How it began.

Seven items, one for knowledge and the others control virtues of others. If you could control these what would you do? Would you control the world and others around you? Would you try to keep them safe helping those who need it. Well that is what our hero's will find out.
When they met by accident their lives will never be the same. As they get to know each other Alvis grows feelings for the prince. Will they rule the kingdom under an iron fist? Or will his feelings be returned and help other

I was only seventeen when this whole thing started. Mere street performer. I was a mage doing nothing but simple magic tricks by stalls, entertaining kids as their parents browsed the many shops. Selling all kinds of things from broken knifes and forks to magical potions that could cure all. While I was looking for the items I sometimes thought how I wished I could go back and stop myself going out that day. However when I look to my love I change my mind. Time and time again. I guess that's the butterfly effect in action. All those things happened for us to both be happy. But who am I you ask? Well…as I said. I am nothing but a mere street performer. Name’s Alvis by the way.

Magic is a wonderful thing, it can do so many things. It can make a couple who cannot have a child have one, it can help build magnificent buildings and towers, it can make the smallest of children giggle with glee or the oldest of humans smile for one last time. However to everything that is good, there is also bad. Magic to summon demons to kill everything in their way, charms to make those kill each other and magic can also tear those who love each other apart. The fact that for all good magic, there must also be magic that harms is stupid to be honest. Why people abuse a gift they were given I shall never know. As you already know I am a street performer. I do basic magic, however I am capable of more, to entertain the children while the parents shop. In the centre of the kingdom, just outside the castle, there was where you would want to be for shopping.  All the stalls bright and colourful. Some selling potions to help with anything you can imagine (however most of the people who sell them don’t have the ability to make such potions). Some sell clothes, from clothes to that which the royal prince would wear, to rags for servants. Again ranging from all colours, bright reds, purples, blues you name it they will most likely have it. Oh and the books they sell! Amazing! Some are simple childrens books, but every now and again they will get these amazing spell books. Anyway, enough about the stalls, lets get to me shall we?

I am pretty rare, not because I do magic, but my hair colour is rather odd as well. So many people believe I use magic to colour it this way, but I don’t. My hair is a bright blue, just like my eyes. As for height...At the time lets just say I was a little under average. My staff, which all mages must to have, was at the side of a table I rent to put all my things on. It went up to my shoulder when on the floor, towards the end breaking off into four branches, all painted different colours to symbolise the four main elements. For those who don’t know they are fire, which I painted red, earth, which I painted green, water, which I painted blue and finally wind, which is left white like the rest of the staff. Unlike most mages I don’t really need it to cast spells. Putting a cup of water, a stand, which I lit alight with fire and plant on the table I smiled and waited for the children to gather round like they do most days. Once there were enough a grin came across my face at that moment. Who would have thought that what I was about to do would change my life? Oh well, I am a mage not a fortune teller. So I started the day, making the water take the shape of a foul. It was mainly the girls who found this amusing, going over and touching the foul, giggling at the sight of their wet hands. As I willed it to walk around the square some adults came to watch. With it walking I also made it grow larger and larger till it was a full sized horse. One of the girls surprised me and even ran through the creature made of water. The boys on the other hand found the water boring. So making it go back into the cup I looked towards the fire. Always got them more excited the fire did. Making a bird of flames, watching the colours and fire dance around as the wings it began to fly. Swooping down on people, but never touching them.  Some of the boys did try to reach for it and touch it, however I never let it close enough to young men to do that.

One problem with the way I work is I always have a blind side. Behind me to be exact. I can never really see behind me, so while I was doing my magic a man crept up behind me and grabbed the staff. Lowering my hands as the man ran away from me, the bird of fire faded away. “No my staff!” I yelled as I cast a spell, binding the mans feet. A man in a hood did try to catch him, picking up my staff he handed it to me. The guards of the area saw what was happened and rushed over. The hooded figure didn’t seem to pleased about this and ran down and alley. Me being the nosey person I am I had to follow him. When we were far enough away from the main street I grabbed the stranger by the arm. “Why are you running from the guards? Unless you have a reason I don’t see why you would. “ I questioned the stranger. The person looked to me and slowly removed the dark hood covering his face. The person I saw, not someone I expected to see, but it did explain why they ran. The first thing I noticed was his bright green eyes. Beautiful, that is the only way I can describe them. His light blond hair fell from the cover of the hood and formed a frame around his face. The prince of the kingdom. Prince Levian. “I think you can guess why I ran from them mage.” He said to me, a gentle smile on his face. “You see...I have never been out of the castle...So I took some clothes from one of the cleaners and snuck out. As soon as I saw your magic I was star struck...It was so graceful mage…” 

Chuckling as I glanced to the prince then back towards the street. “Well the man who stole my staff has been taken in now. So if you like I can show you around.” I suggested, offering my arm to the prince. Surprisingly he took it and we began to walk out towards the main town square. The Prince used his other hand to put his hood back up as we walked out. I took him around the stalls, showing him everything. The one thing he enjoyed most was the potions and spellbooks. His face just lit up when I showed him them. As we walked I thought to myself, ‘Maybe I should take him back to mine. Show him some magic and maybe see if I can teach him the basics’. However at this point in time I had no idea if the prince was magical or not so trying to teach a normal human magic is like teaching a tree to walk. Completely pointless, but the least I could do was show this prince some magic and real potions. As we walked, we talked to each other, telling him my name and what I do. Keeping him close I took him to a near by tavern. Being honest it wasn’t the best place. It was dark, a lot of homeless and drunk people on the floor, cobwebs and spiders...But the rent of a room was cheap, the food was edible and I had enough space to do what I needed. Walking into my room the prince lowered his hood once more, his jaw dropping at the sight of it. I had a bed with normal white sheets, a small side table and at one end there was a cauldron, a wooden spoon stirring the purple potion potion within it. There was also a bookshelf, some about history. However it was mainly potion and spell books. The prince ran over the potion, watching the spoon stir the liquid. “What is this?” He asked, and if I must say so in a rather cute way. Walking over and sniffed the potion, it was a vile smell this one. Smelled like sweaty feet. “It is to help an old man in the village, he suffers from back pains and this will help him till he can go to a proper doctor. Magic solutions are only temporary Prince Levian.” I explained to the other, the prince laughed lightly as he watched. “This is amazing Alvis.” He said.   

Looking out the window I saw it was getting dark. “Prince Levian...It is getting dark and I am sure your parents will be worried. I shall walk you home. My head would be a spike if anything happened to you” I told him standing up and extending my hand to the other. Levian took it and I walked him back up to the castle. Waving to him at the door as he walked inside, the guards looked to me with a less than happy look. But since I just bought the missing prince back they couldn’t really do much. Walking back to the tavern I looked to my staff. I can’t really remember the reason why I did...Maybe something just felt odd at the time. Oh well, that part of the story cannot be too important if I have forgotten it. What is important is that the prince and I did become friends. It became regular for him to sneak out at least once a week to visit me. This carried on for many months, I actually found myself falling for him. Although he was already engaged to be married so any hopes I did have were quickly gone.


I remember one time when we are at the tavern. Levian (although he has told me to call him Levi) was fascinated by magic, he adored being told about my time while I was training and a lot about staff making. “You see, each mage has an affinity to one of the four elements. Wood, fire, water and air. This just means that if they cast magic based on fire and they have an affinity to fire the fire magic they would deal would be a lot more powerful. Some don’t have this and are just average at everything, same for the opposite. It’s very rare that a mage has all four are  powerful. I am lucky and I am actually one of these people.” I explained to the prince. His eyes were wide as I told him this. He actually answered with something I have heard so many times before. “I would have thought it was water. You know, because of the hair colour” I rolled my eyes and put my staff on the side, leaning it against the wall. Once I sat back down on the bed I looked towards him with an amused smile. As I already said, this was not the first time someone had said this to me, so it wasn’t anything new. “Well if I had a piece of gold for every time someone said that I would be richer than the king and queen Levi” I told him laughing lightly.

A small sound of the fire I had lit under the cauldron in my room was the only sound that could be heard as Levi thought to himself. Standing up I went to check on the potion. I was making a different potion, this one was mainly to help this lady within the town. Her daughter got sick very easily, she needed something to help out when her fever's got a bit to high. It’s simple, just some herbs you can find in most gardens. The best thing about doing that was that fact she told she would bake me a pie. “Smells sweet enough...It’ll be done in an hour or so” I mumbled to myself as I looked back to Levi, who was still thinking. Standing by the bubbling liquid he looked to me. “Is...Is it possible for people to have magic, even if they have no magical relations?” Was the question I got. Letting out a sigh I opened my mouth, soon closing it. I have heard of people with no relationships being mages, but it was soon later found out for most that they did have a very distant relative. Going to my bookshelf I pulled down one of the books, mainly about families and magic. Flicking through, trying to buy some time as I racked my brain for any person who could do magic without any magic in the family. I knew I would have to give him an answer, so putting the book away I looked at him. “Well...From what I am aware no, some people have been said to be able to do magic without any family, but it was soon later found out deep in the family tree they did have magical relationships. But to me that then leaves a question, how did the first mages get their powers?”

Being honest, this was more of a question to me than anyone else. Levian looked to me, seeming a tad confused at what I just said. Smiling as I said back down next to him I explained what I actually meant by my question. “If you can only do magic if you have another mage in the family before you, how did the first mages come about?” He opened his mouth to make an ‘oh’ kind of shape, to show he understood what I meant by my question. “So...It’s possible to have magic without having another mage in the family?” I did nothing else but simply nod to him. After a minute of him looking excited I added on something else. “Thats what I think anyway.Looking out the window I could see it was almost time for the prince to start going back. Not something I liked doing, I could tell this man anything and he would think I’m amazing. At this time I was thinking about getting the know the prince more, have a day talking about Levian and not me. Maybe instead of him sneaking out I should sneak in. With magic I could easily become one of the guards, but then again they knew me at this point in time so I could just walk in and pick him up. No...The main problem back then was his parents. The king and queen would have never let me in if they saw me. I was a stranger and for all they knew I could be just after something within the castle. Well I was but not something bad. Taking his hand I helped the prince off the bed. “I should take you bad to the castle Levi.” He nodded, soon letting go. We walked to the castle and he walked inside as I waved him off standing by the gates. Sighing a little as I watched him walk the guards glanced at me. “Is everything alright?” The one on the left asked, trying to keep his position while talking. Nodding I turned to face the guard that spoke. “Yes I am, I just wish I would be able to follow him and speak some more” I said, turning back around and going back to my room at the tavern.

So lets fast forward a bit and go to the time when I snuck into the others castle, (which did take a while, a good few more months). I sat down at the bottom of his bed. The lazy prince was still asleep, so shaking him a bit I watched as he woke up slowly. “What the-!?” Were the first words out of his mouth when he saw me. Soon then a grin came onto his face. Levi then began to laugh and looked at me as he sat up. “What on earth are you doing here Alvis? If you get caught my parents will keep me under lock and key” I nodded, already knowing this. Reaching into my bag I pulled out an apple and a banana, giving the prince a choice. Levi grabbed the apple and took a big bite into it. Laughing a little I peeled the banana and took a bite off the top. We both that there happily as we ate the fruit. Glancing at him I spoke when I was finished. “So...I was thinking...instead of talking about me and magic we could change things up and talk about the prince of the kingdom I live in” Looking down the floor, wondering if he would even think of doing such a thing. From what I knew he never really talked about himself much. That was one thing that has not changed much over the years. The prince pondered on the idea for a second before nodding. “Ok then, but if I answer a question I don’t know about you, I must receive an answer from you as well.” I let out a laugh at this and nodded. Agreeing the condition that the prince had set.

So the questioning began. At first it was just about his childhood, what he was like. The prince nodded and looked at some of the paintings that were on the wall. There was one of him and his mother, Levi sitting on his mothers lap. She wore a beautiful gown, seeming like it was made of gold. But that must have been the way the painter did his work. The prince on the other hand was wearing a royal blue suit made for kids it seemed. The prince then began to speak. “Well it was boring. I couldn’t go out to play, since you know, there were people who would try to kidnap me for money and all that. Lucky for me it never actually happened. But was all learning how to behave in front of people, attending balls with my parents. Stuff like that. I know most people would kill for what I have...But it isn’t what people think it is” He told me before adding quickly onto the bed. “What about you?” Now that...was one I never thought of. I thought I had told him about my past but it turned out I hadn’t. So clearing my throat I looked to him, not really too pleased to be talking about it. “Well...I was raised by a nun, Sister Alison. My mother came in when she was heavily pregnant, gave birth and died. My father...I never knew. But what Sister Alison was told he was a mage, which is why I am one.” The prince seemed rather upset at what I just told him, but that was not the end of what I had to say about my childhood. “When I was 6 I started to show signs of magic, which meant it was time for me to have someone to teach me. There was a mage passing by and he took me in. He taught me everything I know. However when I turned 16 he left me. So I came here and started to perform.” I told him. The prince hugged me, which did surprise me. Wrapping my arms around back he soon moved back, tears welling in his eyes. “You never knew your parents…” Sighing I looked at him and wiped his eyes. “No need to be sad dummy...I’m fine with my life, it maybe hard not knowing my family but I am happy. So do not cry like a child…” I remember telling him.

After that we talked a bit more, this time about relationships. “I already know you have a fiancee, but do you like her? I mean your family set it up for you right?” The prince grimaced at this and nodded. “Yes my family did set it up, and no I do not care for her. Even as a sister she is a spoiled brat who if she does not get what she likes she throws a tantrum. I would much rather be with someone like you, who know what they have and are happy with it. “ Being honest with you this did make the blood rushing to my cheeks but I still knew I had no chance with him. So thats what we did for the rest of the day, we talked about random things about each other, what we both wanted to do with out life.

And that is how my journey began. I met the prince and we got to know each other. I grew some...more...than intended feelings for him and I also put my foot on the path to see many things. To meet people I never would have thought existed. I found out about and collected seven items, seven items which would change my life forever. Yes, call me weird, call me whatever you want but I am glad that I met him.

But I do have one more question. If you control happiness, bloodlust, sadness, anger, fear and love, with all the knowledge you could wish for...what would you do? Well I had to make that choice very soon. But how did these items come about? What exactly do they do and are there any consequences? Well if you would like to find out it would be best if you stayed and listened to this story. You will find out what me and the prince will do, and how we find these items. If you want that is.

The End

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