The Mages Library

We woke up in the morning, next to the one I loved most. Sitting up I walked over and looked out the hole in the wall, looking down to the busy main street where I normally performed. It truly was a terrific  view. I could easily see the area where I usually performed, some children already down there waiting for me. Being honest I felt terrible at the fact there would be no one there for them today. Maybe I could just leave for now...And then come back later. Tell them that I would not be there for a while...But how would I explain what me and the Prince were doing?...It was a hard choice. I decided not to do so and I looked back to bed, and to my surprise there were burn marks on the bed sheets. I had no idea how they got there, I myself have not lost control of my magic in my sleep since I was eight. So as you can guess I was rather confused. The only other people it could have been was the prince...It wouldn’t surprise me if he did have a long distant relative that had magic in him. I stood there for a second, watching the other before getting dressed and wondering around the stone castle. It was built a long time ago and still holding strong.

Soon I arrived at the dining hall and the king and queen were already there. This would have been the best time to ask without having the prince interrupt. I walked over and bowed, the queen laughed lightly and told me. “There is no need to bow Alvis. If you are staying here with our son you have no need to.” I nodded slightly and looked to the two at the table. The main question was how to word it? If neither of them knew about him being magical...This could be difficult. It is possible for people to show magic later in life. It is very much possible, the man who runs the mages library did not start showing his magical powers till he was 17 himself. I looked at them and I just asked, plain and simple. “Do either of you have mages in your family?” They looked to each other and the Queen looked back down first nodded. “Yes. I do. However it has been a long time since anyone in my family has had such powers. Why do you ask?” I nodded a bit taking this in. Levi would definitely be happy to find out he would be able to do magic. Maybe while we are looking I would be able to teach him...But he would need to make a staff first. Which may take a while. The best thing to do would be go to the mages library. Not trying to toot my own horn but I was rather powerful...and did have my own area. So if I did take him there we would have a safe place for him to learn, food and I could also ask the head of the library if he knew anything about the items.


I explained what I saw in the bedroom, and what I believed was the reason. They seemed rather shocked at this. As the Queen mentioned before a long time ago there were magical relatives in her family. So the idea wasn’t impossible, it was just very unlikely. She nodded a bit and looked towards her husband. “I would be fine to train him in magic as we travel. In fact I will be heading the mages library where he will be able to study safely, also I maybe also able to learn more about these items.” Again the King and Queen looked to each other and the King nodded. They didn’t seem too pleased about him learning such things away from the castle where anything could go wrong and they would have no idea what would happen to their son. The King thought about it for a second before answering. “Ok. You may teach him however if you feel that his powers are out of control you bring him back” He told me. I nodded and turned around. I needed to go to my room. There were plenty of books on making staffs and also beginner spell books. I put them in my bag, also in case you are wondering how I can fit so much in my bag it is magic. Much bigger on the inside kind of thing. Once they were in my bag I walked back and when I arrived the Prince was already awake.

He ran to me and held me tightly, I couldn’t help but chuckle lightly at the others reaction. I guess he was just worried about me. He I wrapped my arms around him and watched him with a small smile. As soon as he pulled away I told him what I saw. His eyes lit up upon hearing that he had magical powers. I went and sat down and began to speak. “Well I saw the burn marks, remember how I told you each mage has their own affinity? Like water, earth wind and fire? I personally believe yours is fire. Due to the burn marks. So what I will teach you once you have made a staff. But first I will take you to the mages library. While we are traveling I’ll give you some books to read. They will tell you Gems that help each element, what each part of the staff means and the woods you can use to increase each element as well. The wood you use can change what your staff is great at.” I explained to my love and smiling as I sat down next to him. We ate and prepared food to take with us along with clothes and soon with two horses we set off. I waved good bye to the King and Queen, Levi hugged his parents and got on another horse. With that we began to ride off, Levi for the first time leaving the city without his parents or guards.


After a three days of traveling we arrived at the mages library. A stone brick building that went so tall it was hard to see the top. Levi looked in amazement as I got off the horse and went to put them in a special pen for any horses or animals that were taken to the library. Once they were there and settled I walked over to two large wooden and golden doors. I stood next to the door and looked to my love. “Open the door.” I told him. This was more a test to confirm my theory. If he was indeed a mage he would be able to open this door, if not he wouldn’t be able to. Levi seemed a bit surprised I ordered him like that. He walked over and pushed the door, opening it with ease. I laughed happily and ran to him, picking him up and spinning around. “Yes~! You can open it!”  Levi looked to me rather confused and once I put the other down I explained that only mages could open the door to the library. Walking down a stone corridor I held his smile and walked into a large open room with many doors and corridors going off on the side. It was immense in size and the prince couldn’t help but let his jaw drop. The bookshelves so high that no matter what you would have to use magic to get there. Books of all sizes and shapes. So many colours in so many languages. Some in forgotten and some still spoken today. If you wanted to learn anything this was the place you wanted to be. But even with such a large place with so many mages reading learning there was an eerie silence. Almost as if no one was allowed to utter even a single word.


The prince looked to me and whispered. “Are we allowed to talk in here?...” Seeing this I laughed, causing some people looked to me with a small smile came to a few lips seeing who it was and they began to carry on reading. By my reaction Levi took a deep breath and nodded, knowing that he was allowed to talk. I grabbed his hand and I took him to an area where there books that were all focused on making staff. Over the past few days I was able to make it so Levi no longer burned anything in his sleep, which was amazing. I no longer had any chances of being burned while I slept. Apparently that was one of the few reasons that be was able to bring it under control. He was so worried about harming me and the fact I was sleeping next to him meant he was able to stop it. I sat him down in a chair and got some books down for him, smiling lightly. “Remember if you need any help or have any questions I am here to help ok Levi?” I said, kissing his cheek. He nods and began to open the books, and read them as fast as he could. I answered any questions that he had and he soon came up with a base design that he wanted to do.

It was tall, no base wood had been put into it yet. It wasn’t to fancy, just a carved wood of some sort. With something at the top, which was a concern to me. A blade. Metals and staffs do not mix. It has something to do with it not being able to concentrate the magic properly. I let out a small sigh and explained this to him, that the only way he would get able to get a staff like that is if he was to use a gem of some sort, but to find one of that size that meant nothing to somebody would be hard. “What do you meant nothing to somebody?” Levi asked when he heard me say that.” I grabbed his hand and took him down a corridor with name in a plaque above it. We arrived at a large room with everything a mage could ask for. A bookshelf, a place to write, another area to make staffs and other magical objects, a bed, a place to make potions and also a place to prepare food.

I walked over to the chest at the foot of the be and opened it. There were so many boxes but I reached right in a grabbed one. Longer than my hand the box was, I looked at it, not seeming to happy to be have to let it go. Levi was rather confused by this and looked at the box then back to me. I opened it to reveal an opal dagger. In the dim light of the candles you could see the green, the red and blue wrapped in a shroud of mist. Levi looked at the dagger intently. “Th-That would be perfect for my staff Alvis…” He said looking at it. I smiled and removed it from the box, on the bottom of the box was writing. Levi moved closer and read it outloud. “Alvis...This is for your tenth birthday...Neither your father or me will be here. But this has been passed down for generations as a symbol of good luck and fortune. Share it with those you hold close. From your Mother and Father….” Levis voice trailed off on the last few words. That’s right. This was my mothers. Given to Sister Alison before she passed. My mother had somehow knew I would be a boy and chose my name before death. The only thing I have ever owned and ever will own of my mother's was sitting in my hands at this very point in time.


I handed it over to Levi with a weak smile on my face. “Here. This should work. It’s very strong and can easily damage a person or most  animals. “ His hand shaking slightly Levi reached forward and took the large stone from my hand. He ran his finger along the edges of the gem and a smile came to his lips. “Alvis...You don’t need to do this...You do understand that right? I can go find something else or change my design.” I shook my head and stood up, hugging him tightly, the box still in my hands tightly. I moved back and i sat down on the bed. I glanced up to him as Levi inspected the gem stone before i spoke something that made him keep such a  precious item to me. “It says...Share with those who I hold close to me. Besides Sister Alison there isn’t really anyone else I would like to have it.” I told him. Levi went to me and held me close, kissing me lightly on my the lips. Levi looked into my eyes and they seemed like they were in pain. I was later told that this was because he was having an inner conflict about if he should take it or not. The biggest pain he had was what if he broke it, or lost it somehow. The only connection I ever had with my family was gone...Taking the dagger I put it back into the box and onto the table, putting his design next to it. “You know...I’ve got a lot of books about magical families...And i’ve been trying to figure out which family it maybe. I have a few leads but the one most likely died 19 years ago. “ I told him as I sat back down onto the bed, pulling him to lay down next to me. “We have a long day tomorrow. We need to see the head of the library and you need to get to work on your staff.” I said kissing him lightly. With that he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Worming out of his grip I walked over to the table, pulling books from the shelfs about families.


I carried on working all night, eventually falling asleep with my head on a book. At what time however I couldn't tell you. What I can tell you however is that I woke up to a burning smell. The prince who had never cooked a day in his life was in the kitchen, trying to make something to eat  for the both of us. I couldn’t help but laugh at this and I got up to look at the other. Walking up behind him I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck ever so lightly. He jumped and turned to see me, his shocked face going to a soft smile. “Good morning...I was trying to make breakfast…But I think I may have messed up. “ I couldn’t help but laugh about this, tired as I was. The Prince pushed me back to the door. “You need to sleep, you must have been up really late reading. I promise when I make something you can eat i’ll wake you” I couldn’t help but nod and do so. Waking up a few hours later to the other shaking me awake.

However something seemed off, the prince wasn’t talking. He was just pointing to the door and to the now clean reading table. Only one book was left on the table. Handing him a pen a paper I questioned what had happened, writing quickly he it said. ‘Some man came in, left that book on the table. Made it so I couldn’t speak.’ Sighing I walked over to my potion area and pulled out a repulsive looking green one. Handing it to him I told the other to drink and so he did. After a minute or two his voice came back to him and Levi explained to me what had happened.

While he was cooking, failing yet again, he heard the door open. An older man with bright blue hair like mine had walked in. Levi went to wake me up but the man put a finger upon his lip and from that second on he couldn’t talk. The taller man, dressed in white with a brown cloak walked over to the table and shook his head at all the books about mage families. Cleaning up and putting them back on the shelf he pulled one out from underneath his cloak and put it onto the table. Once he left Levi ran out to see who the man was but he was nowhere to be seen. Confused by this he came to back to the room and woke me up. I got up and walked over to the table and looked at the book. One I had trouble finding for a while. The book on the most famous and powerful mage family. The Ellis family, the one who may have created these items we were hunting. I was rather confused by this but I wasn’t going to complain. I sat down and opened the old book and i began to skip through it. “You know Alvis…” Levi said looking at me. “That man looked a lot like you. Maybe he was your dad?” I shook my head as I skimmed through the book. I soon got to the last known Ellis family member. Holding it up to show the other. “This is Brian Ellis. The last known member of the Ellis family. He died after being hunted 19 years ago. There is no way that this man could be my father.” The drawing of man had bright blue hair. The prince seemed shocked when I showed him the drawing of him. He looked to the drawing and back to me before slowly saying. “Th-That...Is who I saw...Alvis that man is not dead.” Levi told me. I chucked at this and went back to the book. As I already said this man was dead. But thinking about it now...They never did find his body. But it couldn’t be. Going to the kitchen I began to prepare some food that was not burnt. While I was doing so I noticed Levi looking in the book.

Once breakfast, well at this point lunch, was done I set it down onto the table. Levi grinned and pulled it closer as he began to ate. He quickly finished and then looked to me, who was still eating. “You know...I’ve been looking through that book and you have a lot in common with that Ellis family.” I nodded a little, showing i was listening and Levi carried on speaking. “First off they all have really odd hair colours, red, green, yellow and blue. Colours like that. Not only that they also pick up magic as well. Like you told me. And finally their affinities? All four!” Levi said looking at me as I stood up and went to clean the plates we had used. I couldn’t believe such a thing. The last member died a long time ago and I was meant to believe that he was still alive and got my mother pregnant then left? No...The Ellis family were prideful from what I was told. They wouldn’t have done that.

Once I was finished I looked to him with a smile. “We should go talk to the head of the library. We need to find out as much about these items as we can. Then we can also take a look at the third item and where to find it.” I said putting my bag on, which held both the items in it. I also grabbed the book about the Ellis family and put it into my bag. Taking Levi’s hand I walked down to the main area of the library. Levi still seemed blew away at how large this place was. I lead him to a large staircase, on either side were stone statues, but they must have been enchanted with magic. They moved. But never in front of people, like it was some kind of taboo for them move in front of others. But if you stood out of sight sometimes you could hear them talking. All past heads of the library. Levi stopped the read the plaques on the bottom. Amazed at how old some of the people got to.


We eventually reached the end of the long hallway and stairs. Next to the wooden oak door was a statue of the current head of the library. Tall, around his mid 40’s. His staff in his hand, going all the way up to his head. At the top of his staff was a large gem, fashioned in the shape of a blazing fire. Levi looked at the statue in awe before turning to me. “I know you would be able to do this one day. Be the head of this place.” Levi said before I walked over and knocked on the door.


The End

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