A moment of lucid serenity.Mature

Cassidy and Julie sat up late that night they were both really tired but neither could sleep. The next morning Cassidy was woken by her phone. It was Wright.

"Morning sir, is everything okay?"

"Cassidy there's been a complication"

"What? What kind of complication?"

It's Tony. He's taken a turn for the worst..."

"No... We were with him a few hours ago... He was fine. He..."

I'm sorry Cass, the doctors say... It's not good"

"How not good"

"Just go I don't know how much time he has"

Those words hit her like a wreaking ball, they echoed around inside her head.

"Thank you sir, I'm on my way".

She ran in to Julie. She couldn't believe it either. They got organised and were preparing to leave when the phone rang again. It was Wright.

"We're just leaving now. Is everything okay?"

There was an eerie pause on the line.

"Cassidy, I'm sorry. He's gone".

It made her wobble a bit as she walked towards the door and she needed to catch her breath. She gulped in the air.

"What did you say?"

"I'm sorry Cass, Tony's just died"

Time slowed down for Cassidy, that moment seemed to linger for an eternity. She slid slowly down the wall, thinking about Tony. A lucid moment, where this wasn't happening. The moment of serenity passed. Julie screamed. Cassidy's moment had passed and been replaced with anger.

I don't believe it! Have you seen him?"

No reply came

"Have YOU SEEN Him!"

"No. The British have him. They won't let us anywhere near him now. They'll contact us when they have the details. He's already on his way back to England. He'll receive a full naval honours funeral" he paused. "I'm sorry Councel, he was one hell of an agent... Take as much time as you need".

Cassidy and Julie sat on the floor together hugging each other and weeping on each other's shoulders for about an hour. Julie spoke in sign.

Cassidy there's something you should know"


"At the hospital when he woke up

"You were there then?"


"Why didn't you say?"

"He asked me not to"


"Because mine wasn't the first name he called out when he woke up... It was yours".

Cassidy jumped up.

"No. This is not right. He was fine... something's happened. I know it"

"Do you think he was..."

"Murdered. I don't know but I need to get access to hospitals video surveillance. I can't go through regular channels the British and our military will have it locked down and hidden forever before long".

She grabbed her phone

"And I know just the person to help me"

She tapped the screen a few times.

"Hi Donovan, you know you're always saying, that you never get out in the field and involved with all this spy stuff... Well welcome to the team".

She explained that this was strictly an under the radar operation and he was to come over to her apartment with the equipment he needed.

The End

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