Camp Sunshine, here I come.

AnnaBell's mother is sending her to "Camp Sunshine" where it's supposed to be sunshine, and only sunshine. Yey, AnnaBell expects, camp counlors to say things like, "Oppsy daisy", or "This si camp sunshine, prepare for the most fun you've had in, well forever". She believes it will be a boring trip, that she was forced into. AnnaBell has another thing coming. She will need trained. She will need a protector. As the shadow rises.

"Come on honey, you don't want to be late", Says her mother. "Oh, no I don't want to be late, I want to kill myself", she says sarcasticaly. "Lok, You'll have fun, okay?". "Yeah that's what you think, who calls a camp, "Camp sunshine, what next, rainbows and unicorns"."Possibly, her mother murmers so low, AnnaBell can't here her".  They walk out the door her blonde hair blowing in the wind. They both get into the car. "Okay, what." "Why do you want me to go anyway?", "Do you want to get away from me?", "I can stay somewhere else". "I'm not mental I don't need to go to this camp". "I may be some nerdy, geek freak, but i'm not mental, I'm still human!" "What's  going to happen when I get there?" "Will I be helping Gorgonites fight or something", Says AnnaBell. "No, honey, you'll just, It will be safer for you". "Mom, is this some kind of non-sex camp?" "I'm a virgin!" "No honey, it will just be safer for you". "You will train and learn". "You will be safe." "Now we are done with this conversation".  AnnaBell put her headphones in and turned up the music on her ipod. The mother and daughter sat in silence the rest of the way there.

Once we arived at Camp Sunshine after riding in the car for about three hours. "We are here!", Says AnnaBell's mother, Margret. "Please kill me", Says AnnaBelle.

We get out, and walk through the woods about a mile until we come to a stop. AnnaBell follows her mother as she walks up to a small building. They walk inside together, and walk up to a counter. Her mother walks up and says "Camp Sunshine." A big, dark complected man comes to the counter ans says "Name please". Her mother answers by saying " Camp Sunshine, AnnaBelle Mory". "Thank you", says the man. "AnnaBell, come with me, I will asign you you're protector, as you are going to need one". AnnaBell hugs her mother, as they say their goodbyes, then follows the man, to a small room.

The End

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