Chapter 1

May stood outside her car waiting for her friends, Nyla and Carrie, come out so she could take them home and tell them the good news.

"Guess what?" May said as they walked over to her.

"What?" Carrie asked

"Leon just asked me out!" May squealed almost jumping up and down.

"Shut up!" Carrie said smiling

"Congrats!" Nyla said "When is it?"

"Friday. Two days from now."

"And you were begining to think he wasn't ever going to ask you out." Carrie gave her friend a hug before getting into May's car. Nyla followed Carrie. May got into the driver seat and started up the car and drove her friends home then went to her own house.

What May didn't know is that a shadow from the past was following her that entire day.

The End

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