Meet The Protector.

After following the man into the room, he says " Jason get out here". "Why?" Yells Jason. "Because, You're a protector, and it's time for you to meet you're protection." Says The man.  Jason runs out and into the clearance. "So this is my protection?" "It's your job to protect her, not flirt with her." The man says."Yes sir, Yep got it Rob" says Jason. "Okay, good luck, she's a bit difficult", Says Rob. "Bye". Says Jason

AnnBell follows Jason out of the room and through the doors, when the come across a huge clearing, Cabins in the back ground, trees, bushes, but before all of that, people fighting, training. AnnaBell's not sure why, wondering if this is the training she'll be doing? After walking past all of the cabins, we come to a woods. "Okay", she says. "Where are we going?". "To our cabin" says Jason, walking into the woods. "She follows asking, "Our cabin". "Yeah, " says Jason. "All to our selves too." "Well that's just great, swell, the best." Says AnnaBell in sarcasam. "Yeah it is, I love you're little sarcasm", he says.  AnnaBell rolls her eyes, as they walk in silence for a fourth of a mile, and come to as stop. "This way, " he says.

The End

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