The Keynote Motel.Mature

Tony got out of the shower and rubbed his hair with a towel. His phone rang, it was Wright.

"Tony I need you to come in immediately, we have a situation". 

"Okay I'm on my way". 

Beth raced through the downtown traffic and soon he was outside Wright's office.

"Slater come in"

"What's happening?".

"Have you heard from Cassidy?"  

"No, why? I assume she's 'settling in' at Boston"

Wright frowned.

"That's just it, she never arrived in Boston"


"And Bennett is also missing"

Tony immediately started dialling Cassidy.

"It's gone strait through to her answer machine. Could they have gone AWOL for the night"

"Not likely"

"I thought they were close"

"They were, but they didn't see eye to eye on law enforcement"

"She became a field op and he went in to dark ops with the CIA"

"She doesn't like all the clandestine work that them guys do"

"I know"


"It doesn't matter. I have a tracker in her phone, it's not reliant on her battery"

Tony looked down at his phone, tapped the screen a few times. The green dot flashed.

"It looks like she's still here in DC, in a motel near the airport. I'll go and see her there and find out what's happening"

Wright frowned.

"Be careful Tony, I have a bad feeling about this. It's not like Cassidy to go off grid"

"I'll try not to cramp her style if she's with Bennett" Tony left.

Beth pulled up outside The Keynote Motel. He could see Cassidy's car parked on the far side of the car park. He walked in to the reception, it was quiet. He walked over to the desk and grabbed the register. She hadn't signed in. He pressed the bell on the desk. A large apathetic man strolled out.

"How can I help you?"

Tony pulled a picture out of his pocket, he slid it across the desk.

"I'm looking for this girl".

The man studied the photo and smiled.

"Yeah I bet you are, what is she... a hooker?"

"Have you seen her?"

The man behind the reception desk sighed.

"We have a tipping system in this country sir"

This guy was getting on Tony's nerves now.

"Oh well let me show how we do things in England then".

Tony lunged over the desk grabbed the man, pulled him over the desk threw him on the floor got out his gun and put it to his head. He pushed the picture in his face.

"Now have you seen this girl or do I have to SHOOT you"

"Okay, okay man calm down, yeah she's here... in room 18"

Tony released his grip on the man and started to walk out. The man shouted from the floor.

"I'm calling the cops man!"

Tony stopped walking and slowly turned back around.

"I am the cops you moron. Oh and my tip is... Take a shower you bum". 

Tony arrived at room 18, the door was ajar. Tony drew his gun and slowly pushed open the door.


He was greeted by silence. He entered the room, it was empty. There was signs of a struggle and a pair of handcuffs were attached to the bedstead. There was blood on the pillow. On the side he saw Cassidy's phone. He called Wright.

"She's not here, she has been though. I have her phone".

"Any ideas where she has gone?" 

"Not yet, but she didn't go willingly that's for sure. Can you get a forensics team down here, see what they can come up with?"

"Okay, I'll send Donovan down as well"

"She's been taken by somebody. Have you had any luck contacting Bennett?"

"No he's still off grid as well, he could have been taken also"

Tony frowned.

"Or he could be the taker"

"Okay let's not jump to any conclusions. See what you can find there and then come back in. We should set up a team".

"Okay will do". 

Tony made a final sweep, as Donovan arrived with a team.

"Donovan I need to know about the blood ASAP".

"Okay I'm on it"

Beth roared off toward the office. His phone rang as he was pulling up at the office. It was an unknown number.

"Hello, Cassidy?"

"How touching, good afternoon agent Slater, I'm Eli Bennett. I'm glad your concerned about our mutual friend. I need you to help me and if you want to see her alive again I suggest you listen carefully"

"If you hurt one hair on her head Bennett, I'll..."

"You'll what... I'M IN CONTROL HERE Slater. I'll kill her..."

"Let me speak to her"

Tony could hear her complaining in the background as she was brought forward.


"Cassidy are you okay?"

"Don't give in to them Tony"

"Where are you?"

"I'm in a.... Okay you've heard her"

"What the HELL do you want Bennett?"

"I represent a group known as The Collective and you have taken something we want agent Slater".

Tony was confused.

"Cut the crap Bennett what do you want?"

"You give us our item and you can have the lovely Cassidy back. That's the deal, no negotiations".

"What do you want, you son of a bitch. If you hurt her I'll kill you Bennett"

"You know if I didn't know better, I'd think you've broken the first rule of spying... Never fall in love. I'll be in touch".

The line went dead. Tony immediately called dispatch. 

"I've just taken a call on this cell can you trace it"

"One moment... No sorry we couldn't get a lock"

Tony sat down in Wright's office. Wright was scanning a file.

"Donovan's confirmed the blood is Cassidy's. So now we wait?"

Tony's frustration was beginning to take over him.

"Bloody hell we can't just sit around and do nothing"

He stormed out of Wrights office.

The End

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