The Shadow

    Gabriella watched the road more closely and prayed that the rain would stop. Sweat had started to accumulate on her forehead and she seemed to lose her breath for a moment.

    Suddenly time appeared to slow down and she saw a dark shadow walking towards her car. Her breath became shallow and she heard herself gasp loudly. In a flash of desperation she made herself believe that what she had seen was just her imagination. Immediately time seemed to speed up and she was now aware of the black shadow that was the outline of a man standing several feet from her car.

    Within seconds she hit the brakes and screamed as her car went right through the shadow. She caught a glimpse of the man's face. His presence, life form, went through her and she felt a chill over come her. Hands glued to the steering wheel, Gabriella felt the uncontrollable car go off of the road and start doing dangerous spins in the air as it went down a hill. She imagined her life as it had been. She could not scream, could not beg, or even cry. She was frozen in a state of panic. Or was it overwhelming bewilderment? The glass windows gave in as the car continued to roll over and over again. She could feel glass around her face and she felt uncontrollably hot. A small fire had started in the car's engine and yet the car continued rolling. And then it stopped. Just stopped. Gabriella had the intense impression that it had been stopped by angels.

    My God. She thought. Surprisingly, she was still awake and aware of everything around her. She pulled at her seatbelt and after three attempts it gave way. She half-crawled-half-slid out of the driver's side window and she could hear sirens and people running down the hill. Her back ached and her head hurt. Her face stung from all the cuts and her hands had gone cold. She could not even feel her right leg. She slid a little further and she could see some lights heading her way.

The End

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