My Birthday

After a few more days of practice Levi had finally learned the basic of all four elements. He still had not been able to make a sword from any of the sub elements. It was much harder to do so I could easily understand why. I woke up and Levi was nowhere to be seen...It was rather odd I must admit but maybe he was just practicing. Sitting up I saw a plate of slightly burned pancakes with a note next to it. I got changed and walked over to the note on the table, picking it up I saw the prince's tidy writing on it.

Alvis, happy birthday. I made these for you. I know they aren’t the best you would have ever had but please at least try them? Anyway I am in the training area trying to learn how to do that sword.
See you soon, Love Levian.


I gave a light chuckle to this and sat down and began to eat. It wasn’t the worst I ever had, but it wasn’t the bad to be fully honest. Once I had finished I grabbed my staff and my bag as I made my way out the room towards the training area. Once I had got to the training area I saw my boyfriend panting lightly as he sent a fireball to the walls, making it fade as he wanted. When Levi saw me he ran over and hugged him, I could feel the sweat and heat of him running coming off him. But what he was actually doing was not something I expected. He put his staff in this leather harness he had created so it would just sit on his back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of cloth. “I have something to show you, it’s a bit of a travel but I know it’s worth it.” Reluctantly I put it on and he lead me outside, getting me onto the horse which we arrived on. With Levi leading the way we eventually came to a stop. He helped me down and lead me through what seemed a like a small town at the time. The noise of children some farmers with their animals and such a thing like that.

We soon stopped and Levi took my hand and lead me into a house. There were more murmurs than there were outside. Once we stopped I heard Levi say quietly. “You can take it off now.” Nodding I reached up and took it off. At the time I was rather surprised to see I was in the village where I was raised. There were people I helped when I was younger, Sister Alison (the nun who raised me), Master Brian and the two people I was most surprised to see were the King and Queen. They came all the way from the kingdom, which was a good three days traveling. There were banners which I saw and knew almost instantly. They were the ones Sister Alison had made up many years ago to celebrate my birthday each year. There were flowers, mainly roses flashing from blue to yellow then back to blue. I guessed that my master had used magic to make those. Blue and yellow roses were not something that happened. Even the best alchemist couldn’t do it naturally. Well...As naturally as you can get with magic. There were presents, some wrapped and some not. However next to it made me very excited, even though I was turning 18 it was something I had never had before. A birthday cake.The church we lived in never had much money so we could never buy one. Looking to Sister Alison I just grinned and she gave a kind smile back.

I flung my arms around her and hugged her tightly. I could hear a few ‘awws’ coming from the people around us. Sister Alison just pushed me away a big, but kept my close her arms on my shoulders. “I know your birthday was never the best day of your life...You lost both parents and there was nothing we could do about it. But today is a special day...The 18th year the gods gave you to me. I know we could never get you a cake-” But she was interrupted but the village bake whom yelled out. “We would have given you one for free Sister! But you wouldn’t let us!” They said laughing lightly. Sister Alison joined in the laughter but soon replied. “I do not want to take something for nothing. You should know that better than anyone. Continuing...The king and queen say you are dating their son so they provided this cake...But please...Try to not be upset about what happened. You may not have a blood family...But family was is never made by blood. The king and queen are not blood relatives yet they are so close and are family to this young prince here. The day you were born the gods gave you a family of this village...So please...Enjoy yourself for us?”

A few of the elderly teared up at this and so did some of the younger ones as well. They really are my family, even to this day I still go to visit them from time to time. They all cared for me. Every single one of them. I nodded a bit and smiled to her, kissing her cheek I moved back, going round to everyone and thanking them. Soon I got the king and queen and bowed to them but the Queen stopped me. “No need for that Alvis...You are part of our family.” He told me. Levi put an arm around me and smiled. “Thank you for the cake.” I told them with a small smile on his face. They nodded and said it was nothing. The hardest part apparently was getting it there.

When I got to my Master he smiled at me from the wooden chair he was sitting in. “Hello Alvis. Enjoying the party?” He asked me. I nodded a bit and I asked the question I really wanted to know. “Who set this whole thing up?” Brian then nodded his head in the direction of Levian who was talking to one of the farmers of the village. “He...Did all of this for me?” Brian laughed a little and nodded as he began to speak soon after. “Oh yes. I told him while you were out practicing that book of spells I gave you. I told him you never had a cake and he immediately started preparing things to make it a surprise. He asked me to tell Sister Alison about all this and also his parents and asked them to prepare that cake over there.” It was amazing, it was decorated elegantly with vanilla and chocolate icing. It seemed so delicious I couldn’t wait to have slice. I went over to Levi and took him to the side quickly. “You really did all this for me?” I asked him. He nodded a little and before he could get a word out I pulled him close and kissed him. When I moved away there was only three words I could say to him. “I love you.”


Some people saw this and smiled and then Sister Alison came over with something in her hands. She looked at him with a gentle smile and opened it. It was a small wooden necklace with my name carved on it. She put it around my neck with a smile. “Happy birthday Alvis.” She said smiling at me. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around her again and pull her into a hug. “Thank you Sister…” I mumbled to her and moved back. With the smile still on her face she took me over to the cake. They all started to sing happy birthday and I just stood there laughing lightly at they did so. Once they were done they all clapped and Sister Alison began to cut up the cake. “I didn’t know which flavour you would like, so Prince Levian just told us his. Vanilla with cream.” Sister Alison said as she handed my first slice of cake. I sat down on one of the chairs as Sister Alison began to hand and cut out more pieces. It was amazing. The only word I could think of at that point in time. I am very glad to say it was not my last birthday cake.

Once we had all eaten and done people were asking for me to open the presents. With a light laugh I did so. Getting up I walked over to the table which had them on. The tailor made me a new cape, blue just like my hair. He couldn’t stop telling me how hard it was to guess my size since when ever he saw me I grew. Next was the baker who made a batch of fresh rolls for our journey. I always loved his bread, it was so crunch on the outside yet so nice and soft on the inside. Master Brian already gave me my present which was back at the library. The bookseller had found some rare potion book which he thought I may have found interesting. All the farmer families worked together to buy me a ruby which they thought would be useful somehow because of the gems they always saw in my staff. It wasn’t a large one, barely bigger than the palm of my hand. But it was a lovely gift either way. Sister Alison's was around my neck. Next Levi came up to be with a small package. “You helped me learn more about who I am Alvis...You helped me make my staff and for all the hard work you put into making it...I stayed up all night to make this gift for you.” He said giving it to me. I slowly unwrapped it to  reveal an elegant sapphire pendant. Some of the people gasped at how beautiful they found it.

Levi moved forward and put it around my neck like Sister Alison did. I kissed him lightly on the lips and turned to the rest of the pile. They were all from the king and queen. Levi must have seen how shocked I was at this and said, laughing a little as he did so. “When I met you there was no need for them to give me gifts anymore...You are all I need. I guess they are making up for that with spoiling you today” I nodded and looked to them before saying. “You really didn’t need to.” I told them happily but all the two of them did was shake their heads at me. “You have taught our son so much and made him so happy. It is the least we can do Alvis.” The queen said in her soft voice. I nodded and began to open the presents they had gotten me, books and gems, robes and shoes and even some gold. Truly I was spoiled on that day.


We packed them all away on the side and the buffet, which was provided by the farmers and bakery was now out. It was just small things like sandwiches and vegetables and fruit but for most people here we were use to it. Really the only people who had not eaten like this before, or in a very long time, where the king, queen and prince. So use to using knifes and forks it was hard for them to imagine just picking up what you like with your hands and eating it. The prince, who had been with me for nearly two weeks now had seen me make sandwiches and such before and eating it like this so he was easily able to understand it more than the king and queen. Levi went to them and told them it was ok, but still uncomfortable with the idea Sister Alison got them some plates and a knife and fork each. “Thank you very much. I’m sorry but as you can imagine we have not done this before and to us...It is rather unusual. “ She shook her head and said it was no problem.

We all ate and once we were done a local band with all kinds of instruments came in. Raising an eyebrow I looked towards my boyfriend who gave a confused look as well. At the time I believed it was Sister Alison who asked them to come in a play music. Sister Alison showed them to an empty area  where they could begin to play. Some of the married couples got up and began to dance. The King and Queen on the other hand came over and said. “I’m rather sorry Alvis, but we cannot stay any longer. I am glad you had a wonderful birthday.” He said as the Queen hugged us both and they walked, with both of us waving good bye.  Levi then looked to me and offered me his hand to dance. In full honesty at that moment in time I had never danced before so I knew I was going to step on his toes. But I took his head and he lead me up some stairs. He must have spoken to Sister Alison before to know about this. It went to the tower where we could see the whole town from up there.

We could still hear the music and Levi kissed my cheek lightly with a smile. “Lets dance Alvis~ I don’t care if you know how I just want you to be here with me on top of this place..” So holding him close we began to dance to the music we could hear down below. I knew I stepped on his toes at least a few times, each time saying sorry for the ones I knew of.  Who knows how many times I did it and didn’t notice. Soon we stopped and Levi moved back to look at me, saying. " Alvis , you are my world...You're more precious than any gold or diamond i’ll ever have. If I haven't gathered the courage to step out the castle I wouldn't have met you. You saved me that day and I fell in love with you so much." He said as he began to tear up a bit , he hugged me and even squeezed me a bit. " I just love you so much...I want us to be always together...Until death sets us apart I will never leave your side.” I cupped his cheek and made him look at him with a small smile. The only thing I could think to say was. “The moment death sets us apart...Is the moment I die to join you.” He cupped my cheeks in his hands and kissed me deeply , " Please don't ever do that Alvi ...When there will be a day that I'll soon depart .. I want you to live on. I want you to live your life for me and time will come when we'll soon meet again. " he said and held the other close . Humming softly to him as he swayed he two of us to the music.

The sun was setting now as he danced upon the tower in my town. It was truly magical to me just being here with the person I love in the town I was born in. That day was really the best birthday I have ever had. The first one I spent with my love, the one where I finally realised that I did have family. The only way I can say it was….I loved it.

Sorry it's so short...I didn't know how else to end a chapter like this.

The End

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