Knight in shining dagger

The hinge on the ancient screen door creaks. She pulls her hand back and lets go of the door. It hits the frame with a jarring slap. A million thoughts race through her mind. She knows why she's here. There was an incident. "Incident" was her mother's way of sugarcoating brutal suspicious death. Mentally she slaps herself willing her mind not to go there, now was not the time to think about what happened to her father nearly a month ago.  Yet here she was about to head into a cabin that she shared, with a boy after being shipped to freakin camp lilalo. After that not so warm camp welcome, she wasn't sure she wanted to know what kind of sentiments lay behind this door.

"What's a matter?" Jason challenges.

Annabelle scoffs  in spite of her rattling nerves. She fumbles with the zipper on her jacket. "Um nothing, it's just the door, you know...hasn't anyone around here ever heard of WD-40?" She asks stalling for time. 

Jason shoots her a suspicious look. " Are you going to go in, or am I going to have to step over you?"

Annabelle glances over her shoulder, at the entrance way. Cautiously she pulls the door open again. She steps into the single room cabin. 

 The room is immaculately clean. The furniture is sparse two cots and a small table that houses a laptop and a filing cabinet. There is only one window, stationed on the wall above the table.  The room is void of any character.

" Well aren't you mister personality."  Annabell chimes as she hauls her suitcase. To one of the cots.

" I have about as much personality as I'm allowed here, and that's my bed." Jason replies. 

Annabell's face breaks out into a furious blush. She averts breaking contact with Jason. "I can't sleep in the same room as you or any other boy for that matter."

 It's Jason's turn to scoff he shoots her a doubtful look. "Wow the elder's must be desperate."

Annabell perks up, hands on her hip, "Beg pardon?"

- "Look Jezabell -

"Annabell." She corrects through gritted teeth. 

"Right Annabell. I'm going to be outside on watch, while your sleeping so any romantic notions you have of the two of us-

Annabell hold up her hand to stop him, "Oh please and I don't need some knight i-" She pauses to take in his attire. A black thermal covers his broad chest, accentuating his muscles in both his abs and arms. He's wearing black slacks and black boots.  She hones in on the boots, there's a compartment that holds a barley noticeable dagger. 

Annabell's mouth goes dry." Like I was saying," She finished. " I don't need some knight in shinning dagger- I mean -Armor to watch over me."

 Jason grins, and she notices a dangerous glint in his already intense green eyes and than he does the most insulting thing a boy can do to an already distressed and confused girl. He laughs. He throws back his head and laughs, for about a minute.  After that he takes a seat at the table extending his leg to kick out the other chair for her.

Annabell cautiously takes a seat. Jason shakes his head, strands of dark hair settle against his cheek.  "First of all yea sure I'm your guardian, but I also work for the elders, in guarding  the camp, it sits on some of our most valuable assets you know."

Annabelle shakes her head. "What? What assets? And why would you have to guard it. I understand wanting to hang you garbage high up in a tree. But seriously sitting out there at night with a dagger, waiting for the bears to show, is a little excessive. Don't you think?"

Any hint of laughter instantly vanishes from Jason's face. "You really don't know what we're guarding?"

"No. What is it?" Annabelle, asks intrigued. 

 Jason's face seems to become illuminated. He leans forward. His voice is very audible as he whispers, "The under wold." 

The End

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