The shadow

a extract from one of my on paper writen books

A black shadow flew through the air, silent, almost happy., but the smile he had on his face was not he nice smile of a normal person it was a manic one, one that promised death to the person that got on the wrong side of the user. That was what someone had done and they were just going to have to find out the hard way that if you get on the wrong side of this person you might not want to go to sleep, for in the shadow of the dreams, the night angel stirs .   

The city of Yongjiu, the city of eternal peace. The morning stirs, all the people were riseing, all but two, one becouse he was the baker and had to put out his wares for the travelers to eat. The other, the ruler of the city, would never have to wake up again. For the silence had fallen, the silence of death  

The End

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