The shadow had traversed a great distance all along the way leaving a path of hate, pain, love, grief and happiness. He had met many on the way who had claimed to be his owner, lost and feeling detached from the rest of the world he chose to blindly believe the words of these people, and it would always end the same way, a broken bond and a path or hate rage or depression.

The shadow had decided that loneliness was a small price to pay for what had happened to him, he had grown darker than before, when he was feeling down an icy chill could be felt in the air, and when he was angry a burning sensation crept through a room and made peoples skin prickle.

There was a night however when the shadow had been convinced to attend a gathering by one of his fellow shadows, he had only decided to go because his friend shadow was one who knew him best and so he believed that it could at least be an enjoyable event if nothing else.

As the shadow entered the room of the gathering he gazed upon something he had not seen before, it was a small dim light, bouncing around the room and seeming to grow brighter as the minutes passed. The shadow observed, entranced by the obvious beauty of the light, to him she shone brighter than anything he had seen before and she amazed him, he could feel happy just by being near her and he had decided that he quite enjoyed the feeling she gave him.

The End

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