Chapter 2Mature



He shuffled hurriedly down the dark street. The street was lit intermittently by street lights which cast a strange orange hue over the street. The ice cold wind was slicing through his black jacket and chilling him to his bones. He kept his hands firmly shoved into his pockets and kept his arms close trying to preserve any shred of body heat remaining within his being.

A car pulled up into a driveway shortly ahead of him. Marcus paid no attention to the car until a beautiful young woman got out. She moved to the back of the car and opened the boot to remove shopping bags. She closed and locked the car and was about to walk into the house when one of the bags split and emptied its contents over the driveway.

Marcus, being closer now, hurried to help the woman. He was just approaching the driveway as he stepped under a street light. As he stepped out from under the light he looked around himself completely lost as he tried to recall what he had been doing. He could remember hurrying to help a woman with her shopping but as he looked around himself he did not see any sign of a person outside.  He continued on down the street as quickly as possible eager to get home and lie down after he appeared to have blacked-out.

He opened the door of his house and rushed inside, locking the door immediately. He had had the distinct feeling of being watched as he made his way home. He switched on the hall light. He wasn’t alone..

The End

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