The light had noticed the shadow, not too much but she had noticed him, and he welcomed this as an entrance to speak to her. They spoke for the majority of the night, about things relevant and not, he felt a growing sensation cover him as he was near her, it comforted him and made him forget his past deeds, good or evil, it made him want to begin again with the light near him, he found that being near the light had made him grow as well, perhaps to twice the size of his original form.

The light had been increasing in volume and brightness the entire of the night, and this made her happy, the shadow she was with somehow brought out her beauty, her personality, and her activeness. She could somehow feel that he knew her beauty too, that he could sense who she really was and this comforted her.

The shadow and the light eventually had to part ways for the night was already over, the shadow watched the light leave and grieved for the time spent together had to end, he felt a part of himself go as she left, and rightly so for he caught a glimpse of himself, he was smaller than he had been and not as dark. He was amazed at the change and that it had been so quick, it was as if a single night had almost erased what he once was, and he reveled in this fact.

The End

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