The Seven Sins of Life

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"The Redundant Table". A small, quaint cafe in the heart of London. With it's coffee stained walls and cosy atmosphere, it makes the perfect place to sit down with a cup of coffee and watch the time go by. Very few people ever ventured in, only the occasional old couple or school girl. The people who worked there were kind, caring and happy to talk about daily problems like being stuck in traffic or losing your keys.

"Miss? Erm, do you mind if I sit by you?"

I looked up from my intriguing book - Okay, it was an Italian dictonary - at the boy who stood before me. His hair was bright blonde and messy. Sparkling blue eyes were hidden behind his thick, black-rimmed glasses. He stood nervously, one hand in his pocket and the other holding on to his tie.

"Yeah. Go ahead. Not expecting anyone." I replied bluntly.

He smiled, a small, sweet smile, pulled the black dinner chair away from the wooden coffee stained table and sat down. He looked calmer from my casual reply. He rested his head on one arm and glanced at me.

If I was anyone else, I would've of asked myselfWho is he?orWhy is he sitting next to me?But being the blunt, un-ladylike shell that I am, I simply let this complete stranger sit on my table. I decided I should at least try and make some form of conversation.

"You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders." My voice was flat.

He jumped a little at the sound of my voice, then calmed and shrugged.

"Eh... just some school trouble." He chuckled a little after he spoke.

If I were anyone else, I would've said something likeOh, poor you!orAh... I know how it feels...

But nooooo.

I just sat there and stared at him over the rim of my glasses, wondering what it was that he meant by "School trouble".

He eyed my uniform curiously, before looking me dead in the eye.

I hated it when people did that.

"What school do you go to? I don't recognise the uniform or badge."

I sighed and put down my Italian dictionary. It was obvious this boy was going to give me zero peace, so I decided it would be best to engage in a failed conversation.

"I go to St. Xavier's Comprehensive." I didn't. I went to St. Ivan's Comprehensive. In Cornwall.

He looked confused for a second, before laughing and hitting himself gently on the head.

"Eheh, look at me, asking questions to a complete stranger. I'm Alfie. Alfie Sparrow." He held out his hand across the table. It was pale but well-built.

I reached out my own, tanned, fragile hand and shook it. My honey-coloured hair fell about my face as I lent foward.

"I'm Lumina." I muttered quietly, feinting a smile.

"Nice to meet you, Lumina. What an old-fashioned name. They're always the best."

He rambled on for several minutes about old-fashioned names and what-not.

I glanced nervously at my watch. It read 3.00 PM. Crap.

"I'm very sorry, but i'll be late for a meeting with a friend if I don't leave immedietly. Goodbye, nice talking to you." And I really meant it. No-one ever talked to me, the anti-social loner. I stood up, grabbed my torn, black rucksack and slumped it over my shoulder.

"Oh... well... wait! Can't I have your--"

I was out of the door before he could finish his sentance. I glanced warily over my shoulder, through the glass door.

The look in his eyes nearly broke my frozen heart.

He looked geniunely hurt.

The End

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