Imprisoned from DestinyMature

Chapter Three

Imprisoned from Destiny

(Years ago)

            The next day, Rayvelle worked us all to exhaustion with chores. He demanded that a portion of the cave be sectioned off as his own private quarters. We labored to shove whatever large objects we had in the cave to form a room. Never before had we made a room in our cave home. We had always kept the entire area open as a single living space with a fire pit off to the side and stolen furniture lining the walls to keep our personal belongings in. Despite the dirty and rocky cave structure, the interior looked no different than a massive living room.

            All of that changed, of course. We scooted large rocks and drawers against a corner of the cave, then placed a long metal bar with a curtain hanging from it in between the items to block any view of Rayvelle's chamber. Next, we were given specific assignments to do around the cave and our area of Raider's Peak. Several were told to sweep the cave clean, others were told to position themselves at lookout points outside and report to Rayvelle if any activity was spotted. A handful were ordered to sharpen all of our weapons and work with any raw materials we had, leather, stone, iron, steel, to make as much armor as possible.

            It really sounded like Rayvelle was bettering our defenses and discipline as a unit, but I knew better. He wanted to be a king. He didn't care about us. We were only his pawns to use for his own gain, and my greedy family believed his lies. It was our carefree life that we loved so much, not one so full of discipline that Rayvelle forced upon us. Only one of my fellow bandits was as skeptical as I was. He was a man who had watched over me since I arrived at Raider's Peak. His name was Jack.

            Jack was perhaps the most honest and integral out of them all. He often asked me if I was feeling well, or how the others were treating me. He was the one man I could trust entirely in the midst of a band of disorderly ruffians. After laboring all day, everyone gathered around the fire pit, famished.

            "Who cooks around here?" Rayvelle questioned us.

            "I do," I raised my hand for a second.

            He donned his sly smile and piercing eyes. "That's nice. Care to get to it?" he addressed me. I nodded timidly and began preparing a hearty meal for everyone. I gave Rayvelle the first plate, as I did with Grayl. However, unlike Grayl, Rayvelle began eating right away. Grayl would always wait until everyone had a plate. The fire pit was unusually silent. Nothing was the same since Rayvelle became our new leader. Finally, he broke the silence.

            "Tomorrow afternoon, we start our path to riches," Rayvelle addressed us. "A town lies daringly close to the base of Raider's Peak, governed by the Iris Province. They will be the first to taste our wrath, and their wealth will be our wealth."

            "But, the Iris Province is well protected," a raider spoke. "They won't be so easily invaded by a band of..."

            "If you want the big payouts you need to take the big jobs!" Rayvelle interrupted him. "Now I didn't ask for your opinion. No more of these small village raids. We go big, or we go home. It's that simple. Now get your rest, and do not disturb me."

            Rayvelle got up from the fire pit and disappeared behind the curtain of his quarters. Jack tapped me on the shoulder.

            "You doing okay, Tenshi?" he asked me.

            "I, don't know," I answered shakily. "He isn't the kind of man I want to lead us, and he kind of scares me."

            "I agree," Jack nodded. "I don't think I'm going to be sticking around here much longer, but I fear of what he may do if one of us deserts the group. Still, I'm not going to tolerate this kind of tyranny."

            I was silent. I wanted to leave Raider's Peak too after Rayvelle showed up, but I was scared of where I would go, what I would do.

            "Just stay safe for now," Jack placed a hand on my shoulder. "And, try as hard as you can to stay out of Rayvelle's sight." He rose to his feet and walked away. I fully intended to stay away from Rayvelle as much as possible. He was nothing but a manipulative, perverted, scumbag.

            Sleep spread among the cave. In the middle of the night, I awoke to a disturbing sound coming from Rayvelle's quarters. It sounded like huffy grunts, and a woman moaning. I was young, but I wasn't ignorant. I knew what was happening in there, and I shuddered to think of how long it would take for Rayvelle to set his sights on me. It was difficult falling back asleep.

            Morning finally came, and the day wore on as we waited for Rayvelle's word to move out. 4 P.M. rolled around, and Rayvelle emerged from his private area.

            "It's time!" he bellowed. We all stood to our feet and faced him. He swept his arm from one side of us, almost all the way to the other side, stopping three quarters of the way. "You all will be the raiding party tonight," he addressed the ones he motioned his arm over. I was in that group. "The rest of you, stay here with me."

            "Wait, you're not coming with us Rayvelle?" a raider questioned him.

            "Not this time," he answered. "Is that a problem? You all can handle it. Now go, get moving. Take what you can and return." We all began to slowly turn around and leave. I tried to hide in between the mass of my fellow bandits to follow them out.

            "Oh, Tenshi," Rayvelle remarked. My blood chilled and my eyes widened. I froze in my tracks. "I didn't see you in there. Why don't you stay as well."

            "Er, y-yes Rayvelle," I stuttered, slowly turning around. Jack was leaving and was walking right past me.

            "Stay safe Tenshi, I'll be back," he whispered. I shakily nodded my head. Once the mass of raider's leaving were gone, Rayvelle spoke to ones remaining except for me.

            "The rest of you, take a hunting trip," he ordered. They nodded and equipped hunting bows, leaving the cave. I was left alone, standing in the middle of our home, shaking in fear.

            "Just us two," Rayvelle put on his typical smile. I remained silent. "How old are you, Tenshi?"

            "F-fourteen, almost fifteen," I answered.

            "Are you nervous?" he asked. My eyes darted around the cave as I shrugged. Rayvelle slowly started walking toward me. "There's no need to be nervous." I started to tremble so much that I was surprised the ground wasn't shaking.

            "Wh-what job do you want me to do?" I tried to keep the subject on what I could be doing for the group, as to avoid any unwanted activities. It didn't work.

            "I might have, one job you could help me with," Rayvelle reached me and walked behind me. I felt his hands rest on my shoulders and he lightly began to massage me. His touch was venomous to my constitution. I felt sick to my stomach all of a sudden, and just wanted to get away from him. "Can you guess what that job is?"

            His interest in me came much quicker than I expected. "I, do not know," I played innocent.

            "I'll show you," Rayvelle shifted beside me and gestured with an open palm toward his room. "Care to join me in my quarters?"

            "N-no," I replied quickly.

            "Tenshi, Tenshi," he started to walk circles around me. "Let me say that again then. Come and join me in my quarters."

            "I don't.. I don't want to," I shook my head.

            "Easy way, or the hard way, I am going to get what I want!" he shouted, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling it back painfully. I grimaced at the force he used on me. "You choose, girl."

            I reluctantly took one step toward his private area, then two. He bore his sly smile again and walked quicker than I did, pulling me by my hair. Tears started to well up in my eyes. We entered his quarters and he pushed me toward a mattress lying on the ground. He turned around and closed the curtain.

The End

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