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Okay, so before you read the story i just wanted to put in a little word about it's origins. Once again this is a piece of fiction that I've created for an English Language A-level assignment. We were told the story of a certain Harris Burdick, (you may have heard it yourself?) we were then shown a collection of pictures associated with him and asked to write a short story to correspond with it. In the short story we had to tell of what had happened before the events shown in-picture as well as the event itself and any preceding events. The picture I chose was dubbed "The Seven Chairs" and can be seen here

Being a bit of an atheist attending a Catholic Sixth-form college I couldn't resist this opportunity to stir things up a little bit, knowing that the Head of the college will read it.

A further note to anyone who maybe Catholic and reading this story... Please don't be offended. I don't mean to come across as ignorant to other people's beliefs. I have nothing but respect for people who stand firm to their faith. This is purely a work of fiction written in an attempt to turn a few scholastic, authoritative heads.

Continue on to the next chapter to read on.

Hope you enjoy it... and keep in mind that it's still a work-in-progress.

Peace out! 

The End

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