The shadow and the light

There was once a shadow, he lived in the world and the shadow was happy, after all the world is full of shadows. It had no owner because of this it felt alone but happy. The shadow could do anything it wanted whenever it wanted, this was a a great joy, for the greatest power in the world that the shadow knew was freedom, it ruled its own actions and was the only one accountable for them, anytime it decided to do something it didn't care who it involved or what happened, it merely cared that what happened it had decided should happen.

The Shadow moved around one night, changes places and following people that it thought were worth the entertainment, it could fill their head with much fear by simply making a noise or having its presence known but not seen. Other than mischief, the shadow also granted lost people a way to follow and guidance to the ones they love or wanted to be with. After a night of doing what he would do almost every night, the shadow had decided that he was bored and fed up of the world he was in, the shadow decided he would do no more, no more good, and no more evil, his boredom had begun to consume him, so he decided to drift unnoticed aside from the other shadows that he might converse with along his way.

The End

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