A Scattered BeginningMature

Chapter Two

A Scattered Beginning

(Eighteen years ago)

            I slid my little feet in to my thigh high stockings and strapped on my short heeled booties. I stood up off of my bed and let the bottom of my skirt fall just above my knees. I smoothed out my blouse with my hands, making sure there were no crinkles. I wanted to look extra cute today. I was going to see my best friend since the day I could speak.

            Here I am, living in the biggest joke of a kingdom the continent has ever known, the Tulip Sovereignty. Misunderstood, is the better term that I would use however. Everyone in the Sovereignty was seen as eccentric and inferior. This was not the case. We were merely gifted with stout hearts and supernatural capabilities. Many citizens had bloodlines akin to magic. Fifty percent of the continent's population that was attuned to magic lived in the Tulip Sovereignty. The king and queen looked after the Sovereignty selflessly. Crime was essentially non-existent, and everyone had friends in every corner of the kingdom.

            Our rulers always strived to prove their influence in any continental affairs. However, our trade goods were always sub-standard, and our army received less intensive training than any of the other major kingdoms. Our existence was care-free, and we were happy because of it. So, yes the Sovereignty is different. However, our differences only make us unique, not inferior as the rest of the continent believes.

            "Hurry up Kaylynne," my mother called me from our living room. "We were supposed to leave half an hour ago. You surprise me. You don't usually take so long when we are going to see Connor's family."

            "Coming mommy!" I shouted to her. I rushed out of my room and downstairs. My mother glanced at me quickly, then did a double take when she noticed how nicely dressed I was.

            "So that's what took you so long huh?" she smiled, placing her hands on her hips. I blushed. "Don't you just look adorable!" I giggled. My daddy entered the room next. He glared at me with a skeptical look in his eye.

            "Now if that boy tries to kiss you, you tell him I'm coming after him you hear?" he joked.

            "Daddy!" my cheeks turned even more rosy. He smiled and picked me up, carrying me toward the front door.

            "Let's get a move on, we're late," he bellowed.

            "Oh! Mommy! Grab a book for me," I called back to my mom over my dad's shoulder. I had to have a book with me everywhere I went. Reading was my largest hobby.

            "I will," she answered. "You two buy snacks at the market. I'll catch up with you there and we'll go to the Sam's residence together."

            "Alright," my daddy called back as we left the house. We walked the stony streets of the capital city, heading toward the nearby market. Many greeted us with smiles as we passed by. When we reached the market, my daddy set me down and we grazed the area for a produce stall. "That one daddy!" I pointed to a stall across the market square. "They have strawberries!"

            "Okay," he replied. We strolled in between the masses of citizens. "Hold my hand Kay."

            A little boy walked right next to us for a short moment, looking away, then disappeared in to the crowd. I thought he looked familiar, but I didn't get a good look at him.

            "What'll it be sir?" the stall keeper asked.

            "A medium sack of strawberries, please," my father reached for his coin purse. He felt around his side for the pouch but it was gone. His eyes grew wide when he looked down at me.

            "Joshua," we both said in unison. Joshua was the city's most infamous thief. An impressive title for being only six years old, same as me. However, not many hated him, for he was such a respectful and well mannered boy, despite his thievery. He was an orphan too, living a homeless life in whatever corner of the city he pleased. I knew the little boy who walked next to us for a short moment looked familiar. We both scanned the area for any sight of him, but were surprised to find my mommy dragging Joshua by the ear right toward us.

            "Now come along Joshua," she pulled him right next to us.

            "Aww, I almost got away too, Mrs. Marie," Joshua rubbed his ear when my mommy finally let go.

            "Haha, you should know nothing gets past me Josh," my mommy pinched his cheek.

            "This is the third time this week you've tried to steal from us," my daddy addressed him with a smile. "Do you have something against us?"

            "Oh no sir," Joshua put up his hands innocently. "You folks are just the hardest to steal from and get away with. I like the challenge." Joshua grinned.

            "Well then I'll take that as both a compliment, and an apology," my daddy roughly rubbed the top of his head. "Come, let me buy you some strawberries."

            The stall keeper shook his head with a smile. "As naughty, and as polite, as ever Joshua," he said as he handed my daddy two sacks of strawberries with one hand and took his coin with the other.

            "Thank you sir," my daddy nodded at the stall keeper.

            "And thank you sir," Joshua gratefully took one of the strawberry sacks from my daddy.

            "We're going to see Connor and his family, care to join us?" he asked.

            "Sure!" he grinned. We walked for another half hour toward Connor's house. We finally arrived to see them loading up a caravan just outside of their front door.

            "What's all this?" my mommy asked Connor and his parents.

            "Oh my! We didn't even see you arrive," Connor's mother greeted us with a smile. I didn't even care to listen to what they adults had to say anymore. I ran straight to Connor and embraced him in my arms.

            "Hi Connor!" I squeezed him. "I missed you!"

            "Oof!" he moaned at the tight hug. "Kaylynne, we just saw each other two days ago."

            "That's too long!" I squeezed him tighter.

            "I can't breathe!" Connor wiggled.

            "Oh, don't be such a baby," I let him go.

            "Whew," Connor caught his breath. "Okay. Good to see you too Kay." Connor smiled.

            "Why don't you two just get married already?" Joshua teased.




            "No way!" we sputtered. Joshua laughed.

            "Anyways, I'm sorry Kay, but we're going on a trip to my cousins' hometown," Connor's shoulders slumped.

            "No!" I wrapped my arms around him again. "I won't let you!"

            "I.. was going to ask your parents," Connor tried to squeeze out. "If you wanted.. to come along too."

            I gasped, letting him go so quickly that he lost his balance and fell. "Daddy, daddy, daddy! Can I, can I?" I tugged at my daddy's pants.

            "Can you what Kay?" he asked, breaking his attention from the other adults.

            "Can I go with Connor to see his cousins?" I puffed out my lower lip to look more cute.

            "Uh, well," my daddy replied, rubbing the back of his neck. He knew how much I was looking forward to seeing Connor today, and didn't want to quell my happiness. He looked at Connor's parents and shrugged. "I suppose, if it is okay with them."

            "She can come along," Connor's father nodded.

            "Yay!" I bounced up and down.

            "Er, Mr. and Mrs. Sam," Joshua addressed Connor's parents, fiddling his fingers around.

            "Yes, Joshua," Connor's mother answered.

            "Can I come too?" Joshua asked. Connor's parents looked at each other for a moment with serious faces. Then they smirked and looked back at Joshua.

            "Why not?" they both said with a shrug. Joshua smiled. They turned to my parents and continued their conversation. "Sorry to change our plans on such short notice, but we received word that their village is very short on medicinal supplies. We've had a good year here, not much disease has spread amongst us, and my pharmacy is stocked to the brim. It would be shameful to be so selfish with all of this."

            "Oh, we understand," my parents smiled. They held out our sack of strawberries. "Here, take these for the journey. Kaylynne is going to want them anyway."

            "My thanks," Connor's father took the sack and took a short bow.

            "Have safe trip all of you!" my mommy waved at us as we started toward the southern city gate. "Stay close to the Sam's!" she spoke to me and Joshua directly. "Oh! Catch!" She threw a book to me. I caught it with both of my hands. It was a medium sized book titled "A Brief Overview of the Era of Prosperity".

                "Thank you mommy! We'll be careful," I called back to her. It was a ten day round trip to Camielia and Jenneta's village. She just had to live so far away on the corner of the continent. I didn't mind, however. I was with my best friends in the world, and an insightful book to read in the meantime. Nothing could make me happier.

The End

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