The Village of Darkness

We woke up the next morning to Sister Alison opening the door with breakfast at dawn. “Wake up boys. Time to get up, you have things to do and places to be.” She said happily placing it on the end of the bed as I sat up, use to this already.  The prince on the other hand pulled the covers over his head and mumbled something I couldn’t hear. Laughing lightly I began to eat the food she had made, just some toast and fruit grown in the local area. At around 7am I got dressed and looked towards the sleepy headed prince still laying in the bed. Being honest I couldn’t help but laugh again at the messy haired man laying in my bed. I pulled the sheets off him to see his half naked body curling up into a ball to try and stay warm.

With a groggy face he looked up to me with half opened eyes. “The sun is hardly awake...No one should be awake this early…” I couldn’t help but looked at him dumbfounded at this statement. No one should be awake this early? Well he clearly had never worked a day in his life! Well when all this was done he going to have a few weeks working in the nearby fields. Sister Alison was one of the people who helped out every day, even if she was moving on in years. “Well I am and that means you should be as well. We need to get heading out if we want to start going to find the gauntlet.” At this Levi sat up his eyes sparkling with the idea of an adventure. He quickly ate and got ready before really seeing how many people were out and about. The farmers in the nearby fields could be see, Sister Alison as well. The baker was up getting everything ready for the day as well, some of the smaller children were also up pretending to help. It was cute, I will admit.

Soon Levi was ready and I got the book out of my bag and I double checked something about it. “Ok...Here goes nothing.” I said with a small sigh and said to the book. “Where is the dungeon of the Gauntlet of Anger?” To my surprise this actually worked, as if the book could hear me it floated into the air and the pages flipped to a once empty page. From our position it drew a map telling us how to get there. No idea where the ink came from. Soon I noticed it was in a mountain that was well known for dragons. Makes sense...It did say that dragons protected it. The main problem was it would take a month to get there...Lucky for us there were a few villages on the way were we could stock up on food. But first we would need go back and bring all my presents to my room at the library. That will also take a few more days...


I couldn’t help but let out a sigh at this, it would take so long to get everything sorted...Plus the fact we also then had to pack proper clothing. Getting everything into my bag I looked to my half asleep boyfriend. Taking his hand I walked outside with him and put him onto the horse which had been fed throughout the night with the others. Getting on behind him and wrapping my arms around him I got the horse moving and within a few hours we arrived at the library again. Levi at this point had actually fallen asleep. Using magic I made him hover and floated him to my room in the library. The sheets had been changed and I laid him down, covering him with the blanket. I got all the presents I chose not to take with me, mainly the clothes and books I thought I wouldn’t need. But one thing I knew I would keep were my two pendants, which I quickly changed to be on one necklace.  


I took them both in my hands and looked down at my now two most precious items I could own. Sitting down I began to stare at it and soon I heard a noise coming from the bed. Looking outside it was not close to midday...I had been just sitting there for at least an hour...Turning to Levi I grinned as he woke up and looked around seeming rather perplexed at where he was. Moving to sit on the bed I told him what I did. Levi nodded and got out of the bed, going to get the clothes he wanted to take with him as well. I created a bag and enchanted it for him, making sure it was at least big enough for his clothes. Levi tried his best to fold them neatly...but once again the prince who had always been taken care of was not great. Taking a shirt I showed him and he did try his best. Eventually he was able to do it to semi decent standard. Rather pleased with himself we set off around mid afternoon.


Getting on the horse once more with both of our bags filled with things we would need we took one last look at the book before we started moving. From what the book said it was in a northeast direction and what seemed like a long way. We started our journey, but one thing we did want was someone else to help us. The main problem was this thing was going to make us angry, and if we invited a person we didn’t know...Well we could both end up dead or even kill the person themself. Plus if didn’t know the person they could take the items and use it for their own gain. Yet again that is not something that we would have liked to do.


It took a few days by horse, going through small villages, forests, around smaller mountains and wading our way across several rivers or lakes. Soon we got to where we believed the gauntlets last known resting place was. But we saw village, much like the one I was raised in. It had farms, a riven running close by and a path leading to somewhere away from the village. Maybe a market that was nearby….One thing did make it look odd however...It was very placed in a dark area. Next to mountain at this time of the evening it seemed like it was night time already. As we grew closer we saw this town must have had some kind of connection with dragons...The town sign had a magnificent painting of a midnight dragon, the flames which resided on top of its wings glowing a dark blue, not a bright orange or yellow, matching the midnight colours of the dragons scales which is why it was called the midnight dragon. It’s long curved black horns went in front of its elongated snout, meant to be able to piece anything it flew down on. Then there were it’s eyes, black as coal they were. It is said if you look into those eyes you will death...most likely because if you are that close to one you would be dead.

Levian looked to the painting and the to me. “Is...That a dragon?” He asked looking at it, not sure what to say. I got off the horse and ran my fingers across the painting. “Yes...It’s called a midnight dragon...It’s very dangerous…” I told him as I got back onto the horse and went inside the village, which i forgot to mention was called the Village of Darkness. Not too pleasant sounding I’ll be honest. The villagers didn’t seem to friendly either. We arrived in the middle of the town where they another dedication to the midnight...Was that the only dragon they knew? Or was it the one they knew best? Those were the two questions that came into my mind. It was a wooden statue with a young man at it’s feet, the palm of his hand resting on the dragon's lower chest. It seemed like the man it was depicting was rather tall...considering these dragons were normally taller than most houses.

I noticed a tavern which I hoped had rooms to stay. Putting the horse on the side of the tavern, which had some there anyway we walked inside. It was disgusting. Long story short. Full of spiderwebs and dust, the chairs out of place and it seemed the tables had not been cleaned in years. Some people were at the bar which was here drinking. I took the bag of money and walked over to the man behind the bar, who was not very impressed to see us. “What do ya want?” The elder man asked. His shirt was a bit messy...Must not have much on the idea of hygiene. In his beard you could small bits of food...Well better this over and done with. “Hello, me and my fri-” Before I could even finish the man spoke once more. “We don’t want ya here.” He said. “Last time we let someone in he made the dragons go bonkers. Now they won’t even come down here anymore.”  This definitely peaked my interest...But either way I couldn’t let this bad mannered man get in the way of us staying. But I did want to find out about this man.


I sat down at the bar and ordered some drinks for me and Levi. Lucky for us the mugs were better looked after than the rest of the place...I took a sip and looked to the man sitting next to me, he seemed much friendlier and seemed to look after himself better to. I couldn’t help but ask him what the bartender ment about the other man coming into the village, and he was more than happy to explain to us.

A long time ago when this village was founded this area was infested with dragons. But one man wanted to push the boundaries between the two races, so he tried his best to get to know them. Particularly a midnight. It took him many years and burn marks but he eventually gained the trust of this one dragon. So with that ones held he was able to know more types, find out more about them. Some people. hearing about this man, came to village and befriended the dragons as well. It was all very happy, everyone in the village loved the dragons, and they loved us back. The man who founded the village made sure everything was ok. Not wanting things to turn sour. The problem was that the dragons would trust anyone inside the village, and would let even dangerous people near them. So knights, mages, clothes makers, kings and princes came all this way to kill dragons. For their blood, the fame for it, for decoration or the scales for clothes. So they decided to name the village the village of darkness. A misnomer. So people would think it was dangerous here, and so no one would come here.


But after so many years one man came in. He was pale, with white hair as well. He knew of the relationship that the village had with the dragons and said he wanted to learn about them. This man took such a intertest they didn’t think twice about him being bad...But soon he left to go into the mountains to learn about their life there. That's when things went bad. The dragons stopped coming to the village, there were stories of them attacking other villages for food. Which was odd...They would give them food if they really needed it. But one thing that all the villagers agreed on was it was the man who caused the change in the dragons. That is why no one was pleased about seeing someone else new.


Me and Levi listened and nodded a little. I took a sip from my drink and then asked a question. “Is...there a mage in this town? Or do you know if there was anything up in the mountain?” The man who had told us all this gave us a strange look. He finished the rest of the rather large drink in one go and when he places it back onto the wooden table he said. “You know...That man asked the same question…” Mine and Levis eyes widened, we glanced to each other and then back to the man. Levi got up and went to pay for a room soon coming back. “Well...Thank you for the information…” He said taking my hand and taking the two of us to our room.


It was small, two beds hardly apart with grey sheets. A thick layer of dust was on everything, spider webs up in the corner, a small bedside dresser which had a funny smell coming from it. It was just as bad as downstairs...Taking a step inside the layer of dust was disturbed and floated around a little. Levi just stood there, looking at this place in disgust. We were meant to stay here...I use a small wind spell to open the window and blow out most of the dust, coughing us bother cough lightly as the dust was disturbed. When it was done I walked to the beds which my wind had not caught. Running my finger along the covers it turns out it wasn’t grey...It was meant to be white just the dust was not moving. Picking them up I shook them out the window to get as much dust off as possible before putting them back on. A small candle was on the bedside table dresser which didn’t seem to have been used yet. Casting a small spell it became a light. “Hm...This will have to do...Not great but still…” Levi didn’t seem too pleased, but it was better than before. He took a step inside and looked to the beds.

We moved the small dresser and pushed the bed together. Laying down Levi wrapped his arms around me and looked me in the eyes. I could see my reflection in those green eyes of his. “Oh Alvis...This place is horrible...We need to get this thing and leave as soon as we can…” He whispered in my ear. Placing our staffs on the side I took him in my arms and nodded in agreement. This place was not nice...The people didn’t want to know us...and finally someone was out there already in possession of the gauntlet...Whoever had it could have no idea what they have...which is the best case. The worst was that they somehow knew about it...But how? The book...Said it was the only source of information on it. What if it wasn’t?


I looked towards Levian who was already drifting off to sleep in my arms. Once I was sure he was asleep I slipped out of his arms and walked outside, my staff  in hand. The man who talked to earlier was still here...Which was good really. I walked over to him and sat down, getting myself another drink. I had so many questions...But first I had to tell him why we wanted to go up in the mountains. So I sat there, I explained and to his amazement finally understood what we were doing. “So that’s why he wanted to go up there...Something so powerful…” He said in his rough voice. I nodded and took a sip, looking towards him. He rubbed his almost bald head and though about what I just said. Let it all sink in. “We need to stop him...If he has that power...Who knows what he could do. Which is why I need some help. There are dragons up there...But to not die we will need some help. Someone who knows the dragons.” The man could see where this was going.We needed someone to help us...Without someone who knew the dragons....I don’t want to think about it. The man groaned a little and looked to me. “I will have to think on it…” He said before standing up and walking out the door.


So I found the person to help us, who knew the dragons and also the man who came to town. I paid for my drink and walked upstairs, seeing Levi still asleep on the bed. I walked inside, locking the door behind me. I placed my staff on the side and laid down next to him. “This will be hard to do...Who knows what we will have to do...Who knows what will happen to us. We may end up dead…” I mumbled, stroking his hair. I closed my eyes and I began to fall asleep. If only we just go and get it...then go home. That would be the best thing right now. It was hard to sleep in such a place...But with Levian here I could. My arms around him, my eyes closed and my head laid next to him I somehow managed to fall asleep.


Waking up I looked around to see my Levian nowhere to be seen. Sitting up I looked outside, still no where. His staff was gone and bag were gone as well...Now where could he be? Once I was dressed I picked my staff and bag up and walked downstairs, only to see him talking to the man who I questioned last night. I could only guess what they were talking about. But as I walked closer I could kind of guess. Dragons. I sat down next to Levi and listened to his questions. Being honest I didn’t know much about dragons at the time, so I did have questions myself.

The man smiled as Levi excitedly asked what seemed like his first. Seemed like he had not been awake long. “So how many dragons are there in the area?” He asked and the man thought for a second. “Four. The midnight, which you can see a lot of drawings of all over town. Then the smaller one, Lirikial. They are hunting birds really, but they will help by bringing us food. Then another one, which fights with the midnight on dark evenings and the one my darling Alice is, which is a Jasvindar. Oh how I miss her…” He said looking down to the ground and letting out a sigh. “And the last one is called the Avaloth. We only see the children...Around my height they are…” He said looking at them as Levi nodded a little. “So...Alice...What was she like?” He asked as the man nodded. “Oh lovely...She loved this berry that grows in my garden...Heat it up and crush them and she will eat them all day every day.” He said smiling at the memory. “She...Had this horn on her back that was gone...some knight came and took it from her…But either way I love her.” He said.

I couldn’t help but smile at this story. It was nice and sweet, I truly loved it. But I did have to ask about last night, so coughing lightly I looked to him. “Um..I was wondering if you had thought on my question last night and-” To which I was cut off to the mans laughter. “Well why do you think I am here? Go grab whatever you need and wait outside. We’ll be walking up there and it’s a long journey.” Both and Levi sighed a little at this. But we knew it had to be done, so making sure we had everything we walked down the path to the mountains. Where the dragons live.


The End

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