Nice doing business with you.Mature

Tony sat in Cassidy's office, desperately trying to figure out what they could possibly want.

"Who the hell are the collective?" he thought. There was no known information on this group, they weren't showing up on Interpol or any databases that the government owned. Tony's phone rang.

"Agent Slater, are we ready to do a deal?"

"What do you want Bennett?"

"We were in the middle of acquiring a painting that you have taken and we want it back"

"The Smithsonian job, why do you want it?"

"It will be in the evidence lockers. Go and get it and meet me at Lafayette Square in 1 hour, bring the picture and come alone. If you don't get it right Slater, I'll kill her".

The phone went dead. Tony glanced over to another operative. She was shaking her head. Wright walked in. Tony was ranting.

"Damn it! We didn't get a trace".

"Okay I've got Donovan getting the picture to scan, we need to know why they want it. We also need to get a team in position outside Lafayette".

Donovan came in to the office.

"We can't find anything unusual with it"

Tony grabbed the picture.

"Can we put some kind of tracker on it"

"Yes, I can do that"

"Make sure they don't find it"

"I will".

Tony arrived at Lafayette Square, people were milling around. A black car with blacked out windows pulled up. Slowly the window came down. Tony immediately drew his gun and pushed it in Eli's face.

"Where is she Bennett?"

"Put the gun away Slater, she's here"

The back window opened. He could hear Cassidy struggling in the back.

"Okay let her go, I have your picture"

"Let me see it"

Tony held it up outside the car. The back door opened Bennett grabbed the picture as Cassidy was thrown out of the car. The car sped off. Bennett shouted out of the window.

"Nice doing business with you Slater"

Tony grabbed Cassidy and hugged her.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay"

"I don't think much of your ex"

"No me neither"

They sat on the floor and laughed.

"Come on, let's get you home and checked out by a doctor"

"I'm fine really"

"That's an order, special agent".

By now the team was arriving. Wright pulled up.

"The tracker is working get her back and I'll let you know how we get on"

Tony and Cassidy left.

Eli put a small device on the painting and switched it on.

Wright's signal went dead.

"Damn it we've lost him".

Eli arrived at the luxurious house. He sat waiting in the hall.

"Eli, come in. I believe you have good news for me"

Eli entered the large stately office. The room was dimly lit. A man sat at the desk, shrouded in shadow. Eli approached the desk.

"Yes sir"

He handed over the painting.

"Ah excellent, did they buy into the collective?"

"I think so sir"

"Good, that should keep them occupied for a while"

"Yes sir"

"I have a new mission for you Eli"

"Who is the target sir?"

"Eliminate Antony Slater! He's becoming a nuisance".

Eli smiled.

"What about Councel?"

"Who? The girl?... Eliminate them both!"

"With pleasure sir".

Eli turned to leave. The mysterious man spoke again.

"WAIT! I have a better idea"

Eli walked back into the office.

"Kill the girl... In front of him! Then drug him and frame him".

He started to laugh under his breath.

"Make it look like a lovers tiff gone bad. Be creative... and take some pictures. Can you handle that Bennett?"

"Absolutely sir, I'll take care of this one personally"

Eli turned to walk out, then he stopped and turned back.

"Why do you hate him so much?"

The man paused then slammed his hands on the table. 

"Because he did this to me!"

As he spoke the man slowly lent forward into the light. His face was grotesquely scarred and disfigured. One eye was white and dead. The other crystal blue.

"I understand now sir, don't worry I will be successful"

Eli left the building.



The End

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