The Book and The Locket

I visited the prince then regularly over the months to follow. His parents still had no idea however which was the biggest problem of them all. If they didn’t know I was here how on earth would I be able to get closer to him and the people around him. Maybe I could just do tricks when then was a ball being held to gain their trust. Well at least make them think I wasn’t going to kill him. On that day I decided to leave my staff at the tavern, no real reason in it. I just didn’t feel like carrying it around all day. It’s not like anyone could use my staff without it hurting them instead. Oh right, I don’t think I told you. A staff is personalised to each mage who makes it. It’s a hard thing to put into words. The staff can tell who it’s owner is, and if it is not in the hands of it’s owner it will not work. An even worse case is that it backfires on the caster. So if anyone took it there wouldn’t be a problem. So walking into the castle I saw many women and kings from other kingdoms. There was also a bard playing songs as well, he quite good if I remember correctly. Our royal families colours were hung high from the ceiling, purple, blue and white. The dresses of the ladies were all extravagant, if I did not feel something for the prince I may have tried to woo one of them myself. Many colours, many odd hair styles that were considered ‘fashionable’ where they were from. I even noticed some other princes here, dressed in suits and carrying swords. For what reason I to this day do not have any idea. On the far side of the hall I could see a table of all kinds of foods, that some of the poorest people in this kingdom would die just to look at it. Some very exotic foods I must admit, some I would have never dreamt of trying. Fruits and berries from all around were being carried around and offered to the ladies. There was definitely a lot going on.“Hm...I wonder what on earth could be going on…” I said wondering around. Seeing the prince in his royal attire, a red and white suit with some medals (which he had told me had no real meaning). I figured it must be a royal event to celebrate one thing or another. It wasn’t his birthday...So what else could it be? “Hm...Maybe his mother? Or father?...No it can’t be...the whole town would be decorated for that…” I muttered under my breath.

Walking over to him the prince looked happy to see me. Sitting on a chair next to him I asked what was going on today. He seemed rather reluctant to answer but he did so anyway. “This is to celebrate my engagement to Princess Audrey.” The prince sighed and looked down. Clearly not too pleased about this which he has said before. I couldn’t see the princess anywhere, but there were many beautiful women of all ages. He didn’t seem to be interested in any of them, which at the time for me seemed very odd. A handsome man like him and not a single women in the room interested him, I decided to let it slide and I grabbed his arm. “Why don’t we go somewhere else then? Sneak off you know?” The prince chuckled and nodded, leading me down a hall. “I was looking through the library and I found this book. My father said he couldn’t open it, so could you give it a try?” He asked me. Nobody seemed to really care that we were leaving. Maybe because everyone was having too much fun dancing to the music. Either way it didn’t matter. We walked down the stone passage till we reached two large wooden door.

Once we entered the library I looked around. It was pretty big, not huge like the mages library...But it was definitely big enough. Following Levi close behind he reached a bookshelf and grabbed a one with a light blue cover, with golden decorations and the name in white lettering. The book of wisdom. At this moment in time it confused me so much. The book of wisdom? I took the book from the prince and went to a near by wooden table, setting it down on there. “The book of Wisdom...No name as to who made this....But I remember my master...The person who taught me everything I know, telling me a story of seven items. They can control virtues...Well 6 can...One was a book all about them making it 7 items. Made thousands of years ago it was rumored who made them was the first Ellis family member...They are the most powerful family but the last member died 18 years ago…” I explained to the prince as I opened the book that laid on the table.  The writing in the book was hand written but the pages seemed like they should have faded away long ago. “Such an old book...How is the writing still as good as if it was written yesterday…” I mumbled as I gently ran my fingers over the writing. The prince sat down across from me in the wooden chair. Levi was very excited to hear what this book had to say, and if it did contain a story about those items I just mentioned.

I opened the book and began to read it outloud to the prince.. “This is the book of wisdom, as stated on the cover. This is one of seven items that you may find on your journey if you choose to do so.” At this point I looked at the prince, who seemed to be very excited. Nearly jumping up in his seat. Seemed like the idea of a quest such as this would be very exciting for him. Looking at the book then back up to me he then quickly settled down. Grinning at the prince I looked back down the book and I began to speak again. “The seven items are hidden and if you do wish to find them you will face many challenges and will may learn things about yourself you may have never thought of knowing. But be warned those are quick to their feet, if you are not prepared to face that which fears you most and makes you most unhappy it is very possible that you could die…” My voice trailed off that last part and I looked towards the other, he had gone a little pale and assume I had as well. We could have died doing what we did. But for all you know the prince has. But I do not want to spoil the story do I? I looked back down to the book and turned the page as a list of the seven items appeared. “Number 1. The book of wisdom. Number 2. The locket of love. Number 3. The gauntlet of anger. Number 4. The flower of happiness. Number 5. The sword of bloodlust. Number 6. The scarf of fear and finally number 7. The mirror of sadness.” I listed then looked up to Levian. We both understood the risk of what we both wanted to do. Both me and Levi wanted to go out and explore the world and find these items. I knew if anything did happen to the prince my head would be on a spike.

Before me or Levi could say a word more we heard the door open as a few guards walked in. Levi grabbed my hand and moved quietly behind the book case, putting a finger over his lips to signal to be quiet. As told I did keep quiet. We could hear them moving about. “Prince Levian! Where are you? Princess Audrey wishes to see you!” They called out, hoping to find him. I held the book in my arms, a grin growing onto my face as they searched, we moved about quietly so they wouldn’t hear us. Both of us had so much fun seeing how troubled they looked not being able to find him. Upon hearing the large doors shut we both began to laugh, sitting on the floor. “How could they not find us?! We were clearly in here!” Levi shouted through his laughter. I couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the man who was laughing in front of me. His smile was something that always lit my face up, it always made me feel happy to know I made the other smile and laugh like this. It took me a few seconds to notice that I was staring at him with the most ridiculous face. When I did notice however I felt the blood rushing to face very quickly and the prince did notice. Levi stopped laughing and came close to me. “Is everything ok? You seem kind of red…” Yes I know it’s one of those very old things written in books but seriously...Levi was so dense it was almost cute back then. I nodded quickly and stood up, still with the book in my arms. Walking back to the table I went to take a look at the book once more. “So lets take a look on what this has to say about itself…” I muttered under my breath, Levi couldn’t really hear me but he could guess what I had to say. Running my fingers over the white letters on the covered I carefully opened it to the page about the book of wisdom. “The book of wisdom holds knowledge of all seven items and, where they were originally kept to be safe. This book can tell the user anything they wish to know. Hm...Seems this will come in handy...However using it to much or wanting to know something that can cause a great deal of damage to the world, an example being how to rule it, will cause the person's brain to overload from the knowledge obtained. This will cause the person to either go crazy or die from the user’s brain  stopping to...function...If you wish to use this book do it in moderation and for the good of others. This book was originally stored in the mage's library and will only show itself to someone who is worthy of wielding such information.” I looked up at the prince surprised at what I had just read to him. If all items could result in death we were looking at a lot more trouble than we first imagined.

Closing the book I put it into my bag, knowing I would want to look at it and read more later. The prince on the other hand did not seemed to pleased with me putting it away. I looked to him and asked what was wrong and he replied with. “I wanted to know more about those items. Like what's the second one? We already have the first one, so what is the second one?” I chuckled a little and pulled the light blue and gold book from out of my bag. Opening it past the first few pages it then turned to the second item that would be on our list to hunt down. The locket of love. A drawing of the locket showing there were two sides to it. On one side of the golden locket there was a heart shaped ruby. This was to symbolise love, but what confused me before I read the pages on it was the other side. The decoration was 2 green emeralds, this time in the shape of a broken heart. I showed the prince and he seemed surprised at that. Like he had seen it before. Which we soon found out he did. I then began to read the book about this item. “The Locket of love is an item to be worn that must be used. It can be used to help people realise their love for one can also make the wearer make those love the wearer. One thing that people should not use is it can dispel love...It will make it so the two shall never love each other again. The only way the locket will not take effect is if the two were born to love each other or if the person will meet someone they were born to love. However if the user decides that they shall dispel love they shall never be able to feel love. Any love the user feels shall feel empty and not true.” Looking up to the prince I sighed a little. Didn’t really give us much help in finding it even though the book said it would tell us where it was.

Turning the page to see what the other item was I was rather surprised to see that the love lockets description carried on. I carried on reading to the prince who seemed to be very pleased about the idea of an adventure still. He acts like a child when it comes to things he doesn’t know, but hey I think it’s cute. “The locket was given to a royal family, in hopes that they would never use it for evil or to make those love them. The name of the royal family is Midforde however if they have changed it due to marriage at the time you read this I shall not know. However if the holder feels threatened the locket can and will summon demons to protect the wearer.” Looking to the prince he had a look of surprise on his face. He knew that family. And he knew who held the locket of love.

The prince stood up and began to pace back and forth along the side of the table. I watch him amused for a few seconds before I questioned what he was doing. Levi walked around the table and stood close, speaking in nothing more than a whisper. “I know who has that locket...And...It turns out I’ve been avoiding this magic for a long time now Alvis….My fiancee...Is Audrey Midforde...and she is the one who has the locket.”  Looking at the prince, my mouth hung open slightly. The person he was going to marry...Had what we needed. How on earth would we be able to get it without taking it by force? That was the only thought that was running through my mind at that moment in time. If she already knew the powers of the locket this could be very dangerous. I didn’t want to lose my feeling to Levi, even if I believed I had no chance of being with him. But if she didn't know what her pendant could do...How on earth would we explain it to her? I don’t think she would be to pleased with me being this close to the person she was going to marry either. It was definitely a problem we faced. Sitting down and yet again putting the book into my bag I looked at him. “Well...she was looking for you. So maybe we can take her to a more quiet area and talk to her...That may work…” I told Levi. He nodded and sighed, standing up. Levi hated her, always trying to get what she wanted when she wanted it. The perfect spoiled princess.

Telling the prince I would wait in the library he left and went to go get the princess. They both soon came back and once she saw me she was anything but pleased.  The princess was in a deep blue dress, with bits of gold in it. Making it look like a starry night. Her light blue eyes locked with mine and her happy face went to one of utter disgust. Her hair was long and even I must admit, was a beautiful golden colour. She was a wonderful looking women, no doubt about that, but her personality was what made her ugly to Levi. “Levian what on earth is going on? Who is this man?” She questioned turning to him, keeping the disgusted look. Levi groaned and put a hand over his face. “This is Alvis, my friend. And we have something to talk about with you regarding that locket of yours.” When I looked closer I could see the locket hanging from a golden chain. The side showing was the ruby with a full heart. I walked close to the pair and Levi walked over to me. Audrey followed, seeming to start getting more angry as the seconds went by. Once Levi was by my side he turned to her and he continued to talk. “That locket is dangerous. We need to take it from you Audrey.” She grabbed it and looked at him. After Levi had finished she spoke again, her voice getting louder as the minutes went by. “Levi you are my fiancee! You should not be taking my things away from me!” I sighed and sat down at the table, watching the drama unfold. She really was spoiled...Levi looked at her and gave a heavy sigh. It was rather clear why he did not care much for her. Levi looked down to the ground then back up to her. “I don’t love you. I’ve never loved you. Please stop fooling yourself into believe that.”


Levi moved close to her, but she shook her head and took a step back, now yelling at the one she claimed to love. Very dignified...But there wasn’t much either of us would do but let her yell and rant and storm about. Eventually I started to pay attention and she was yelling at him about how much she loved him and wanted to take care of him and all that. Levi eventually spoke up again. “I will never love you! So please! Be quiet and listen to what we have to say Audrey!” Yet again she was yelling, but this time it made me think she knew about the powers of the locket. Because what she yelled was. “Well if you don’t love me i’ll make you love me!” At that moment in time she held up the locket and a grin came across her face. The locket moved from side to side and I quickly got up and looked to the prince. His eyes lost their colour and turned to a dull grey, my heart had a pain that I felt would never be able to be fixed. This was one of the few times in my life I wanted to take my staff and, no not use magic, but beat someone over the head with it. Gripping it tightly to glared at her, but when I looked to the princess she seemed surprised. “I-it always works…” She said. Confused I looked back to him and I saw him blinking as his eyes turned back to that green that adored. He was back to his normal self, looking around wondering what had happened.

“Al-Alvis?” He said looking at me. Levi’s eyes seemed different, brighter now he was looking at. If that was just my imagination however because of how happy I was to have him back...well I have no idea. I looked back to the princess, who was still astonished at what had happened. As I kept my eyes on her Levi wrapped his arms around him. As surprised as I was  at this I kept my eyes on her. I asked her one question. “Princess Audrey, you clearly know how to handle the locket...But do you know what happens if you use it to hurt and make others love you?” Before she could respond I answered the question for her. “You will never be able to feel love. It will always feel empty…” As I guessed what would happen she was extremely displeased with what I just told her, and it wasn’t very long before she was yelling at the both of us yet again. However the prince was still holding onto me tightly. From what he told me later on it seemed that yet another of the love lockets effect had taken place.

But for now that is not important, what is important is what the Princess was going. Keeping my eyes locked with hers she yelled out once again. “He is mine!!” And with that what I read in the book began to happen. If the holder feels threatened the locket will summon demons to protect them. Coming from the side of a broken love the two gems turned into demons. They were transparent and I could see the princess on the other side. The prince had no weapon with him, because he never thought he would need it. So that meant it was up to me to protect the prince and myself. Pushing him behind me I held my staff in front of him.

Now for those wondering how one must do magic there is something you must understand. As I said before your staff can notice who is holding it. It knows who created it and it can backfire. So first making the staff is what you must do. This helps channel any magic around you and amplifies it. The most exceptional mages don’t even need staffs to help do this. But part of casting a spell is having what you want to do in your mind. For certain things to happen to must be thinking of certain objects or feelings. The staff, with all these images will be able to take what they are and create the magic that you wish to do. This does take practice and sometimes it can be slightly different  from person to person. An example is if you wish to cast a spell to harm someone you may want to think of a sword, however some people put that with princes and knights. So they assume that with safety. But that is basically how you do magic, to protect the prince I would need demons of my own. I chose fire because they would be able to deal with them best. I didn’t notice the prince at this point in time was moving away and from us. So I began to think of fire, death,  fighting and things like that. Quickly two bursts of flame jumped from my staff and landed on the floor, forming two fire demons. They stood there for a second, the flames making up their body slowly rising. The heat from demons was radiating from them could boil any water or melt any metal. They slowly made their way towards the gem demons and they began to fight. I was controlling the fire demons and trying my best not harm the princess or the prince.

As the gems were about to swing they went back to the two heart shaped gems and back into the locket, which was being held by Levi. I dispelled the fire demons and went over to the princess who was now cowering on the floor in fear of not only the demons but also Levi. He had forcibly taken the locket from her. The demons, having nothing to protect went back to their gem form. As soon as she saw the demons were gone she ran out of the library back towards the ball. Looking at Levi, breathing heavily I smiled and said. “You my Prince...are amazing” I told him. Levi quickly walked forward, planting his lips on mine lightly before moving back with a smile. “And so are you my mage.”

It turns out that the person he was born to love was me. The locket having be used on him made him realise his true feelings. We shall just hope that it is not a fluke and does not wear off. For that moment I time I just took him in my arms with a grin I said to him. “Well...We should probably tell your parents a few things before we go then...right Levi?” With him nodding in agreement he put the locket in his pocket. While I kept my arms around him he cupped my face with his own hands. Pulling me closer he kissed me yet again. I am very glad to say that kiss would not be our last.

But we still had many mountains to climb. We had the book and locket but we still had five more items to find. Another thing we had to do was also convince his parents not make him marry the princess and to let him date me. There were so many problems we had to face, but at least now we would be dealing with them together.

The End

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