Learning Magic

I knocked on the door and waited for a second before the man who looked like the statue opened the door. He blinked a few times before a smile came to his face. “If...You could give me a moment Alvis.” He said before closing the door again. After a few minutes the door was open yet again, but this time all way to invite us in. I walked in and Levi followed close behind me. There was a small rounded table  with a pot of tea and two cups on either side of it. The head of the library sat down and sitting across from him was a man I knew all too well. The person who taught me everything I knew about magic. My teacher, Brian. His brown cloak was wrapped around his body and his long dark brown hair was tied behind his head. He old hands were keeping a strong grip onto the cup as he looked to me. “Hello Alvis. Long time no see.” He told me, getting up and shaking my hand then shaking Levis. “A prince I see. Alvis your standards have risen. You use to like any old person.” Putting my head in my hands I shook my head. His voice was so monotone when he said this it was almost like he actually telling the truth. Levi looked to my teacher then back to me, seeming very surprised. Since I told him that he was the first person I really liked to hear I wanted someone else...Wasn’t the best. The head of the Library sat down and chuckled lightly at this. “Brian, please do not speak in such a monotone way. It’s hard to tell when you are joking.” I pulled a chair out for Levi and he sat down, sitting on the other side of the table I began to explain how I knew the man who I was now sitting next to. The head of the Library poured us both a cup of tea and I added sugar before I spoke. “Levi, this is my master. Brian. He was in the village I was born when I was just learning about magic. Remember? I did tell you about him.” Levi nodded slowly and took the cup up and put it to his lips, taking a small sip from his cup.

He was eyeing up Brian, not seeming to certain about him. I didn’t mention it but I pulled the two items we already held out. But before I could open my mouth Levi spoke to the two, in a slightly cocky manner. “You know...I was doing some reading. About some mage family. The Ellis. And it turns out they have a lot in common with them. Unusual hair colour, the affinity thing and also picking up magic at an early age. “ He said looking to Brian and asking him. “Do you think it’s possible it’s possible for him to be related to them?” Levi looked to Brian waiting for an answer. The next thing I knew I was asleep. Must have still been tired from reading all night. But while I was asleep I heard some strange things. I heard Levi seeming very annoyed, nearly yelling at someone. “Why can he not know!?” And soon someone else replying. “His mother died because of that! We can not let him follow the same path!” And then soon the head of the library I think it was. “No matter what you two disagree on you can both agree on his safety.” And then after that I heard nothing more. It was rather confusing i’ll admit it. Something about my family that was sure. Why couldn’t I know about my family? What was my master hiding from me? These weren’t questioned I could ask. Whenever I asked him before he would just avoid it and make me carry on studying.

I woke up with the three of them still there, the two items in front of me. “I’m...I’m sorry. I must have fallen asleep...I stayed up rather late last night…” I said slowly standing. It took me a few more minutes before I could ask if either of them knew about these items. The head of the library nodded and spoke what he knew of these items. And I was right, they were the legendary items of the Ellis family. Jeez this name is coming up a lot right now. “These are two of the seven Virtuous items. Made thousands of years ago. From what we are aware.” So these items are thousands of years old? The book seemed like it was brand new, could easily have been done and made last month. “Made by the first known Ellis family member. In fact the legend says he had seven close friends. Each one had a clear virtue that had most. One of each item. It is said that these people were made into these items. Once he saw what power he had created he hid them. All seven of them. One was here in the library. Which was the book and the other six were scattered across the world.” He said handing the book back to me. He then picked up the locket and took a look at both sides of it before he carried on speaking. “If...the both of you are trying to get all seven...Then I would suggest that you keep the book with you. It will tell you where each of these items are.” He said, putting the locket in my hand. I put them back into the bag and pulled out the book that was left upon my desk. The book about the Ellis family that this library had been missing for a long time.

Putting it on the table I looked to the head of the library. “This was on my desk when I woke up. Apparently someone came in and put it onto the table.” He took it into his hands and looked through it, all the way to the end where the last known member was alive. The head of the Library looked rather confused at the last page. It had the starts of a page, and the year I was born. Rather odd I will admit. How I did not see it was rather stupid as well. He ran his fingers across the page and looked towards my teacher. Standing up he hushed me and Levi out of the room. “I must talk with him in private.” He said closing the door as soon as he walked into his study. Looking to Levi I gave a rather confused look, wondering what happened. Taking his hand we walked down, the statues having moved since we last saw them. We both jumped a little and turned back towards the door when we heard raised voices which soon stopped. Walking back to my room I sat down and pulled the book out of the bag and laid it on the table. “Time to learn about the third item I guess....”

I opened the book as Levi sat on the bed and watched me with his green eyes. When I turned around I would take a guess at where he was looking...But I am pretty sure I can take a guess. Opening the book I looked at the third item. The Gauntlet of Anger. It was made of dragon scales, all different colours. So the colour on it wasn’t certain. For all we knew it was made up of different scales from different dragons. But either way Dragons are known for their bad temper. Which is why the gauntlet would be made up of dragon scales I guess. Once it was opened I began to read out loud what was written in the book.

“Well as either of us could guess the gauntlet can control another person's anger. It can make people calm down when they are mad. Hm...Seems like it could be useful when at a conference if things get out of hand.” I added the last bit as it was just me talking to myself. “However it can also give people anger of any kind or level from mildly annoyed to great rage. If one uses this item to calm down it will make others around the user calmer as well. The opposite is the same as well. If one makes others angry those around it will become angry as well. Mainly at the user.” I looked towards Levi and he seemed to be interested in this item. Maybe because it was one of the few dangerous ones and he loved adventure and danger. Taking the book I showed him the item that we were going to begin to start hunting. Turning the page i began to look where the item was located. “The Gauntlet of Anger is located in a dungeon. It will be protected by Animals, what Animals that this item can attract...Aren’t written. The item will use its influences around the dungeon to try and to make those angry at each other as they look for the item once they enter the dungeon.”  

That is what gave me an unsure feeling. If we get angry at other this could be very troublesome. We could easily harm each other if we got that mad at each other. I had no idea what to do if we got mad at each other. The only thing we could do to make sure that nothing bad will happen...Is one of us stay here. But neither of us would take that option. We would both want to stay with the other. But if worst came to worst I could always leave in the middle of the night. But he wouldn’t forgive me if I did. Plus he would go and find me anyway. After about 10 minutes of us sitting there a knock was heard on my door and it was my master. A kind smile on his face as he walked in. “Hello...Alvis I have something for you.” He said pulling out an old book. “A book of how to cast fire spells. I know they are your favorite.” He said handing it to me. A grin came to my face as he began to flick through it but before I could even begin to read it Brian told me to go outside and practice. Nodding I did so, bringing my staff with me. “Levi can stay with me. I can help him with his staff.” I looked to Levi who nodded slowly as I went outside.

After about an hour of reading and practicing I walked to the door and Levi had a piece of dark oak wood in front of him, a knife in one hand. My teacher was speaking to him as explained why he chose this wood. “So you see, fire staffs are very delicate. Exposed to fire and very hot climates the staffs break rather easily. Wind are very flimsy and water staffs are rather light but also rather flimsy. The best wood to choose is one for an earth staff. There are much stronger and hold their shape best. Now most mages who dabble in earth magic get a sapling and grow their staff to the way they desire. However oak wood is very stable and will be able to used as a staff and a weapon best.” I stood in the door watching the two talk, I couldn’t help but grin at this. The two people who I cared most about, the third being Sister Alison.

Taking a seat I watched him explain about the best way to carve one. Soon Levi, with a confused face, looked to the piece of wood and began to carve, slowly of course. We don’t want him to get hurt do we? I sat there and watched as he slowly worked on his staff, a smile on his face as he did so. After a while he stopped and put it down, wiping any bits off of it. He was really proud of what he had done. The first thing he had made from his own two hands. I made drinks and handed it to the prince and my teacher, who had done a wonderful job teaching him. I then went to make dinner for the two, but when I turned back my teacher was gone. I asked him what happened and Levi his response was. “He said he had to go. But he did tell him your birthday was next week.” He said.

My birthday...Not really the best day of my life to be honest. All my family left me on that day and one didn’t have much of a choice. But either way it wasn’t really great. Being honest one thing that I never had to that point was a cake. I guess if he got me a piece of that it would be nice. But I bet the poor prince had no idea what to get me. Even if it’s just a night with him I wouldn’t mind much. I looked at my boyfriend and gave a small smile to him. “Yes it is my birthday next week. I don’t really do much for it though...It isn’t my kind of thing” I told him as he held the base for oak wood staff. All he needed to do was take opal and put it on. Which being honest was the hardest part of making a staff. You need magic to do it, luckily binding magic any mage can do. When I was younger I actually binded our cat to sister Alison by accident...She wasn’t very happy that day. Standing up I grabbed the opal and gave it to him. “So this is the hardest part of making the staff and it normally what takes people a while to be able to channel their magic into doing such a thing. You need to use magic to bind that gem to your staff. You need to think of things that hold stuff together. So me it’s rope, chains things like that.” He nodded slightly and tried his best to do what I had asked. But to no avail.

I sat down and explained it to him again and he did try again, but yet again he failed. It took a few more days before he was able to do it, which to be honest is the best i’ve seen it happen in. Normally it takes the average person a few months before they are able to do it strong enough to stay in place. He must be a fast learner. Once he did it he jumped up, I was asleep at the time but I woke up to a happy yelling. “Alvis! Look! I did it!” He said, showing him staff. My mother’s dagger was places steadily on top of his staff. I pulled on it and the gem didn’t move. I looked into his eyes and grinned, pulling him close I kissed him deeply.

Well now that he had the staff made he just needed to learn to control his staff and any other magic he had. Sitting up I made a drink for the both of us before placing it down. Did Levi stay up all night just to try and make this work? Bless...He hasn’t had much sleep over the past few days. He has been trying his hardest to make this work but as far as I could see there was one problem. Levi lit things on fire when he was excited. How did I notice this? Well a small spark was on his hair. Getting some water I poured it over him causing the prince to screech and jump back. His now damp hair sticking to his face he demanded to know why I did that. Grabbing a piece of cloth I handed it to him. “Your hair was starting to light up. And I mean light on fire. So I just saved you. You need to learn to control those emotions of yours. We know you’ve burned the sheets already while you were asleep...So now your staff is done that will be our next area of business.” I explained. “But first you should go dry off then get some sleep. I’ll make some soup which we can just heat up so when you wake up you can heat it up and eat.” I told him, giving him a light kiss.

So once Levi was dried and asleep I picked his staff up and ra my fingers along it. He had tried his best to make it as smooth as possible and he did a rather good job. The dark brown colour was slightly off as he had gone some places deeper so there was a colour change. Even if it was slight. The gem was sitting on top, grabbing it yet again i tried to loosen it. But still it did not move an inch. Putting it down I walked to the kitchen and began to make some leek and potato soup. I had my fair share and then began to look around for some small candles. They were needed to help him control his power, mainly his fire. Levi stirred and I turned to look at him. He sat up and looked to me with a sleepy smile. Heating up the soup I handed him a wooden bowl with a spoon as he sat there eating happily

As soon as my lovely little Levi was awake I took him to the table with the candle on it. “Time to learn how to control it. But first you must be able to hold the flame. If you can do that and it not harm you then we can start learning more difficult magic. But first the basics must be done. So do you remember how to do magic?” I questioned him, wondering if he did. Levi closed his eyes and grabbed his staff, trying to remember what I had told him before. “You need to think about what you want to do and you think of things that have to do with that. So for...Holding fire it would be something like fire and holding hands.” Not exactly what I would have thought of but of worked for him there wasn’t much I could do about it. It had been a few days of me just studying random books in the library when Levi came running up to me, his face covered in black soot and some had gotten in his blond hair as well. Laughing lightly I stood up and went over to him, just in time for him to stop and pull out a soot ridden hand in front of me. But it wasn’t just that which gave me a surprise was that in the palm of his hand was a small, flickering, red and yellow flame. It was amazing that he could do such a thing at this stage. He was either very talented or just very lucky in the magic he was doing.

Either way we got rid of the flame and I gave him a hug. “Well that is amazing Levi, i’m so proud. Come on, i’ll take you to the baths and get you cleaned up. Then once we have dried ourselves i’ll take you to the training area.” I said pulling him closely by the waist to the bathrooms. It was up a few flights of stairs and  a corridor and past into what seemed like outside. The windows looked down onto the forest around the whole area. This was one the tallest place in the mages library. Levi ran to one, not bothering to even look at the bath first. He half laughed and half tried to talk at the same time. But from what I got it seemed something like. ‘Wow Alvis this is amazing!’ He then turned to the baths and he laughed lightly again. It was what we all think is marble, has that effect but at the same time it just seems off somehow. The statues had water coming out from all kinds of places and the bath itself was the size of a swimming pool.

Once we had a bath and dried off I took him to the training area, not much of a place, just a large stone hall really. I stood in the middle of the room since no one else was using it. “Ok. So you know about the four basic elements. Today you will learn how to control your strongest element. Fire. So one of the most basic things is holding and moving small amounts of fire, which we know you can do.” Levi nodded, holding his staff in his hand, the base on the floor. “So your staff take the magic around you and concentrates it. Again as you know some can do it without that. So one of the most basic moves is simple a fireball that flies in one direction. So for me I think of projectiles, like arrows and fire in a concentrated area. This may not work for you but it is something to go by.” He said as he made one, looking a bit like an arrow, and sent it flying, it soon faded away. “If you do not keep your concentration on it while it is flying eventually it will fade away. But it is rather easy you do and cast another spell once you get strong enough.”

I smiled and watched him try his best, at first nothing really happened. But then a small ball of fire came between his staff and hand. Levi quickly looked up to me, a look of excitement and happiness on his face. But as soon as he looked up it faded away. He needed to not look up at me. He needed to keep his concentration on the magic to keep doing it. After an hour he was able to send them flying, but not look away. His were a bit larger than mine and also slower. When I asked what he thought about he answered with. “Catapults.” Which explained it.

We carried on practicing till he could easily do it and look up. Then I began to explain about shields. “They can come in handy, protect you from most things. But a fireball will be put out by a water shield. So please be careful. Finally all shields take different forms. Mine takes a sphere all around me. My Masters takes the form of a bird blocking the way. It all depends on what you think of. So give it a try.” I told him, which he did. Keeping a tight grip on his staff as he did so. But nothing happened. After about half an hour he looked to me. “Send a fireball at me. I may not be able to do it unless something is coming at me. It’s worth a try and if i can’t do it i’ll move out the way.” Levi told me, looking desperate to do this. With a reluctant sigh I did so, sending one at him. When he failed to do so he ducked out the way. We carried on doing this, but as he kept moving out the way he slowly got more tired and frustrated. He began to pace and accidently sent a fireball, but instead of fading away it bounced off the walls, which was very unusual. Soon it came hurtling towards me. Before I could get my shield up Levi was. A shield had come up onto his arm, just like one that came on a soldier's armor. It absorbed the fireball and he looked to me with a grin. “I did it…” Was all he said taking a deep breath.

After he was able to do it consistently I sat him down and began to explain the idea of sub elements. “They are things we need to live but they are not as great as the main four. Some examples are light dark and lightning.” I explained to the other. He nodded a little to show he understood. “Some things you can do better with sub elements than either main elements are create weapons, like swords.” At this I could see his eyes light up with excitement. As much as he loved the wonders of magic he loved sword fighting even more. I grinned and stood up, my staff in one hand my other in the air. I looked down at him as the dark shadows pulled towards my hand and formed a sword, the hilt going into my hand. The darkness seemed to fall off it like a type of fog, gathering around my feet. Levi quickly got up and ran his finger along the blade. “Wow...it seemed like it could cut anything…” He mumbled. Levi held his hand out like mine and tried to create his own from light. He failed, but a big part of learning magic is failing.


The End

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