Heading back to DCMature

The plane trip back to DC was subdued, the excitement that they had felt on their outward journey had gone from their minds. Even Julie was quite. Not only that, they arrived back in DC to rain and wind. Tony set off to the hotel, Cassidy and Julie to her apartment.

The next morning they arrived at Wrights office to debrief.

"Well it sound like a productive trip you two had, apart from me having to smooth things over with the French secret service. How the hell did you manage to get a cafe shot to bits?"

They both spoke in unison.


"What the hell have the Russians got to do with this?"

"Nothing sir, it's to do with Tony's insatiable desire to not keep his pants on"

"What?". Tony jumped in.

"Never mind, they won't be trying anything like that here in the states. It would be far too risky"

"Good I hope not! Your turning out to be more trouble than your worth"

Tony and Cassidy looked at each other.

"For now I have a case you need to look in to, I want you to go to Boston. Link up with special agent Bennett. They have a case that you two may be able to help them with"

Cassidy frowned. Wright slid a file across the table.

"There's been four murders all in Boston, over the past six weeks"

"Why us?"

"There unusual to say the least, just get over there and link up with Bennett". 

Wright stared at Cassidy.

"I believe you know Bennett, so I'm expecting you to hit the floor running on this one"

Tony looked across at Cassidy and quietly mouthed.

"Who is he?"

Cassidy looked away and shook her head. Tony was confused.

They returned with the file to Cassidy's office. Tony spoke.

"So who is Bennett?"

"He's someone I knew a long time ago"

"Okay what kind of knew a long time ago?"

"We were at the academy together. We were close"

"How close?"

"Very, now can we leave it"

"It will be interesting meeting an old boyfriend"

"Look, just leave it alright. Me and Bennett, it was a long time ago. Besides..."


"Nothing. Look perhaps you should stay here and I'll go and see Eli on my own initially"

"Are you worried I'd cramp your style"

Cassidy stared at him.

"No... Well maybe... Yes, a little"

For the first time since they had met Tony felt a little lost.

"Who is this guy?" He thought "he's sure got Cassidy shaken up"

"Okay I'll stay here and make sure Julie gets back off to Denver safely. You go meet up with Bennett and find out what's going down there, I'll come up in a few days. Presuming you and Bennett haven't already cracked the case" then under his breath he muttered.

"Or each other"

"Hey! I heard that" she scowled at him. 

"Why your not jealous are you. The great Antony Slater got some competition" she smirked.

"No, don't be daft I'm not jealous"

"Well you should be"


"Well he's like you but just a little bit taller, a little bit handsomer, a little bit..."

"Okay Cassidy I get the message. Thankfully our relationship is purely professional so I don't think about those things"

Cassidy blushed a little and looked away.

"Yes of course, purely professional"

The next day Cassidy left for Boston. Tony picked Julie up and took her to the airport. They checked in and headed for the departure lounge. They arrived at the departure gate. Julie grabbed Tony and kissed him, passionately then she gave him an envelope. She smiled at him and walked through.

The letter read.

Dear Tony.

It's been lovely meeting you. You've made me feel really special and that doesn't happen often. If you're ever in Denver look me up. Please look me up. My address is on the back of this note. Look after Cass for me.

I'll miss you.



The End

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