The death of Beth.Mature

3.37pm. Downtown DC.

Beth roared along the highway in fast pursuit of the black van. They both weaved in and out of the traffic. Tony caught up to them as the back doors of the van flew open. Three men with automatic weapons opened fire at Beth. Tony swerved violently to the left. He pressed a button on the dash board and the headlights dropped away to reveal two large muzzles. A HUD display overplayed on the windscreen. The men continued to shoot.  Bullets bounced off Beth's bullet proof exterior, spraying randomly around. Beth pulled up behind the van and began shooting. One of the men was hit and fell back in to the van. The doors shut. Tony continued to give chase. The doors of the van opened once more but this time the two remaining men threw out their former colleague on to the road right in front of Beth. Tony pulled hard right, Beth hit the curb the car flew up in to the air revolving. As Beth hit the ground, the car spun over and flipped, landing on its roof. Beth was wrecked, Tony was unconscious.

One hour earlier.

Tony was on the phone to Cassidy, Julie was on her way over to help her recuperate. 

"I'll call in tonight to see you're okay and say hello to Julie"

"Well just remember it's me that's needs all the attention"

Wright called all the agents in to the hub.

"Cass, I got to go, Wrights called everyone to the hub. See you later"

Wright looked focused and prepared.

"Okay teams, we have just been tipped off that a bomb is being placed here in DC. Satellite surveillance is showing the suspects en route to DC. We need to intercept that van.

He pointed up at the large screen. That's our perps vehicle. Local PD are not being drafted in yet. We need to contain this situation ourselves. I want everyone out in the field ASAP"

Tony ran to the car park and fired up Beth. Beth's speed and Tony's driving had him speeding up behind the van, well before his colleagues.

One hour later.

The ambulance raced through the midtown traffic. Medics frantically worked on Tony en route to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre. He was rushed to the ICU. 

Wright called Cassidy to let her know what was happening.

"Cassidy, there's been an accident. It's Tony he's been hurt"

"What! Where is he?"

"He's at Walter Reed"

"How bad"

"He unconscious, but stable" Wright paused. "He's strong Cass, if anyone can pull through this it's Tony Slater"

"I'm going to the hospital now"

"The British Secret Service have taken over his care. They know about his involvement here. They know you're his partner. Let me know how you get on"

Cassidy walked along the quiet hospital corridor towards the two plain clothes guards.

"I'm sorry madam this is a restricted area"

"Hi, I'm Cassidy Councel. FBI." She grabbed her ID out"

The guard checked her ID and smiled at her.

"Hello agent Councel, we've been expecting you"

Cassidy looked through the window in to the private room. Tony lay still. Cassidy started to cry. She put her hands up to her mouth and spoke quietly.

"No, Tony. Please be okay"

She entered the room, machines bleeped and screens to one side of the bed showed his vital signs. She slowly walked over to the bed. Grabbing Tony's hand. She spoke through tears, her voice cracking up and frail.

"Hi partner, see what happens when I don't come in to work for a few days"

Tony lay quiet.

"I'm going to be right here Tony Slater, right here till you wake up"

She rested her head on his hand and wept. Then she whispered

"Please come back Tony, I need you"

She waited there for four hours then Wright arrived. 

"Cassidy look at you, you're exhausted. Go home and rest"

"But sir what if he wakes"

"If he does you'll be the first person they call"

A man stepped forward.

"I give you my word, we'll be in touch if anything changes"

Wright stepped in.

"Cassidy this is Philip Munroe, British intelligence. He's in charge here"

"Don't worry Cassidy I understand the nature of your relationship with Tony. May I say on behave of the British government... You two are doing one hell of a job together. Thank you."

Cassidy left. She arrived home just before Julie arrived at her apartment. Cassidy opened the door. Julie could immediately see there was something wrong. Cassidy's eyes were red she looked exhausted. Cassidy could barely sign.

"Oh Julie, Tony's been hurt real bad. He's a mess"

"God Cass, so are you. Come on let's get in and you can tell me what's happened.

They went inside.

Two days later.

Cassidy made her way down the corridor, she carried a small bunch of flowers. This morning the guards reaction was different. He smiled.

"Agent Councel good news"

"What is he awake?"

The guard didn't get chance to answer he just had chance to smile slightly and Cassidy ran the rest of the way. She looked through the window to see Tony sitting up, next to him sat Julie. Behind Julie was an enormous bunch of flowers. She looked down at her flowers which now looked quite pathetic.


She entered the room and smiled.

"Hi Tony, I've been so worried" Julie butted in "we've been so worried"

"I brought you these"

She handed him the pathetic flowers.

"Thanks, I guess" he smiled, Cassidy smiled.

"It's the thought that counts"

They talked for about half an hour then a doctor arrived and asked them to leave.

"Mr Slater, needs his rest for the next few days. You can come back tomorrow"

Julie hugged and kissed him. Cassidy hugged and kissed him. They turned to leave. Tony spoke.

"Cassidy... Did you just kiss me then?"

Cassidy turned back.

"No, you've had a nasty bang to the head Slater. You're dreaming again. See you tomorrow. Hot Shot".

The End

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