gun of some sort. While this is happening arrok decides to get more supplies with kazeal's help, they fill the cart once again, and wait for arnok. Arnok walks out the door, and tells arrok to stay at the farm and wait for villagers to turn up for the rations and arnok asks kazeal if he's ok, then he says mush to the yaks. Arrok faintly smiles at kazeal to say you'll be alight, kazeal holds his hand slightly up to wave to arrok. They cart once again travel's down the slope. After a few miles, farmer arnok says that the thives feves must be long gone, kazeal asks him why they did it, and they start to talk and continue they're journey. Back near the farm, those bandits have been waiting and lurking about, they must have walk up they via a another route. They all sneak into the farm, then rush into the front door of the house, and arrok already had his own gun ready, they both have guns in the house. They four men notice that arrok is waiting for them, but arrok wants to give them a chance so he asks them to leave, but two of the men rush him from out of know where.  Arrok shoots, he shoots one mans leg, then struggles to get away from the other two men holding him, the other man with the knife, punches arrok and then takes his knife and stabs him in the lower lung. Kazeal falls to the ground after being thrown. Just a few minutes away, are five more travelers and the killer notices them out of the window, the survival villages are coming to collect they're supplies. They killer speaks they must get out fast, so they all run out of the kitchen door and back down the way they came. Suddenly the villages cart pulls into the farm gate. They notice that the front door is open, and assume something is wrong, just by noticing that its to quiet. 4 men, one of them heavily built, and 1 women enter the farm house, to notice arrok on the floor bleeding to death, the woman goes to him and asks him what happened, but arrok is in to much pain and all he can say is, tell my father i love him, make sure kazeal looks after him. They lady looks faintly curious what he said, then places his head comfortably down again and gets a cover of the chair, she places it over him. The heavily built man speaks and tell two others to go with him, and find the people that did this, they run out the door and search the farm, while the lady, who is also the lady from the southwest village, the first village kazeal went to after the earthquake. The other man left behind anxiously grabs the gun off the floor, he asks, what bleeders could do such a thing, te lady says; we'll soon find out. Noticeably the sad fact for arrok now is that he has passed away. The man asks again, so who do you think this kazeal is, they farmer must have some new worker, but i didn't think he could pay to have another, and he's not doing well for business. The woman speaks, he will need the help now, but i've heard that name before. She thinks for just a moment, "i remember \him now, i cant believe he got here though," the mans speaks, " who is he then", "he was a victim of the earthquake, just a young boy, his parents didn't make it according to the stranger that left him with me, but kazeal has been missing for four days now" the man speaks, "pretty amazing how he got here, he must have been a herder, or his father. The woman speaks, no, his parents lived in the northeast village. He must have barely survived getting here but i'm just happy he's ok. While they talk the 3 men out side walk back in, and the big guy, says there's know one here, karen, will you be ok were going to check a small footpath down the back. "we'll be ok, go get them ***** she swears. The men go back outside. Karen speaks again, "i wonder where arnok is", arnok and arrok have now reached the destination, just 10 miles from the farm, kazeal gets of the cart to help out, arnok walks over to another medic, and offers the supplies and talks about the situation before, as well as the situation at this village, kazeal goes into the building close by with the food. As he enters the building, he already knows what to expect, around him as he walks he can see people crying, people shouting, babies crying and people in pain, in this place there is no squeamishness, everyone has lost someone or something, "its just no different, where ever i go" he thinks to him\self. "here boy, we need those over here" speaks an older man, kazeal walks up to the man and place the food supplies and a table, then behind arnok and the lady he was speaking to brigs in more food supplies. " i hope this was enough" speaks arnok, "the old man speaks," we appreciate it, more farms are also contributing, thank you for you help arnok, so how's arrok doing these days". The woman explains the thieves that stole from arrok and kazeal. While kazeal strolls back to the door he passes by some people, he comes across a young baby girl with another boy about his age. "hi" the young boy looks up at kazeal, as the baby still cries, "what's you name" he asks, "my names kazeal, what's you name" asks kazeal, " my names abdul, this is my baby sister kyla" they bay replies. "my mother and father are missing, have you seen them" he asks, "i don't know, what village did you come from2 asks kazeal, " i don't remember" replies the boy. "sorry abdul, i don't know, i hope you and your sister are ok, i have to go know as i'm delivering food supplies today, but i was nice to meet you." says kazeal. Not noticing that arnok has already stepped out of the building kazeal follows also. Just as he get to the door, a man and woman rush by him, and and he turns around at them. "abdul, kyla" they plea, "mamma" calls out abdul they make happy notices in the back ground as kazeal, faintly smiles at abdul, but abdul doesn't know he's there, so kazeal steps out the door. "come now kazeal, lets be off again, we cant let arrok do all our work for us", speaks arnok. "yes sir" speaks kazeal "so, young un, did you know that lad in there" asks arnok, as kazeal sits down on the cart, " no sir, he just need someone to talk to". Says kazeal, "that's a good lad, you must have cheered him up" says arnok. Kazeal look faintly into the distance to remember his parents. " of we go shouts arnok. To the yaks," they travel northwards then continue out of the small village, after a few miles they travel past a river, and so arnok decides to stop. We'll just stop for lunch kazeal and let the yaks rest a bit". Kazeal steps down off the cart. Just by the small river arnok sits down, and hands kazeal a piece of bread and meat "sir i was just wondering if i can go the toilet" asks kazeal, " we'll there's no need to as for that kazeal, when you want to go your free to go" speaks arnok, kazeal looks to a blanket of trees leading up a mountain hill, so he goes for a stroll. "nice place" he says, "feel free to look about, but mind you get something to eat, and we'll be off as soon as you know it" says arnok. "yes sir", kazeal walks into the forest, to notice beautiful light shows, as the sun gleams through the tree leaves. The \forest is wide spread as are the trees, this is probably the most beautiful place he has ever been to, before knowing it kazeal has already walked very far into the forest, and he continues to walk in this wonderland. Hours must have now passed, even though he may not know it, suddenly kazeal does notice something, a voice again, the girls voice "kazeal, kazeal" speaks the girl, "hello, who that" he asks, " it aki kazeal, its aki". Even though this voice sounded familiar it was very odd, "where are you aki" asks kazeal, "i'm over here, i'm here", suddenly kazeal realizes something is not right here, "your not aki, who are you" kazeal dares not ask again as the voice disappears, he immediately scarpers as fast a he can, but the forest is closing in on him, he runs and runs, but the more he runs, he cant escape, the forest in front of his eyes, just stretches out into the distance, he is tapped in some sort of illusion. "help, help me arnok, arnok where are you" kazeal suddenly stops as a huge gush air passes by him. If you could just remember how it feels to have that cold shiver felling down you spine, then you would know how he feels right now, almost as bad as being afraid of the dark. But this was different; this feeling was literally closing in on him, almost as if he was never really there to begin with. Suddenly a voice whispers, "kazeal...kazeal" the voice \gets louder "kazeal" suddenly kazeal opens his eyes to see that the cart had not stopped, " you alright there lad" asks arnok, " i guess i didn't get a lot of sleep last night, sir" replies kazeal, " that's no problem, if you need a nap, then now is the time, we'll be at the next place in a few more miles. "that's ok, sir i'm not tired anymore" says kazeal. For the rest of the journey that day, kazeal stayed wide awake as much as he could, but he pondered every moment in fear of what was happening to him. Even though the dream, well a daydream he had seemed very real, almost as if he was really there. "where almost back now kazeal, you've done well today" "thank you sir" replies kazeal just a few miles and they will both be home, not knowing the shock that awaits them. The cart pulls into the gate, "here we are, back safe and sound" speaks the farmer, the front door quickly opens, and karen walks out "arnok" she lightly calls, "what's going on here" he lightly asks, " what's happened" he asks. Arnok enters the house to find, nothing out of place, "where arrok" he hastily asks" karen looks at him in a sorrowed way, kazeal just walks in to hear, "arrok was has been hurt arnok, he passed over about 5 hours ago, we had no contact to tell you, i'm sorry to be the one to tell you". She tells him. " who did it, no don't tell me, i'll kill em" he shouts. "now don't make any rash actions, your son was taken to the local town, we have people looking for the men that did this, go to your son." asks karen. Arnok look down to his feet, as he weeps his tears fall to the floor. Karen walks up to him and rubs his shoulders. "it'll be ok arnok, we'll find them" she look at kazeal, an without untiring a word in her voice, she asks kazeal if he's ok. "here arnok, i'll make you a drink, sit down for a rest, you look like you need it". Karen walks into the kitchen as arnok sit down, " lad, you stay here with the lady" speaks arnok, he gets up out of his chair and walks out the door, kazeal looks at him as he shouts "mush" to the yaks, karen walks back into the room, to see kazeal looking out by the front door, she has already noticed that arnok is not there. "he'll be ok, kazeal he's not a rash man, he's most likely going to see his son," she says. " so, how are you, after all that traveling today, with all that's happened you'll be needed round here a lot, hope you don't mind, even arrok himself requested you stay" she asks. " is arnok going to be ok, i mean he seemed very angry, did arrok really ask you that" he replies, karen nods he head with a faint smile, she places one hand on his shoulder i've got a surprise for you kazeal, something you were meant to have, you didn't stay around long enough for me to give you this" she reaches for a bag on a table, and pulls out a small green pouch. " there you are" happy birthday, "how did you know?" he asks, "oh, sorry i forgot the note, it must have fell of in my bag" she rummages around, "found it," she turns to kazeal and hands him the note, " dear kazeal, happy birthday, love mother and father" he reads out in a faint whisper. He starts to cry, he weep many tears on karen's shoulder as she hugs him for comfort. " its going to be ok now kazeal, you have a nice home here, i'm sure you mother and father would be happy for you" "i know they are" he replies. Knock, knock, goes the door as the heavily build man walks in. 2 hello there, you must be kazeal, i've beed told to collect our medic, sorry mam your need back in the southwest village" he asks, "i cant just leave the boy on his own" she barks, " bring him with us, dan will look after the farm, unless kazeal wants to stay too that is".  " i would like to, but arnok will be back soon" says kazeal, " that's ok then, we'll tell arnok we left someone with you, it was nice to meet you again kazeal, i'm sure we'll meet again soon". Speaks karen. "come along sergeant" she says to the heavily built chap. Kazeal goes back to the front door, the sergeant opens the door of an army vehicle for the lady, kazeal waves back at them both, they wave back " see you soon kazeal" shouts karen, another door opens on the vehicle and a man gets out, he walks to the front door as the army vehicle drive off "bye" shouts kazeal. "aright kid, my names dan how you doing" speaks the man, "can i come in then" kazeal steps aside to les him in, "so what's your name then" asks dan, "i'm kazeal" speaks kazeal "please to meet ya, oh mate i was just wondering if you have a bog, ere toilet anywhere" he asks, there might be a bucket in the barn sir, but i don't know, i've never lived in a house like this so i don't know" speaks kazeal. " oh, no prob its probably out back anyway, mind you this place is quite modern considering its in india, be back with ya in a sec" kazeal goes to get a drink from the fountain outside, while dan comes back to find him gone. "aye kid, where are ya" kazeal walks back inside the house with a jug of water, "ah cheers pal, can do with a drink after the day i've had" speaks dan, "what country are you from sir", speaks kazeal, " me, i'm from england me, the governor thought it be best we get here first, to india that is mind you with all the commotion around i cant understand why the u.n hasn't helped out. "what's the u.n," asks kazeal, "the united nations kid, not very united in these parts, but we'll get the job done right" says dan. "aye, you got any food ere, you must be staving, here you go, av some of that" dan hands over a snack from his pocket, "thank you sir" answers kazeal. For the rest of the evening they both talk about the past few days, kazeal becomes acquainted with his fair chocolate bar and dan take a nap with kazeal on guard.  Suddenly a dan wakes up, as in the distance the racket of the army vehicle returns, "sorry kid, it looks like i have to be going now, good luck" dan gets up out of the chair and heads outside. Thankfully kazeal can rest a bit, after all that talking and being honest he cant wonder who was out of place, the british soldier or himself. The heavy guy enters the house, "sorry kazeal, hope you didn't get to much of a head ache, our dan is a cockney, he can get to peoples heads after a while, hope everything is alright" "yes thank you, but do you know if arnok is coming back soon. Asks kazeal, "sorry kazeal i don't, but you should be fine now, we caught one of the people that mugged you and arrok, were still searching for the others" speaks the man, " arnok should be back soon, you may as well go to sleep, you look like you need it", the sergeant leaves through the front door and gets into the vehicle, kazeal watches in fright that the people the murdered arrok might come back. So kazeal decides to go to the barn to catch up on his sleep, even if he did dread it.  As he closes the house door a small clacking can be heard in the dark, and in the distance, arnok has come back to his home.  As arnok pulls in the gate, "alright lad, i'm tired, do you want to sleep in the barn or on the chair tonight" asks arnok. As curious as he was to sleep in the house kazeal, said " yes sir, but maybe just for this once can i sleep inside the house please" speaks kazeal, the farmer looks at kazeal in a faint smile, " night lad, see you tomorrow" kazeal notices he does not have a blanket, so he steps out side just to get it. He walk round to the back of the house and into the barn, he notices the yaks are still outside too, so he goes back to them first, he takes the harness of them and lour's them into the barn with some of there favorite delights. Kazeal now enters the barn again and climbs up the ladder to collects his blanket. "hi kazeal" speaks a girls voice, "is that you aki" replies kazeal, "yes, its aki i just wanted to apologize for the day you had" she says, "its ok, its not your fault, can i ask you a question" he asks, "yes, what do you need to know" "how can i hear you, but not see you, what is happening to me" asks kazeal," i'm sorry for that too, i cant answer that question, you have to find out for yourself" she says, "we'll if you cant tell me, then how can i trust you, intact how can i trust you" says kazeal, "are you scared of being alone with me, no not at all, but this is scaring me, i don't even know you, an d i fell like i'm going crazy," speaks kazeal, "kazeal, all i can really say, is that you have many special gifts so i hope you get used to it, the last time we spoke should have been the last time, well until the near future but i can assure you that we will meet on day." speaks aki. "remember the charm, kazeal and by the way it help with nightmares my advice is, keep it with you, you may learn something". "bye for know kazeal" kazeal looks completely baffled and only understood one thing she said, nightmares. He looks for the charm once again, he reaches for it and takes it out of the floorboard. He places it in his small pouch his parents gave him.  "thank you," he thinks out loud. Kazeal climbs down the ladders and goes back inside the farmhouse. He closes the front door and falls asleep on the chair. He sleeps peacefully that night, maybe because he has the charm, but the next morning he wont be needing it. "morning kazeal" speaks arnok, waking kazeal up very early, the sun is shining brightly into the room, so he's not likely to go back to sleep. "just made some breakfast lad, you'll be hungry later so i will get you started early if that's ok." "what should i do today arnok" asks kazeal. "herding today lad, we delivered enough supplies yesterday, the british army will do the rest" "is that who those people were" asks kazeal, "everyone except karen, she's was stationed here just over a year back, she's a good girl, helps a lot of people she does, she lives here now". "oh, herding sir, i forgot to get my cane, i'll just get it" "now, now that can wait until you've had your breakfast, i need to teach you the basics first." kazeal and arnok sit eating breakfast and Talking about the job, after breakfast, and kazeal goes out to the barn and collects his cane "now kazeal, i wont be leaving you one you own here just incase those wolves come back, so when i need to go later you will have to come back", "so, lets get to it" that morning when well for kazeal, he managed to do the job as arnok asked, so all that worry of not fitting in was just a the show of another bad day. As the evening came closer, arnok started to lose his faint smile, realizing that his son is no longer around, "kazeal" he calls out, "i need to go now, i've got to see arrok for the last time, would you like to come too. "yes please sir", "ok, we'll just finish up then". They both work as a team to gather in the stray cattle near the farm, once done they enter the farmhouse and place the equipment they used. "ok, lad lets be off then", they both harness the yaks back to the cart and travel down the slope to the village. The journey there was slow, well it felt slow, but that's understandable,  as they entre the village kazeal can see that arnok is not at all happy, an why would he be, they still havnt caught the people that did this, kazeal was the only witness. "were here" frowns arnok as he steps off the cart. He walks into a building while kazeal waits outside, "i just cant believe my son is dead" he says as he meets up with someone. Two other villagers are talking outside also. "i can understand why" speaks a man standing near the cart "some people just act like the world owes them something, that just the way it is" speaks another man "its not like arnok he s always been the bright spark in these parts, who knows how hes going to take this when its all over." "he seems to be doing w'ell" says kazeal, "who gives you the right to enter our conversation" says on of them angrely, "leave him alone, hes just a child, he does'nt understand" says the other man," thats right kid, so just mind your own business" says the man. Kazeal looks down to the floor almost like he did something wrong. "its ok, lad dont let him get to you, he had a few drinks earlier on, we'll leave you be now" "come on" says the other man, the man that shouted turns around as he walks away, and looks at kazeal in a nastily way". Kazeal thinks to himself "i feel sorry for him". After about 1 hour arnok comes out of the building While Kazeal Is Fast Asleep…..(From this Point Keep It Short And Sweet With Information, wait Until You Actually Start Typing the Book)…..Once Again. They Travel Back To the Farm. Kazeal The next Day Continues His Herding, And The Next And The Next(Give Examples Of What He Does). Just Less Than 2 Years Later. A Familier face From The Past Is Talking To The Lama Of His Temple. The Lama Reqiures That The Boy, Kazeal Must Come Before Them, Due To Jaris Who Recently Had A Dream About Kazeals Destiny. Jaris Returns To The North Of India, In Search Of Kazeal. At This Time It Would Be 1 week Later and Kazeal Is Celebrating His 14th birthday Today. Jaris Reterns To the Village Where He Left Kazeal To Find That Karen Is No longer there, But She Left Him a Note About Kazeals Where abouts Just Incase he Should return. Jaris Finds the farm, Kazeal Is Just On His Way Back From A Friends House, The Farm is Doing Well, Arnok Has Taken On Two other Helpers. Jaris Speaks With The Farmer About Kazeals parents, And explains That Kazeal Must be Asked To Go With him. Kazeal Walks In The Door, Ahnok places A Small Gift In His Hand. Kazeal Looks at Jaris in a friendly way. And Greets him, Ahnok has a work, Kazeal Goes to the Barn, And Takes the Pouch With the Rose inside. Aki Already Told me about It, He Said. Kazeal says Goodbuy And Leaves with Jaris. They Tavel To Tibet After Aquaintencing Kazeal with Whats expected of him, As well As Jaris teaching him some abillites. They Get To Nepal, And Kazeal Meets with the lama. After some wise words kazeal decides to stay and a monk brigs in clothing for him. For The Next 7 Years kazeal Learns Many things About His Parents, And The world He Learns a great deal of abilities also. It is Now Mid Year 2013, Kazeal Is 19 years old today, His Fate Is Kept from Him. In another part Of the World The US Vise President Speaks Of A War Between The US And Russia Due To, The Failier of peace talks. He speaks About How terrorists Infiltrated The US Army an Destroyed a Missile Constuction Site, due to this The Peace Talks Failed. Back In The East the Dali Lama Calls Every Lama To Hold a meeting of This Catastrothy. In all Respect the All decide That Nothing Can Be Done As The western world Never Listen. Kazeal Thought This Could Be An Oportunity To Explain About The Antiant Texts And How the war can be prevented. In The Meeting In Nepal, the Lama Decides To Send Kazeal Out For The Remainder of the meeting. Jaris Afterwards consults Kazeal About What Must Be Will be, Unless The Keys Of Knowledge Are Found Then The world Can Be replemished. Kazeal Is Angry about The Fact That The Lama Would Wait Till the Last Minute To use Them. He Gooes BackTo the Lama And Requests That They be Used Now. The Lama Accnoleges Kazeals reasoning but The Keys Of knowledge No longer Exist, they Were Destroyed along Time Ago. Kazeal Forbids The idea That they Don't exist, So The Lama excommunicates him for causing Him insult. Kazeal Speaks With Jaris Outside about why The Lama Is To wait Till the world ends, then Replemish is. He explains That The Temple was destroyed and there is no way to get it back. Kazeal's Last |Choice is to go to the dali Lama, But He Is Now excommunicated, Instead He Finds Out Where the location of The Temple is. He Searches The Library for maps, But Has Nothing But Information on A Watchers Post On The South Border. Due To this Information Kazeal Decides To Walk 50 Miles to The Watchpost, He Finds A Small Hut Made of stone, Inside he finds Nothing but a small carved out fireplace in the ground. Suddenly A Perso Asks Whats he wants. Kazeal Replies Im looking for,… Its Ok the Man Replies. Come Outside Asks The Man. Kazeal Goes Out To Find No One There, But A Small Partchment With the direction of a the temple. Due to this , Kazeal now needs to find a means to get there, He steals,,, Yes Steals, He Travels Back To The temple Gate, And outside by his look is a Yak and a few nececities for the trip. He Take the yak and Travels South, He Then Starts His Jerney, He Heads North west. The Map Directs to Gula Mandhata, He Finds Nothing There, But another Message Hidden in The snow, Covered Up In Red Cloth. The Language On the Message tell Him To Beware Of The Region, Anyone Not permited Will Be Shot. Kazeal decides To Change His Clothes To A More Civilian Style At The Next Chance He Finds Any Travellers, that's If they Don't shoot him. But The Message Came From somewhere else, from Along Time Ago. On The Back Of The Message Was The Name Of An Ancient City over 1000 Years old. Gangdishi But The City No Longer existed In the Region. Kazeal Knew The Name But It Was forsaken For Entre That Place. There Must be Another way, He Decides To Go there Any Way And manages To find A Blocked Passed At The Base Of The Agasent Mountain Directed By The Map He Already Had. The Passage way Far To Small to Climb Down, So He Stats Hacking At The Snow. The Passage was Now Open But Open To Any one who Walks there, So He Covers Some Snow over the hole as he enters the Cave. He Walks Down The Passage For 1 mile, The Starts To See A Faint Light In The Distance, He Continues a further 2 Miles To find An Opening up Ahead. At the Opening he Is Shocked To find A Great Hall, As High as 20 Metres and As Big As The Space Of An olipic Swimming Pool. Kazeal Steps Down A Ledge To get Inside the Chamber. He Searches for somethings he has not ever seen in his life. As he searches he finds sybols On the wall, He doesn't Know it But They look Like The Ones On his Neck. Suddenly a Voice calls out, And asks Him why hes Here, What is he doing here. I Thought I Told you not to came here Kazeal, Its Jaris. A Parradox starts to take place, the two people argue that Jaris Is Not jaris But Yaris and that the Universe Is not As It Should Be. The man Known As Yaris Is Also Like A Hologram, Kazeal Can see Through him. Suddenly The Real jaris Finds Kazeal, he Shout Kazeal, What are You Doing here, Then Kazeal realizes That somethingfs wrong. Kazeal tell jaris that he came to get the Key Fragment. Then Jaris Notices That someone else is with him, Who Is that with you, Jaris Looks, At The Personage Of Yaris, But While This Happens kazeal Trys to steal the Key Fragment of Ulima From yaris. Kazeal Is Engulfed in a flash of light and Yaris Dissaperes. Jaris Strangley falls to the floor in A Faint. He speaks, "I Told You He Would Rebel" A Girls Voice Aki's says "Its Ok, Things will Be Different this Time" "Yaris She Calls Out "Yaris" The voice calls Now calls Jaris Yaris almost as if They Are Both One Person. "Yaris" She calls faintly in the distance As her voice Quietens. We See The Stars In the Sky, Then We Zoom Out of the earth Into the Solar System, Then into The Galaxy, Then The Universe Itself, We Look Back And We can See the Universe Shrinking In the distance. Sudently then everything Is Dark all around.

The Old World

A Faint Voice In the distance calls Out Yaris, We Zoom Into the Universe Fast an Then The Galaxy, Then The Planet Boruna In the Old Universe, Then The Voice Calls Out Yarris Once more. The Voice Came From A Man Dress In Orange And Red Clothes, The Man Is Also A Type Of Monk As We See Him Enter A Room On The Left. The Man Calls Out Yaris In A Softer Tone Of Voice, As He Walks up to Yaris, Yaris Looks The Exact Same As Jaris, Almost Like A twin. The Man Tells Yaris an Important message, A Message About Cirtain value concerning The Words, It's the Fragment, Its Out Of Control" Suddenly Yaris Rushes Out Of His Sleeping Quarters Door, and Down The Corridor, The Other Man Follows, They Both Run Past A Court Yard Past Some Other Monks And Into Another Building, We Can See Man Painings Inside This Building As They Both Rush Through It, They Run Down A Large Fliet Of Stair and Down Another Corridor, They Reach Some Huge Doors  Where A Bright Light Shines Through, And Walk In. Around Them They Can See Other Stairs Encircling A Round Shaped Hall, There are Paintings And Sculptueres Of Trees And Animals All Around. In The Middle Of The room Where a Stone Pillar Stands, They Step Up A Small Step And Walk To The  Pillar. On The Pillar A Very Small Fash Of Bright  Light Can Be Seen, then The Man Looks At Yaris, And Yaris Speaks Back to him, Master Yamic I Was Wondering If You Could Leave the |Room Just For A Moment, For Your Own Safety That Is" "I See, Speaks The Man. He Leaves The Hall. Yaris Picks up The Small Object Embedded Inside The Stone, Then Steps Off The Centre, He Immediately Sits Down Legs Crossed, In A Meditative Way, He Holds The Small object in His Right Hand, Then Enclosing It By His Other Hand On Top. Master Yamic Is Outside The Room, Listening In for a Moment, Then Suddenly The Large Doors Open. Master Yamic, Please come With me Speaks Yaris. They Both Walk Back To the Centre where The Object is once again. I Have Been Advised That A Miracle Child Bas Been Born Today, That Is the Reason For The fragments Instibility. The Childs Name, Asks Yamic. His Name Is Not Known But His Where Abouts Is, I Must Go And Find This Child, But I Have Also Been Advised Another Message,. The Fragment Must Be taken back To The Chamber In the Hymarlia, I Leave This Duty To You. " As I Will, I Have Done This Once Before, But I May Need Some Others To Come Wit Me. " Do As You Must " Speaks Yaris. Yamic takes The Object And then Leaves The Room, Yaris Then Speaks Out in the Hall In A Quiet Tone, " Is This The Right Thing To Do" Then A Girls Voice Says " This Is The Only Way We Will Find Out" "As You Wish he Repies To The Voice I The Air, "Master Yaris, Before You Go Insearch Of Him, You must Visit Me In The Valley If You Please, I Have Other Information For You and Also A Token Of Chance" Yes, Aki" he Replies To The Voice. Yaris Walks Out Of The hall And Locks The Door Behind Him. He Walks Back To His Sleeping Quarters And Takes A Small Pair Of Walking Sandles Then Puts Them on His Feet. He Then Makes His Way to The Valley. Yamic, At This Moment Is Talking With A Group Of Monks, he Asks Them To Get Things ready, What will Be Needed For The Jurney. Jaris Is Now Walking Up To Yamic. " Hope You all Get There safe, I will See You Soon" "we Will" Yaris Walks Back Across The Court Yard And down a different Flight Of Stairs, Long But full Of Scenery As He Looks To the Left There Are Many Trees Growing in the Distance, As He Walks Down, Then He Walks Down Another Corridor, And Out Through A Large Open Doorway. There are A Futher Flight Of Small Stairs Leading Down A Flowery But Steep Hill, full Of Trees In The Distance And on Each Side Of The Steps He Walks Down, He Must Have Walked Atleast half a Mile, Then He Reaches an Opening And All Around Him There Are Birds And Flowers And Trees Of Great Hight, He Look Down A Hugh Cliff, With Only A Wooden Fence Between him. Down The Cliff Are More Trees Below. Yaris Continues His Jearney Into the valley. Back At The Temple Where master Yamic |Is Now Ready To leave, he Leaves With 7 Other Monks Who Carry A Large About Of Sacks. Master Yamic Then walks through The Main gate. And Onto A rocky Road, To His right Are trees And to His Left Is a Small Hut, They Travel down The Road, for about 2 miles, And Come Across Another Hut On The Left, Beyond That Is A Small Field, Full of lamas. A Small Man Walks Out Of The Hut, And Asks Yamic, "What Would It be" Yamic Replis, 7 Lamas If ou Please. Then The man Opens the Gate To the Field and Strangly 7 Lamas suddenly Walk Toward Them. The Monks Place a The things they were carrying on to The Back of The lamas. " You Look After Them, And Yourselves" Yamic Looks At Him, in A Smile Then they Continue There Jearney. To the Left, In The Right are Many Trees And To the Left A  More Trees as They walk Down the Steep Road. While They Contue, Yaris Is Now Walking Up Another CaSING of steps, As he looks Up He Can See Many Small Huts, But They All Look abandond, Around Them Are Small Gardens With Vegitation grouing, All around A Trees And larger Gardens All Layed Out Like Giant Steps. The Tress Are Filled Out With Yellow Leaves and Red Leaves, And Green Leave All On Different Trees, The Seasons Are also Out Of Place here, As Futher up There are Gray Clouds, But To The right Of Them Is A Group Of White Clouds On The Sun Shining, These A Tint Of 4 Rainbows In The Distance All Over Placing Eace Other And Reaching Into The Valley. Yaris Is Now Walking Up Some Steps to His Left, Leading To A Small Hut sueronded \by A Garden. He Enters The Hut to find Nothing There But a Small Fire In the Ground Burning Away, Over The Fire Hangs a Put Of Water Boiling Away, Yaris Just Sits Down On the Floor, in A meditative way. Suddenly " Thank you For Coming Yaris" speaks A Girls Voice, But Know One Is there, Yaris Speaks Back " I Hope We Made The Right Choice" "She Replies, Don't worry Things Will Be Fine". A Small Glow Of Light Shines Infront Of Yaris Making out A Haze Of A person Staning There. Then The Girl Apperes, "How Are You Yaris, Its Been Along Time, Nice You Could Drop By After So Long." The Girls Name Is Aki As Yaris Speaks Out In Coversation. (Down Give To much Information About Yaris's Childhood, Just for Notes Yaris And Aki were once the same age, But Aki Has never Been Born, she Has Always Been A Guide To people, Yaris Has Known Her All His Life, even From The Day he was Created, But don't Give This Information Out untril Kazeal Meets Aki For Himself"). They Talk about The Situation Of A boy that Has been Born, His Parents where Abouts And That This Boy Is A Miracle child.( Later On In The Book We Find Out That Aki Got It wrong, And That Alura Is The True Mircale Child, Kazeal Changed His Fate, when he Was Born On The Earth. But Do Not Allow This Information Out, Until Alura Starts Her Jeurney, When She Also Visits Aki). Then From out Of No Where Another Glow Of Light, Shines In Yaris's Hand, And A Small Emblemed Medalion Apperes. It Has 12 Points And 12 Small Blue Crystals Surounding The Emblem, It Is Made Of Silver. Yaris Then Asks whats Its for, She Replies, This Is For The Boy, When You Bring Him here On Day He Must Be Given This As A sybol Of the Key Fragment, Remember Just As Before Like every Miracle Child Must Receive One" She replies. Yaris And aki Finish There conversation And It Is Time for Them To part Once More. She says Feel well In others Forms Of words Then Yaris Heads Back To the Temple. While Yaris Heads Back, Yamic And The Ither Monks Are Now entering A Forbidden Road, They Are Still Surrounded By trees, But soon the Pat will lead to a More Unpleasent Land,. Only Yamic Has Been Here So He Leads the Group. They walk For a Firther 8 miles Then The Trees Start To Fade In The Distance, and before The Eyes are Empty Plains, No Trees Just The Green Horizon, They walk For 2 days Until They reach A Lake, The Lake Is Frozen Over So They walk across It, In the Distance They Can see a Small Tribe Camped  Out On the Lake In the Distance The Can See The Mountains. They Rest Here Until they Have Had Sleep And Food. The Next Morning they Continue, Reaching the Edge Of The Lake Where They reach The Face Of The Hymarila Mountains, They walkin to a Raveen That Leads Intide The Mointain. The Raveen Has Moss And Jasmin Flowers Growing On The walls. For 2 further days thay Continue On This Path Until They Reach An Opening In the Raveen, Once They Get to the Area, They Set Up Camp and they rest For A while, They lamas are now unable to travel And Further. They decide its best to Leave Them Here. The will be safe here. Yamic and the Monks set out the next morning to face the cold steep mountain, But Yamic starts acting strange that morning, He Requests That they don't take the direct route and that it would be much easier and safer to Travel In the raven until they reach a cavern, The Cavern Leads to the required destination much faster. But Since the monks didn't hear about this place before, they wonder why yamic only tells him now. Never the less they all continue on until they reach the carvern. before they Get To the Carvern, The see strange writing on the floor of the path they walk on, the language is Not Known To them, It's a Very Old language. They Other monks request that the travel The Other route as planned, But Since they were already here, Yamic Persuaded them There is no harm and that if there was he would have told them. They ask him How he knows this place, and he anwers, it croosed my mind, that when I was traveling up the mountain I did noice from up there that the raven went into another area, Its Only now that I Realise The Chamber leads To it. Why Travel up the Mountain When Is easier to go this way. They All Enter the cavern after lokking slightly swayed. They find nothing Unusual about it, So They Continue, They Suddenly recognize a faint light up ahead, Not Only that, thay Also Recognise that Yamic Is Holding the Fragment In his Hand, "Were here He Replies" The Monks Follow Yamic down a narrow hallway, They Travel for a few miles down the path until they reach another opening, There are small Lanterns lit in all corners of  a deep hole in the ground, "What is This Place" Ask one Of the monks. Yamis Replies, We Must Be quiet, It would be best that way. Suddenly The lanterns go out, And the room fills with darkness. The monks scuffle about trying to make sure no one falls down the hole,( The hole is Masive, It a Great Pit, It reaches Out 1 mile, and It En circles the area the stand.) There Is Only A Small footpath That Travel round the pit. But Yamic speaks" Follow Me, As he Speaks that The Fragment glows A Bright light that shines down into the pit. He Speaks One more time, "You have to make a Choice, Follow me Or stay Here.2 Suddenly Yamic turns to look down the pit and Jumps. " Master Yamic, " they all Shout, before they all know it two monks also jump down. Then they all do. They Travel down for many miles, For almost 5 minuites they fall down, shouting out, Were going to Die, Were going to die. But They Did Not Die, Master yamic Holds out the Fragment as he reaches the Bottom, And he amazingly floats to the ground, He waits for the other monks to arrive. As so they do he hcontinues to hold out the fragment as it glows, and they all make it. "that was Scary, but How" Aks One Of |them, We have a Long Way to go, No Questions" Replies Yamic. "But Whats Down Here" Asks Another, This Place Leads us to a Place that many Have Never Come Back From, Beyond That I Will return The Fragment to the Chamber." Replies Yamic In A Very Dark Voice. All The Monks Stand Still, And Look At Yamic In At No trusting way. Then Suddenly a Mist Of Black Duct Engulfs them, The Monks Are Swallowed By this Mist Then as The Mist Disapears So Do The Monks. "I Hope I Have Pleased You well Lord, " Suddenly A Voice Can be heard , But The Sound Is All Sreechy and There is Tone Of Dark waling In the Distance. " I will Return Lord" Speaks Yamic. Yamic Holds Out they Fragment And Floats Back Up to the Top, He the Walks Around The Path, Leading to a Small tunnel, The Tunnel Leads to The Chamber, the Camber looks Like The One that Kazeal when To, But the Markings On the wall Are different in colour. Yaris Returns the Fragment To It Rightful place. There is something Quite Odd About The Chamber Just like before, It Seems To Exist Outside Of Time, We \can see paintings on the walls, and we Can See flashes of light and glowing clouds floating around. After A Time Yaris Can be seen Walk Out of The Entrance to the Raveen with 4 Lamas. Back At the Temple, Yaris can be seen walking into the hall again, He sits down again, " It Has Been Proven" Speaks The Girls Voice, " What Has Happene" Asks Yaris. " Master Your Brother, Has A connection To the Beast" replies Aki. " He Led The Them Into the Shadow, They Did Not even Realise What Happened" She syas. " What Must I Do Now" He asks. " Were Not Strong enough to Fight Him, So We Will Have to Wait Until The Time is Right." Speks aki. "What About The Key, Did He Return It To the Chamber" asks Yaris. " He, Knows that The Cant Be Destoyed, He Returned it After the Shadow Claimed the Others" She replies. " Go And Find The Boy, And Make Sure Master Yamic Does Not Know About Him" She says. " I Will Go now Then, Thank You Aki" Yaris Leaves The Hall. And Makes His Way Back To His Quarters, He Takes a Small Book, " Where Is It he Thinks To Miself…Ah, Here It Is" he Speaks, As He Takes Out A Strange Item From His Desk. Yaris Steps out The door, And Makes His way To the Gate, he Walks For A few Miles, Then reaches The Hut Where the Lamas Are, He Asks The Small man If He Can Take Him to the transpoter. The Man Wistles,  And Two Horses Trotle along to them. Yaris and The Man Climb onto the Backs and Travel down the road. They Travel Past The Forbidden Road entrance. And they Travel Past A Village, The continue for atleast 80 miles, It Takes them 1 and Half days as the pass more villages and farm lands. Until the reach Another Hut. " here we Then" Speaks The Small man, "Thank you, I Will Be Back Shorlty, Will You Be Able To Wait Here Until nightfall2 asks Yaris. "That's Might Be A Problem, I'm expecting Master Yamic back Today with My lamas2 He replies. "That's Ok Then, I make My Way back, Please Leave The Horse, I will see You Tonight" Asks Yaris. " Have A Good Time, Replies The Man" Yaris Turns around A Waves. Yaris Walks to A Very Stange contraption, Well As He Always calls it, The Contraption Is called a transporter, And this is Not just something out of the ordinary Because this type of thing has existed for more than half a century, It didn't come from Boruna, it came from another world. Yaris Walks Upto The contraption and Steps onto a Small pad, that is all lit up in a Hazey blue light. "Destination Please", speaks A Womans Voice. " Limia Central " Speaks Yaris. Suddenly Blue Light Starts to sparkle like glitter all Around Yaris, And He Disapears. (We Suddenley Look At The Blue sky On Boruna, An we Zoom Up Into The atmosphere, We Reach Space And Can see Something Very Odd. Just Abit Thuther out There Is Astrange sight, A Sight That usually can not  be decribded, It look like some sort of door way, But A Galactic doorway, Most civilizations call it a Gateway, A crossing between worlds. It looks Like a Flat Disk, And If you Look Through it, You can see Another world, Not A reflection like a mirror, but a world very far away. This world Is Called Limia, Its Is Also Know As the First world. ( We Zoom, Fly Right Through The Gateway Just as if it was a door, as we get to the other side we find ourselves zooming over The World Of Limia, It looks Like Our World, But It Is More Advanced Than Ours. Everything is the same, The Seas The Land and Every Time of Culture, Exept for religion. If You Wanted You religion You Lived On Another Distant Planet, Infact that's Where These Other Cultures Prefer To Call home. The Laws On Limia Are Strict, Very Stict. These laws All Passed 1000 years ago When The Governers over took, There becam e One world. They Called it The Order. (But enough Of that for now).

Continue telling the story with less information. Use basics examples of the stucture.

We zoom into the world of Limia, Zooming into them vast metropolis of cities with tall buildings. there are may lands equal to our own world, but they are far more advanced. Lets look at africa for just a moment, its Not what it used to be. A LONG TIME AGO, The People were just as they are now oin our wor;ld, But our Africa is desolete. It Took Alot of  People involving themselves in The Politics of Limia in order to make sur ethe Land was revived. Now Africa Is Full Of Vitality and Life, It Even Rains Very Often Here. We Call It Africa, But On Limia They No Longer See fit to call By A Single Name, Instead It Belongs To the names Of The Area Of The World, And The Struggles Removed, The Lands Of The 3rd State. These Lands Are Free Land, Well So To Speak, But People still have to Pay A fortune To Visit Them. Not The Case On Our World. As We Look At The Limia Planet, We Zoom Over To Another Land That look Like America. We Zoom Into The District State Of The Govoners; This Is A Very Well Known State, People Gaver Here All the Time, This Is Due To The Universes Policy, Known As The Order. The Order Was Made To define The Equallity Between All people In The Universe. Thus There Are 12 Govoners for the Whole Universe, Each representing There Home Planet. Though The First Planet To Gain Autority Is Limia, Know One Really looks Into the Past Anymore, They Cosider that The World Is How It Should Be, So There No Different Anywhere Then. Limia On the Other Had Is Known As The first Planet, It is Suposesed to Be At the centre Of the universe, The Universe Of Ulima. Thus its History must hjave been Re Written In Order To maintqain Order From all the chaos. Did It Work, Maybe to some extent,,, But That doesnt Mean People Are Happy. Its all True To Say That Limia Is Without Free choice, Mostly because everyone There Shapes The Fate Of Another, As We All Do, We Just Dont Realise It Or Accept it. We Zoom away From The govoners State And Head Over to The Main City, The City Of Dreams, Also Known As Lima, Where Yaris Arrived Sometime ago. Yaris Is Walking Out Of A Great hall. while The Lady On the Speaker Says "Welcome to limia Central Travel, We Hope You Have A NIce Day. The Great Hall Can Fit Atleat 2000 People at Once, The Are Strange Contraption everywhere, And They All Go Somewhere. Each Area Of The Great Hall Has A Teleporter, Leading to Another City Or Central Travel. Limia Central Travel Also Has Of World Teleporters, Leading To Another Planet. There Are 12 Main Planets For Ulima, This Was Due To Space Travel. Before There were no Planets Other than Limia. That All Changed When The Governers Came, They removed The Main Goverments And Created One Government, They Set Out Rules For Each New Planet. These New Planets Allowed different cultures And religions To Settle There Issues buy Having an Individual Planet To Themselves. So There Are Twelve Main Planets, But Thats Not Saying What else Goes On in the Universe. The Unknown specieas of many Other Places Are Still Left In The Dark. After All How can There Be Order In the Universe If All Living Things Became Aquainted. Yaris I Now walking Out of The great hall And into the city Of Lima, "Now Where Are They" He Asks To himself. "Ah Yes" Yaris Looks To his Left, To see A Group Of Pleople selling Veicle rentals. He Walks upto A Woman, " Yes Sir, how May I Help You," I would Like Cheap Traspotation To the Govonment Library" Speaks Yaris" The Lady Looks down At Another Contaption, It has A Screen About The Size Of A5 Paper, (Think Of Another Example Than A5 Paper), the Screen Also Proejects Light, Almost As If Light Is Made Of Bits And Pieces, Possible Billions Of Small Light Particle Bouncing Up And Down Out Of the Screen. The Lady Asks " Please Place Your Thumb her" She Directs Yaris To A Thumb Print On the Screen, " Owe" Mutters Yaris, "  Everyone Must Follow The Same Rules Of Id When Doing Anything , Master Yaris", She Speaks As Master Yaris's Image Projects Out Of The Screen. " Thank you Sir< We have A Selection Of Vehicles at a Reasonable Price Today. She Presses the screen And Images Of Strage cars Sart To appear, " That One" Speaks Yaris. " Thats A New Model Of the nexus Master Yaris, there have Been A few Faults In The Past But Im Sure It Beats travelling The Life And Death Way" She speaks,Yaris replies, " All these contraption are The Same, Nothing Is safe, If I could I Wouldnt Need To Travel At All Lime This" " What Ever Do Mean Sir, Our Cars are The Safest Way." She Replies Back In A Way that says, Why Bother Me. " Never Mind What I Just Said, Which One Is It" Asks yaris, " Parkin Space, 2013, Veicle ID Is 4213. These cars Never Get Put Back Where there Taken From these days" I would Be Greatful If You Could bring It Back In IOne Peice." Speaks the lady, " I Dont Think You need To concern Yourself with that, I Wont Be Manovering the Thing" He replies, "Know One Ever does, But Somehow They Always Get damaged, Acording to your Rentakl Records" She replies. Yaris walk Off, To Get His Veihicle, He Finds Car number 4213. He Places His Thumb On to the Side Of The Door. And The Door Disapears, He Steps Into The Car. And Sits down, The Door then Reapears. The Window Screen Starts To Flicker, And The Female Voice Starts to Talk. " Welcome Master Yaris, We Hope Your Stay On Limia Is well" " Place State you Required Destination" speakes the Voice. " Limia Distict Council, Goverment Library", Asks yaris. " Im Sorry Master Yaris, But the Location Is Void, The Govenment Libray Is Now Off Limits To civilians As From 4 days Ago. " They are Currently Upgrading The Ulima Senet Database. Speaks The Lady. " Are There Any Other Way Of accessing The Old DataBase Upto 4 Days Ago" Asks Yaris.... " Search For Alternative Locations, Please Wait One Moment, Master yaris." The Window Screen, Starts To Search The Limia World Map, "Scanning Locations......." The ScreenStops. " I Could nOT fIND aLTERNATIVEs Master Yaris, Is There Anything Esle you Require today. " Speaks The Ladies Voice, " No , That will Be All, thank you,2 Suddenly Yaris Puts His Left hand On His Chin. And Ponders For A Second. " Wait, hold that" He speaks. " Do You Require Another Service Master yaris"  Speaks the voce, " Take me To The Cental Forest, 30 Miles North Of The Obelisk" Asks Yaris. " Destinatiom Found, Ocordeing To The data Found, There IS Nothing At That Location Master Yaris Do You Still Want to Go there. " Yes, I Just Aksed You To Take me There" He Asks In A Way That Says, Nothing Changes, I Know What I Want, But This Contraption Assumes I Dont. " Very well, ". The Car Drives Off To The West, It Drives Out Of Lima City, And Into Small Towns, There Is Only One Obelisk By Fasion Known to Lima City, The Senet Removed it To A More Secure But Un Interesting Place. Only A few People Know That Its Just A Replicar Of The Old One, But The Cant be Anything important About it. We Start To entre A Vast Area Of Trees, Leading up A Steap road. Yaris, Travels For Another 10 Miles Until He Reaches The Obelisk. Then Car Drives Past the Obelisk And Further North For 30 miles. " Desination Reached" Speaks The Car. " I Will Need You To Return Here In 1 Days Time" Speaks Yaris To The Car, " Your Order Is Being Aprroved, .........In One days Time I Will Return At This Time, have A Good Evening Master Yaris." Yaris Gets Out Of The Veichle, And The Door Reapears Again. The Car Drive Back Down The Hill. Yaris Is Now Alone In the Dark Of This Huge Forest, Know One Is In sight. He Walks Back Down the Hill Too. After Walking 2 Miles, He Turns Right, And walks A Futher 2 Miles, Suddenly A Flash Of Light Blinds Yaris. The light Gets Closer, Then It Stops Just infront Of yaris. Yaris Looks up to See Another Car Infront of him, This Car Is Very Old Compared to the Rest. " Hold It right There" Speaks A Mans Voice. Yaris Stands still looking at The Man. "Its Been Along Time" Speaks The Man, "I've Been Busy" Speaks Yaris", " What Could Have Kept You So Busy For The Last 10 Year, Yaris" Speaks The Man. " Have You Just Come Here To Lecture Me" asks Yaris," Of Course Not, Get In The Car Yaris, We Dont Have As Much Privacy Here Anymore" Yaris look At The Man, And Get Into the Back Of The Car. The Man get Into The Drivers Seat And They Drive Off Up the Hill. " So How You Been This 10 Years, I Here Your Brother Has Alot To Answer For", "What Did Your Elder tell You This Time Yaris." Speaks The Man, " I Guess You Cant See EverythingThen Kyle", We Decided It Was Best To Wait Until The Time is Right" Speaks Yaris. " What Did You Hear" He Asks, " We Have A Team Of Brothers Located In The Limia Senet, They've Been keeping Watch On Yamic For Along Time. We Wonder Why HE Has Not Been Here This Past Year". " Yamic IS No Longer Following the Same Rules, We Cant Even Confront Him" Speak Kyle. " We'll Take About This Later" Speaks Kyle. " I Have A meesage From Aron, He Requested You Go to The Solitudes An Collect More Samples" Speaks Kyle. " And Where Is He Now, Ive Been meaning to Contact Him" Speaks yaris. " Unfortunatly, He Had To Leave Earlier today, Hes Went On A Trade Ship To Dacias" "Those lands Are forbidden, He Must Be Mad Going there, Ive heard over the last 50 years the planets deteriashion has inclined, he Must Be Doing somethime important going there, Care to share" speaks yaris," You'll be debreafed at the base, Here Take a Look at These" Speaks Kyle. A Small Bleep Sound Can Be Heard As A Screen infront Of Yaris Turns On, "Notice This Place" Asks Kyle, " The Pit" Ive Never Been There, My Brother Has And I Dare Say His Extersion There Was Pleasing, But What About It" " About 2 Years Ago, One Of Our Liberty Sats Discoverd A Light Wave Above the Mountain, We Soon Discoverd The The Light Wave was Connected To The Interior Of The Mountain, What we Didnt See Until Now Was What The Light Wave Did, Thats Why Arons Gone To Dacias, and Thats Why We Need You to Visit The Solitudes, But Its Best We Speak About This Later. Suddenly Kyle looks into the Back Of The Car, "We May Have Company" He Speaks, Yaris Looks Out Of the Back Window To See, Two Amazingly Futureristic Motercyles Zooming Behind them. " Its Ok there With Us" Speaks Kyle. " But Thats Not", In The Moon Lit Sky A Large Shadow Can Be Seen Flying Between The Clouds. " We Need to get Out Of Sight, Hold On" The Car Spins Of To the Right, In betwwen The Trees And Kyle Gets Out The Car. " Come With Me Yaris" The Two Motercyles Skid Into The Trees And The Two Black Booted Riders Follow Into The Woods. The Large Shadow desendes An As It gets Closer. The Sight Of A Giant contraption appears. (Whats It Called, What Does it Looks like,) It Looks like A helicopter But Its Completely Out Ot the Ordinary. Master Yaris And Kyle Reach A Small Stick Pointing Out Of The Ground. The other Two Bikers Meet Up, One of Them Hold out Their Arm And Press A Button On A Watch Their Wearing. A Small click can Be Heard And the Ground opens Up. " We'll Hide Here just For Now," Speaks Kyle. They All Get Into the samll Man Hole. And the door Closes. the Hovering Machine Flies up ahead. Shining its light On to the Haze of Tier tracks, But the Tyre tracks Fade Into the road Just As the light Hits them. The Machine Hovers Above for just a Moment then Flies Away. " The Man Hole Door Opens Again. They All Get Out And Walk Back out of the forest, " How The Hell Did They Know We Were Here" Asks Kyle To the Bikers, " Sorry Sir, We Did Our Best, they Followed Us From". "No Excusses, Lets Just get out Of Here While We Still Can" Yaris And Kyle get Back into the car, And The Bikers Get back On Their Bykes. " I Guess Our Plan Didnt Work " Speaks One Of The Bikers as They Ride Off Following The Car. In The Car, " So What Was That Chaseing Us" Speaks Yaris, "That Was A Cruiser, Its A Spy Craft. When We First Encounterd Your Arival Master yaris, We Appointent Those Two To Watch your Back, But They Were With Lack Of A better Word, Absolutly Rubbish" " If they Did Thier Jobs right, Your Arrival to Limia Has Been Removed From The System, Thus Tou Wont Be Botherd When You vistit The Solitudes. " So I guess They Both Got Cought Out Then," Speaks Yaris. "Oh, No  Dont Get me Wrong, Tina And Tanya Are Brilliant, Their Just Very Easy To See" Speaks Kyle, " Tina And Tanya You Say, Well Atleast Theres A Change In Skills For Once" Speaks Yaris, " No, Not Much Has Changed Yaris, Limia Is Just The Same As Its been Since I Can Recall, Mind You With The Recent Events On Boruna I Will leave A Marjin For Whats yet To Come." Speaks Kyle. The Two Bikes Drive Ahead Of The Car, " Were Here " Speaks Kyle. The Road Starts To Reach An Opening Out Of The Forest, And we See A Large Area Of Open Land, In The Distance Theres A House And The Two Bikes Can Be Seen Driving into A Garage Next To The House. The Car Gets Closer as The Garage door Closes. The Car Arrives At the House And Turns Into The Same Garage. The Garage Door Opens Up Again And The Two Bikes Are Parked Near The Back By Some windows, Along side another car, A Perfect Replica Of The One Kyle And Yaris Are In.Suddenly The Ground Moves Beneif. The Floor Start to decend, and like a Lift it Travels down into A Shaft, And As It Travels we reach an Opening. We Can See From Afar That the lift comes Into A Large Control room, Where many people are walking about and doing things. To the far right Theres A Giant Screen Showing An Image Of Classified Solar systems For Ulima, (The Solar Systems We Spoke About In Chapter 1). The Lift Reaches The Ground and Yaris and Kyle Step Out Of The Car, To The Right Of The Control Room Are Some Tables With Files Ontop. We Can See Two Blond Females Typing On A Small Pad That We Call A Station. " Master Yaris, " Speaks The Giant Screen, The Screen Shows An Image Of A Man Wearing A Silver Coat, He Has Short Black Hair And Brown Eyes. " Yaris, I Am Glad To See You Again, Welcome to our Base. I Already Know The reason Why You Were Looking So I Personally Set Up A Station For You, You Know The Old Pass Word, I Hope You Find What Your Looking For. Speaks the man, " How is It That after All These You Chose Not To Visit Your Home Aron" Speaks Yaris, " Ive Been Busy , Here Let Me Show You. Aron Can Be seen Moving His Left Arm To Press A Button, The Screen Changes. " This Is What The Governers Wont Show The People". Aron Shows Yaris The Image Of A World, Dialas, "The World Was Left To Ruin By The Govoners Council Just Near 10 Years Ago. We All thought they might revive the civilisation after the First strike but ever since your Brother Yamic became 1st Govoner somehow they all decided there was no reason or purose of the remaining survivors" Speaks Aron. "So why are you investigating Undercover, And What does Boruna Have to do with Dialas." Asks Yaris. " We Sent A team to the survivors, We As In The Govoners Council, At The Time I Myself Approved That Until My Death As A Member Of The Council, But When The Govoners Gaurds Arrived, They Emediatly Split Camp and Went On The Rampage." Speaks Aron. " So, They Were Looking for Something," ASks Yaris. " For Someone" Speaks Aron, " Who" Asks YAris. " Why IS It That Your Spirit Child Wont Speak Up About This Yaris, Shes Been The Miracle Child Of Ulima ever since the universal laws began." Asks Aron, " I Hope Your Not Hiding Anything Valuble" Speaks Aron. "Lets Get Back to the place we left off" Speaks Yaris. " Last Time I Saw you,  you were looking for a man named Omnilon and You Told Me He was An Assasin For The Govoners Council" Speaks Yaris. " I'm Wondering If This little Excurtion of yours Is That You Think Hes There." " So What Happened To Him" Asks Yaris. " We Came To Boruna Last Month without Your Prior Knowledge, And Without you approval we Visited As You Know The Forbidden Mountain, But When We Got There, We Found A Small Tribe Camped out on The Frozen lake. " They Spoke Of A Man Call Kai Omnilon, The Assasin We Were Looking For. The Council Appointed him to Destroy The Key Fragment. Speaks Aron. Yaris Replies In A Stubborn Mannor, "The Fragment Is Not A Living Person Or Body, Its Living Energy" Speaks Yaris, "So My Question To You Is, Who Appointed Him and Is It More Than Likely That He Was Sent To Steal it." Asks Aron. " We Already Know The Answer To That Question, Dont We" Speaks Yaris. " Why Dont You Confront Master Yamic, And find Out Why He Did This." Asks Aron. " We Cant intavene, not Yet, But Someone Can And Thats Why I Firstly Came To Limia." Speaks Yaris. " Aki Told Me that If The Fragment was being Harmed Or Being Used To Harm then It Would retaliate against The baraer" Speaks Yaris. " So Thats Why Im On Dialas Yaris, I Want To Find Out What The Hell Happend Here Because All This Leads Back To Boruna And Yamic." Speaks Aron. " Why Dont We Forget About Our Sacred Amulet for Now" Speaks Yaris. " Did You FInd This Omnilon On Dialas" Asks Yaris. "NO!", Speaks Aron, We Found Out That He Retired and went into Exile, He Now Lies Somewhere On Limia, Thats Why I Need You To Visit The Solitude Islands. " Speaks Aron. " The Screen changes, And A Map Of the Solitudes Can Be Seen, The Solitudes Are Varied Sized Islands To the east Of The Limia Senet Island. A Large Island The exact Likeness Of America. " Take A Look At This Section Of Islands, Those were taken 10 Years Ago" Yaris Looks At The Map On Screen. " The Vortex Of The Shadow Has Reapeared On Limia, Other Than The Frozen Lake On Boruna, which Has Been Frozen For almost 300 Years. " We Believe That Something Happened during that time, The Shadow Dissapeard until Now, the vortex has Showed Up Here, but Yet It has A Connection To almost Every Planet in The Universe" Speaks Aron, " The Only Planet That Has No Connection To It, Is Dailas and that another Reason Why Were Here" Speaks Aron. " The Vortex Has Created An Exact Sequence Of Island, Those That Match Your Sacred Islands On Boruna, But Whats missing from The Picture Yaris" Asks Aron, " The Center Island Is Missing, The Mountain" Replies Yaris. " There Is Something Underneith The Mountain, Something That We Havnt Yet Descoverd" Speaks Aron. " But It Was Dicovered, Yamic Found It." Speaks Yaris. " Unlike Boruna, We All Know The Anciant Texts Say Limia Was Created First, Limia Was The Key Holder For The Key Of Creation" But For Some Reason Not Known, The Key Fragment Ended Up On boruna, The Vortex HAs Grown Over These Past 10 years, And If The Fragment Remains On Boruna Then Limia Will Be Over run, Possably Leading To The Destrution Of Ulima. Speaks Aron. " My brother, master Yamic Knows he Cant destroy The Fragment" Speaks YAris. " We'll Talk Soon About This Yaris, I Would Be Greatful if You Visit The Solitudes And Collect Mre corel, Ive been Told that The Govoners Tryed To Close Off The Vortex With Nucleon" ASks Aron, " thats wont Be A Problem, Youve Been For So Long Aron That Ive Had To Do You Jobs For You, Come Visit Home Sometime." Speaks Yaris. " See You Again Soon Yaris, Have A Safe Jerney Back" Speaks Aron. The Screen Turns Back To the Universe Image. Kyle Walks Up to Yaris.... " I Will Show You To Your Quarters For The Night, Maybe You Would Like To Take The Station With you" Speaks Kyle. Kyle Walks To The Control Panel Where He Detaches The Station, he Hands It To Yaris. " Its Just Over Here" He Speaks" , Suddenly A Females Voice Speaks, " Good evening Master Yaris, Please Place Your Thumb ID Here" Yaris Places His Thumb Onto A Small Panel Attached To A door" The Door Opens, And Kyle Walks Away, back To The Control Room, Yaris Walks In The Room, And The Door Closes.  He Places the System on a Small metal the side of a bed. There are no windows in the room, you can hear a fan on the ceiling. The room is very bland when it comes to decorations. There are beams of blue lighting that seem very comforting. the bed linin is also a soft shade of glue. there is no carpet. Yaris sits down on the bed while he contemplates what happened to the monks that yamic helped vanquish. he reaches for the system and types into the data base of limia. A female voice asks " Activation is required for database Information, Please proceed with Identification, Place you Thumb on the System access panel. Yaris places his Thumb. " Please State you Name " asks the voice. " Master Yaris Of The Borunian Temple ". " Identification Confirmed " The screen logs to the Limian Mainframe. The Mainframe stores all vital information on every civilian in the Limian Database, 12 worlds of the limia universe are on the Mainframe. Not one civilian knows the location of the Mainframe billions of people are on it. "Mainframe access is currently limited due to Updating, Updating will complete in 72 hours, Will you continue, Please say Continue if you will". " Continue " "Accessing Civilian Database, Please Wait ". The System Runs a few programs and then starts a new screen. " Im sorry But It Appeares the Location of you system is unknown, please input the manually where your located". " Starting Decoder". The system runs some very complex stealth programs and inserts stealth locations into the Mainframe. " Your location has been updated, Please proceed. " The screen changes ". There are Currently over 22 billion civilians in our administration" Yaris Speaks. " Search for new born children over the past 3 days". " Searching " " We have found over 2 millions new births, would you like to review your search". "Yes". Search Limia City and The World Of Boruna" "Searching" Over 100 housand Identifications have been found". Yaris then falls back onto his bed in a grumpy mannor. " I cant narrow that search down, how do i find a miracle child in all those".

The End

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