Not All Woven

The streets were oddly quiet for this time of day. The clock tower in the heart of the town had struck 12 o'clock noon some time ago. Yes, Tam was walking along the outskirts of the town, closer to the countryside now, but all the same, on a Saturday it should have been heaving with people, usually trying to make it to Market Day in the Town Square.

Denfallow was a new town, a collection of people from all walks of life and from every background, usually from the towns that had recently been demolished due to political declarations. Tam wasn't sure on the exact details, just that it was all hush-hush and secretive. She and her family had moved here three years ago just to escape the city. Tam had never liked the city. It felt as though the high walls and skyscrapers were trapping you in and in the centre it felt almost claustrophobic, especially when other people were hustling and bustling about.

At Tam's side, Harley paused to sniff at a tree, giving Tam the chance to stop and take in her surroundings. While walking her dog she had blanked out and let Harley guide her, as the two of them knew the 'usual route'. So now Tam found herself halfway home, halfway through the walk. The point in which she was longest from home. Why did this fact ring out in Tam's mind? She wasn't sure. It made no sense. It was stupid.

Fields stretched out as far as she could see to her left, bordered by neatly trimmed hedges. There were narrow lanes here and there that broke the sea of green to show the lanes snaking off through pathways roofed by trees. To her right, there was a line of large houses, all new and clean. The people who lived here had a fair amount of money, it was easy to see.

A sudden jerk of Harley's lead awoke Tam from her daydream. Harley was rigid, her eyes fixed on a figure in the field. Her body rippled with nervous growls. Tam was paralysed to the spot. Why did fear claim her now? It seemed as though the world had faded away to leave Tam, Harley and this dark figure. It was a he, Tam was sure, but she could find no face to it, no detail. It was like a shadow imprinted into the world. However, from this distance she could tell it had the build of a man.

The figure seemed to lock eyes with Tam, even though no eyes were visible. Tam wanted to scream and cry out for help, but her voice departed from her. There came rhythmic footsteps as the thing strode slowly closer, enjoying the pleasure of terrifying this girl even further...

The End

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