The Shadow Men

May and Tanner were the best of friends growing up. Then without explanation Tanner vanishes. May grows up not knowing where he's gone. On her sixteenth birthday strange things start happening. Then while on a date with her boyfriend, Leon, she runs into her old friend! Tanner is hiding something though. But what?

A boy and a girl not much more than six ran through the park laughing and squealing. The girl had should length black hair and boy had short, shaggy, black hair. Most people asked if they were twins but the answer was always no. They weren't even related. May and Tanner were just very good friends. They had known each other for years.

The thing was that May's parents had never met Tanner's parents. May had never even met them! Tanner always came over to her house to play. Once May asked if they could go to his house but he told her that his parents were busy.

How they had first met was May was playing in her driveway when suddenly one of the older kids came over and took a ball that she had been playing with and wouldn't give it back. Tanner had then appeared out of no where and somehow gotten the ball back. May wasn't even sure what he had done all she knew was that he had gotten her ball back. Since that day they've been friends.

"You can't get me!" May called back to Tanner as she ran, smiling

"Wanna bet?" he laughed and continued to chase her. Then it was time to go. Little did May know that that was the last time she was going to see Tanner for a long time...

Tanner didn't come see May for a week. That week turned into a month which turned into a year. May became worried. She couldn't stop wondering what had happened to her friend. Almost every day she would ask

"Mom? Have you seen Tanner?" the answer was always no.

At school all she did was sit on the playground not wanting to do anything. She wanted to see Tanner again badly but he never showed up. Finally after years of waiting she decieded to let him go.

The End

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