The Light

There was once a beautiful light that shone in the world, her beauty knew no equal and people felt happier for just being around her, her only problem was that she felt that if she let anyone get too close to her they would burn in the light she was embodied as. This thought grew upon the light, her feeling slipping downwards, she had decided to confine herself for fear of burning those around her, and with time her beautiful light began to fade and dull.

The light had been alone for so long that she had become used to it, but this made her depressed, it was thought that she felt that it was impossible for her to be close to anyone. There were a few people who promised to be immune to being burnt by her light, for although she had dulled she had still retained her purity that burned like fire, those who promised ended up breaking or leaving due to the selfish and evil nature of people, they had left laving her light to dull.

She became bored with the world and confined herself to few people who she knew would not hurt her, but had become tired of confinement. Her self inflicted prison could drive the light to madness, so she began searching for another light or something she could hold on to for a shred of hope from life.

The End

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