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In another age, in another realm, full of magic, mythical creatures and sovereign kingdoms, two unlikely souls are thrust in to an adventure together that will determine the fate of the entire world... Meanwhile, a brave group of mercenaries don't know their actions will end up bringing about the salvation of the continent as well. (Be sure to use my profile picture as a reference map!)

The Shadow and The Shield Maiden

Choose a character!

Camielia Meridot - From tattered beginnings. A passionate young protectorate of the Rose Kingdom! Her sense of honor, devotion, and duty to the crown and princess is present in every fiber of her being. Massively well mannered, humbled, and polite to all. Wielding a sword and shield keeps her combat capabilities strong and well rounded. Her skills are good, but she has much room for improvement. Blonde hair always up in a ponytail, matched with teal colored eyes and a soft pretty face to make any man's heart skip a beat. Choose this character for a POV through the eyes of purity and justice. Swear your oath to the glory of Rose Kingdom!

Tenshi - From shattered beginnings. A mysterious and strong willed wanderer on a life long mission to find her previous mentor and companion, Blade Storm. Her persistence to her task is ruthless and unyielding. Not to be trifled with and quick tempered at times, her skills with her glaive are unrivaled and anyone unfortunate enough to get in her way are likely to be cut down where they stand. Presenting an oddly soft and sweet personality most times, makes her unpredictable and rather frightening. Jet black hair with two pigtails on both sides high behind her ears, fiery red eyes and focused facial features. Choose this character for a POV through the eyes of dedication and chronic repression of trust. Become a dangerous and devoted drifter to find your lost companion!

Kaylynne - From scattered beginnings. An intelligent fire savant, second in command in a young mercenary group, Connor's Comrades. She confides her heart in a loving relationship with the leader himself, Connor, who is Camielia's cousin. Her wisdom serves the group well, providing information before the battle begins, and often using her good reasoning to prevent crises entirely. However, if fighting is inevitable, her fire magic and short blade make short work of many foes. Short, maroon colored hair, earthy brown eyes and a curious, inquisitive face. Choose this character for a POV through the eyes of intrinsic analysis and supernatural capabilities. Make your own rules as a powerful mage in this mercenary group!

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