In Her Sleep It WalksMature

Marcus gasped and blinked at the grey apparition. It looked like the little girl from next door? Kemmy? Kimmy? He couldn't remember.

He shut his eyes and exhaled. Was he going mad? He was seeing far too many things that couldn't be there. There was no way that kid was going to be in his house after he'd shouted at her just yesterday for throwing a ball into his garden. He hated kids, they stank, made noise and generally upset the tranquillity of his single life.

"Get a grip." He whispered to himself, and opened his eyes. He shook his head and chuckled when he saw the empty hallway. "Damn fool." He muttered and resolved not to consume any more of his brother's home brew.

Marcus stepped towards the kitchen, feeling a sudden thirst. As he reached for the door he felt  a strong sense that he should not open it, that he should run away, and quickly. As his senses had not been reliable this evening he shrugged off the feeling and entered his kitchen.

The shadow was there, but Marcus did not see it, because in the instant he opened the door, a knife smashed through his right eye, deep into his brain. Marcus lay alive for  40 seconds, unable to breath or move. He felt his body shaking, but felt no pain. His last lonely thought was that his blood would definitely stain the floor tiles.

The shadow watched him die. Then there were two shadows.

The End

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