The Shadow Legacy

The Shadow Legacy... a historic prophecy found woven throughout time. But how can it be just a myth when it is found in cultures that could never have met, never have exchanged tales? And what does this tale really prophesise?

The news was stamped across the headlines that morning, filling the whole of England with new conversation starters.

"Another folktale was found in an Egyptian tomb," the newreader announced. "Apparently there are images of shadows rising up from the ground to attack their owners..."

Tam wasn't paying attention at all. She was busy eating her way through a packet of crisps, staring vacantly at the wall as she leant against the doorframe of her kitchen. The television was facing her way in the living room, as though trying to tempt her to watch it like so many other people who had nothing better to do. Which didn't mean Tam had anything good to do anyway.

The summer holidays had finally heaved its way towards Tam and her classmates, collapsing on them and bringing with it realisation that Tam was actually going to be bored senseless. All of her friends were off on holiday or lived too far away to visit regularly, so she was left at home with her parents, her annoying older brother and her dog.

She herself was at the age that was beyond childhood but not quite grown up - fourteen. That meant she often found herself stuck in her room desperately searching for something to occupy herself. She was quite a pretty girl, with straight light brown hair that sat on her shoulders. She had emerald eyes that really looked like precious jewels and a sort of round face. She was one of those girls that found themselves to be slim no matter what they ate and was at a height that she liked - not too tall and yet not too short.

For some time the hot topic at school had been these links between mythology in different ancient civilisations: Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse... the list goes on. All of the names for the tale have differed, so since this tale often appeared in numerous other tales within the cultures, it was given a 'posh' name, as Tam called it: The Shadow Legacy.

Between different cultures it seemed to be twisted and altered slightly, but the main idea remained the same. Some kind of apocalyptic fate was approaching in which shadows would rise up and take control of the world of light. Or something like that. Tam hadn't been listening when her friends discussed it. She was far too sceptical to consider such nonsense as anything close to the truth.

A chinking of claws of laminate flooring broke Tam's thoughts as her dog, Harley, broke Tam's trail of thought. Harley was a large German Sheperd, a birthday present from four years ago. Harley was a loyal companion and very intelligent. Some dogs have a clouded look to their eyes, but not Harley. Her eyes reflected the huge brain within her head, showing eyes that examined the world around her like a human would evaluate their surroundings.

Tam crouched down and began to stroke Harley's head and neck; Harley's tail swayed like a metronome. If Harley could talk, Tam was sure she would be asking what that rubbish was on the television.

The End

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