The King and Queen

So that was two items one and five to go. But before we could even look at the third item we both needed to go talk to two people who would make or break this situation for us. Levi’s parents, the king and queen. Considering, from what I knew at the time, they didn’t even know who I was. So putting the book back into my bag and taking the locket from the prince and putting that in my bag as well we began to walk down the stone hallway. We close the large wooden doors before we walked, the prince never taking his eyes off me. A smile which almost looked stupid was on his face and I couldn’t help but laugh lightly at this. I guess that was my face when I was smiling at him. Either way we were both happy. Taking his hand we walked to the party, where the king and queen were sitting there were the thorns. Decorated with red velvet, basically what you would imagine a thorn to be like with red and gold and all that.

Both of them looked amazing. The queen looked most like Levi, with her bright green eyes and blond hair, which was tied back in a bun. Being honest I think it suited her more than anything. Her dress was long and puffed out in a jaded green colour. Her fair face had a smile to match. In her gloved hands there was a glass of a wine. Around her arms a shawl to match the dress. Truly a wonder tailor made that for her. Standing next our  fair queen. Holding her close with an arm around her waist, was the king. Wearing a dark blue suit, with all the medals of the many wars he had fought in. A sword stayed on his belt and the arm that was not holding his love close was also holding a drink of wine. His face was stern however from what the prince had told me he was an amazing leader and wonderful father. Lets just hope that this wonderfulness carries on to me and his son dating. We approached him, I actually let go of his hand at this point while the prince was going to explain who I was. But to my surprise...They actually knew about me. The prince walked up and said. “This is the mage I have told you so much about, Alvis.” They looked to me with kind smiles and walked down to meet and talk to me.


The Queen came close to me and moved away from her husband. “Hello Alvis. We have heard so much about you. You seem to have impressed our Levian quite a bit...How about doing some magic to entertain our guests? I think our bard would like a rest don’t you agree dear?” She spoke and her voice was soft as silk. Truly a lady among ladies. The king nodded, but I wasn’t really prepared for such a thing. I spoke, stuttering a little bit as I said. “Bu-but your highness...I...I’ve only ever done tricks for children.” The king interrupted to say this, a smile  on his face. “Most of these women and kings have never seen magic before. Doing the most simple of tricks will be the best thing they have seen. Just like how you enchanted our son” The king took his wife by the hand and walked over to the bard to tell him to stop. Taking the stage the king introduced me as a mage who would be doing tricks for their amusement. Levi took my hand and took me to the stage. Before the queen could go I grabbed her hand and pulled out some silver cutlery from my bag. “M-My queen, thank you for giving me this opportunity. Do you like silver by any chance?” I questioned her, she nodded and seemed to be excited.

So the magic was about to do is something rather simple. Just melt this silver down and make it into a pendant. So I began to think about furnaces, fire and stuff similar things. I spoke to the crowd as I did so. “So we all know what magic can do don’t we?” I asked them, the silver floating into the air and beginning to lose its form and become a floating metal lump. I got a nod and I carried on speaking. “It’s making one thing happen from something already in front of you, to one thing or making it do something else.” The metal began to condense and gain the shape of the pendant. A small smile came the queen's face, going closer and looking at it. Some of the princesses came closer as well to inspect what I was doing. Soon it was the shape I desired, a small circular pendant with a loop at the top for a chain. Soon small lines came up from the smooth surface and began to make a picture. “If anyone could be so kind and get me a cold cup of water?” Levi did this almost right away and put it on a nearby table. Taking the pendant to the cup I dipped it in to cool it off. It is much quicker to do it that way than doing it by magic. Grabbing a cloth I wiped it down dry and I showed it to the queen. She took it into her gloved hands and covered her mouth with one. Her hands took it carefully. scared she would break it if she were to hold it at full strength. But what was the last thing that broke her into crying, tears streaming down her face was what was on the pendant. A perfect carving of both her son and husband. Showing it to others the king wiped her face dry with a small smile.  “It’s beautiful!” She cried out holding it close to her chest.


I bowed and kisses her hand carefully, looking at her. “Anything for my queen.” The princesses seemed rather pleased and gathered around the queen to see the pendant that had just been created. While everyone was gathered around the queen a prince pulled me to the side. He told me some things, which you shall learn later. Smiling I quickly told the crowd that I would be leaving for a short amount of time to gather something I needed for my performance. I left, telling Levi to stay there and ran back to my room at the tavern. Picking up a sapling for a small tree I walked back. One thing when it comes to earth magic is that you can make plants grow in any way or shape you like. You can make them grow much quicker as well. So once I got back to the castle I walked in and held up the sapling to show everyone. “You know...I think this little plant has something to say.” I told them. The queen had finally calmed down now and was no longer crying, still holding the silver pendant close. Putting the sapling down I began to make it grow, the branches moving to my will and entwining into letters. “Is...Is there a princess Lorraine here?” I questioned, a stunning princess with a golden dress. Her dark brown eyes were not those of darkness, but those of happiness and filled of wonder. She stepped forward and came up to looked at the tree and gasped in shock when she saw what I had done. The branches had entwined into spell ‘Lorrain will you marry me?  Andrew’. She looked to the prince whose name had come on the tree. Running to him and throwing her arms around the man she nodded. “Yes I will!” The prince told me he had trouble proposing to her. So maybe with a bit of help from magic he would be able to help give him the kick he needed.


Prince Andrew smiled at his now fiancee, running his hands through her long dark hair. She kissed him lightly looked into his eyes saying. “It took you long enough to ask, but in such a way...i will never forget this day” The prince kept the smile on his face and replied. “Such a wonderful woman deserves a wonder proposal.” And with that I went to give the plant to the two of them. “It should hold the lettering till it dies. Take good care of it.” He took it from my hands and some of the others went to congratulate the couple. Levi came up close to me, he laughing lightly and holding two cups of wine. Taking it I took a small sip and went back to the stage as I quietly explained what the prince had asked me to do. Once I was done I walked over to the king and queen, while everyone was distracted with the plant and the love birds. I pulled out the book and explained what I believed it to be. They seemed shocked that such a powerful item was in their possession. But when I carried on and explained about the princess they were much more. “Who could have thought that such a lovely young lady was that way?...” The queen asked. I looked at them and I told them about the love locket and all of its abilities. I also told them what it had done to their son. The king raised an eyebrow at this and looked towards his son, who was talking to another prince at this moment in time, then back to me.


The king cleared his throat and looked at me as I held the book under one arm and the locket in the other hand. He looked at both of them before speaking. “Well...If both you and my son wish to be together there is not much I can do. Considering how his fiancee acted when she did not get what she pleased...I shall forget about their wedding.” He told me. Quickly pulling the prince away, apologizing to the man he was talking to. I brought him to his parents. Keeping a hold on his hand I told Levi. “I love you Levi, and your parents are saying it is ok for us to be together...So I want to know officially...Do you want to go out with me?” I asked him looking into his eyes with a soft smile. Levi just looked and began to laugh, nodding as he did so. I seemed a bit confused at this point, not really sure why he was laughing at all. When he looked up to me Levi pulled me closer and kissed me lightly. “Do you think I would I say no?” He told me laughing lightly still. Some of the princesses did not seem to pleased that their prince was kissing another guy. Which to me made it all the more amusing. Holding him close Levi looked at his parents. “Thank you for letting me do this Mother and Father...Alvis means a lot to me and to have him like this...I cannot thank you enough for letting me.”


They nodded and smiled at the pair of us before I let go and put the two items back within my bag. “Well I better get back to my show.” I told the three of them before walking back up to the stage with a cup of water. As you may guess I am going to repeat the magic I have done before. I asked the crowd of ladies and men what they would like to see. Any animal at all. One shoted out from the very back a little robin redbreast. So I made one out of water and it flew it over to the lady who asked for it. She giggled merrily and watched it fly around. They all watched it and smiled, a few of the younger of reaching up to try and touch it. Soon I made it come to my shoulder and watched them. “So are there any other ideas?” I asked, one said horse so I put the bird on the floor and soon a foul was on the floor. Making it stand up the horse walked around and around, the ladies flocking to it like birds to it. No matter the age, or the gender it always made me beam watching them. Soon they stopped and laughed, some touching it and getting told off by their parents.


For the rest of the day I did magic, some kings and princes asking me to create jewelry for their queen or fiancee. I didn’t mind as long as they provided the metal for me to melt and create. Once everyone left I sat down and took a drink from Levi, who had been standing next to me the whole time enjoying the magic I was doing. Levi was always rather sweet that way, I’ll be honest I love it about him. Levi sat down next to me, putting an arm around my waist. “You were marvelous Alvis. I shall never never get tired of seeing you do magic, even if you do the same trick every time I want to watch it, I want to be by your side and I also want to keep you close as well.” Levi leaned his head on my shoulder and smiled as I drank. I knew I was blushing, whenever Levi said these kinds of things I always went red in the face. Once I had finished the drink I stood up and looked down to my boyfriend, taking his hand I helped him stand up. I went red once more as my stomach made a growling noise. Now that I think about it I had only eaten an apple for breakfast and it wasn’t a very big one either. Levi laughed lightly and took my hand standing up, guiding me over to his parents. “Dinner should be ready soon. So you can come and talk to both my parents properly this time instead of just a quick meeting. We can also discuss the items and us going to find them.” Levi said, kissing my cheek lightly.


Taking me to the dining hall I looked around the stone room. A long table with empty plates, cutlery and cups were on the table, ready for the food to be served. The king and Queen were still in their party attire and were sitting at the middle of the table. Levi smiled walking over and sitting on the side next to his father. Following close behind I sat next to him, and looked to the king and queen bowing slightly before I sat.  Levi looked at his parents and began to speak. “So I hope you two know about the items…” With them nodding he carried on. “Well..We found two of them and me and Alvis would like to go and find them. Eventually putting them away for safekeeping...We have seen what they are able to do. So please let us go. If anything happens I promise I will come back.” The king and queen looked to each other as the food came. It seemed like they already knew I would be staying for the evening and had a plate of food already set up for me. Placing a plate of steak and vegetables in front of me,  Levi and king and for the queen was fish. “We shall discuss this and take a closer look at those items after dinner Levian.” His mother said as he began to eat.

Once we had eaten and all of our plates had been taken away Levi looked to his parents and then to me. I stood up and walked in front of the table, looking to them all. I took the items out and placed them in front of the King. The book closer to Levi and the locket closer to his mother. “As I have already told you, these items and the other five which we plan to look for...They have existed for hundreds...If not thousands of years. If I had some more time to look at the book and maybe see if I could one thing or another I would be able to give you more information on who created these items as why. But now I do not see that as important...What is important is that these items can hurt people. They can make you do things that you never wanted to. They can break ones feelings or make them. If me and Levi, I mean Levian, do not go after them...I’m worried they may go to the wrong hands. One of the items...Is a sword that makes others want to kill. If they were to use it on this whole village outside the castle you wouldn’t know what to do. We need to make sure they go to the mages library where they can be studied and maybe destroyed.” I told them, looking at the king in the eyes. He sighed and rubbed his forehead, not sure what to say about all of this. On one hand it was the best for everyone if they were kept safe. But from the sound of it these items were very dangerous, his only son and heir could be put in danger. “There is only one way...I shall let you take my son. If he is about to die...You will give your life in his place.” Levi stood up, shocked that his father would only agree under such conditions. Before Levi could even open his mouth I nodded and agreed to the condition. “Without Levi I wouldn’t want to live.” Corny I know. But it was true. Even to this day...without him living I do not want to live.


Levi looked to me, even more shocked than before. But he could tell I was serious and I would never back down from my word. There was nothing more to be said about this subject. This kingdom needs their prince. What they do not need a mage who performs on the street. He sat back down soon and I took both the book and locket and put them into my bag once more. Levi walked around the table and pulled me close, sighing a little he just stood there hugging me. Smiling a little I held him back and his parents got up and left to leave us alone. Holding him there for a minute I let go and looked at my love in the eyes. “You right now you are worth more than me. If I die all that is gone is a street performer. If you die this kingdom loses their only heir to the throne and a kind prince. “ Levi looked at me, he was about to cry and that was not something I wanted to see. But all he could say was. “I would lose the most important person in my life…” He said kissing me lightly.


I smiled a little and took him to the balcony. It was pretty big, but I guess that was because it was a castle after all. I sat him down on the side and began to use magic. You see one thing with fire is that when it burns with certain metals it can become wonderful colours. So getting a small chunk of metal I began to lit it on fire and then setting it high in the sky. “What are you doing Alvis?” Levi questioned me as he stood up and looked to burning metal. Once it was high enough it made it, in simple terms, blow up. All the different parts of the fire went off in separate in all kinds of directions. The look of amazement on Levi’s face was I could never get again. It was full of wonder and excitement but at the same time. It was wonderful. I started to repeat the process again and again, putting an arm around Levi as I did so. From what I have been told the king and queen, couples from the town down below and the couple I had helped earlier, Lorain and Andrew, were all watching in amazement. That one thing I had done for my love to see him smile and be happy...Had done so much more. It had made so many more smile and have that face of amazement.


After about half an hour of doing so I stopped and looked to the other, sending one last one up. Just as it exploded in the air I pulled him close and kissed him deeply, moving my tongue into his mouth. Holding him close I soon move back looking into his eyes, I put my hand on his cheek. I really felt like at that moment he was my whole world. Nothing more could have made happier at that moment than just being there with him. Levi took my hand and kisses it gently, looking at me. Once he stood up he wrapped an arm around me and took me to his bedroom. He handed me some clothes and once we were changed we laid down.

We had become so close the past few months of us knowing each other, but I am glad what had happened had happened. Otherwise I would have not become as happy as I am today. Laying in his large double bed I laid next to my love and watched him fall asleep. “Levi...Please lets hope that at no point within the next few weeks, months or even years of our journey that you are safe and I never have to give my life for you…” I told the sleeping prince.


We both knew our destination, we both knew what we wanted in life. As I fell asleep I reached and held his hand. The love of my life and me, sleeping together. What could have been better? Well there were a lot of little things worrying me, but there wasn’t much I could do, nor were they relevant at that time. What I woke up to however shall have to wait till another time.

The End

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