Forget Mendez.Mature

Tony sat at the table reading the note. He frowned. He called her phone again, it rang to voicemail again. That was the fifth call he'd made. He looked down at the phone. He tapped on the screen a few times and watched the display. After a few seconds a map appeared with a green dot in the centre of it.

Cassidy sat in the restaurant with Julie ordering drinks. Her phone sat on the table next to her. Inside the phone attached to the inside of the case a microscopic homing beacon started transmitting its location

Tony stared at his phone a little longer. It showed Cassidy's location, he had planted the tracker days before. She was not far just the other side of Paris. He grabbed his coat and left. The taxi arrived outside the hotel. Tony stood outside looking up at the building. He walked inside.

Cassidy got up from her table, she went to the bathroom. Julie sat alone.

Tony scanned the layout. The reception gave way to a large restaurant. He looked across it, he saw Julie. He walked over to the table. Julie saw him, she jumped out of her chair and ran in to Tony's arms and hugged him.

Cassidy returned to find the table empty. She panicked and quickly scanned the room. She saw Julie jump in to Tony's arms and hug him, then Tony saw Cassidy. She glared at him.

"How did you find us? I told you not to follow me"

"Cassidy please let me explain, let me at least give you the facts. You owe me that Cassidy"

Cassidy frowned. She thought about what he had said for a moment.

"Tony how can I?"

"Cassidy please"

She knew him well enough now to know when he was sincere.

"Okay Tony, I don't want Julie in on this conversation"

"No of course"

She took Julie back up to the room and told her to wait for her there. She went back down to hear what Tony had to say. They ordered a drink and sat at a quiet table in the far corner of the restaurant.

"Okay Tony, what do you want to say?"

"Right, first off Carlos Mendez is a very nasty piece of work..."

"Was Tony, WAS"

"Okay granted was, he's personally killed 20 people that we KNOW of. He been running drugs in to the states in a big way. The CIA had the contract put out on him. It came through the secret service, I was the operative in the area"

"The CIA ordered a hit! Seriously"

"Cassidy very seriously. I work for the British secret service and sometimes we do dark things, black ops. I don't like it but it comes with the territory. You're not in any danger Cassidy, I would never put you in any danger... Or Julie for that matter. Nobody knows I'm here, we're here".

"But how can I trust you now Tony? Is that even your name... Tony?"

"Cassidy of course you can trust me and yes that is my name, Christ you know more about me than probably anyone. I don't give myself away easily Cassidy, but I trust you... With my life. As for Mendez, he'll have killed thousands with his rotten drugs and forced labour camps growing the damn stuff. He was a Bloody arsehole...

Cassidy threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. She whispered quietly in his ear.

"Forget Mendez, I get it. Can we go back to yours now, the beds in this hotel are like boards"

She looked him in the eyes and smiled.

"Come on let's go get Julie, she'll be thrilled. She's been upset since we got here. She quite taken with you, you know"

"Well,what's not too love, tall, handsome, myste...."

"Shut up! Slater, you're not any of those"

"What did you tell Julie anyway?"

"Rat infestation"

"Rat infestation?"

"Yeah, I couldn't remember the sign for cockroach, I should have just shown her a picture of you"

"Enjoy your moment, Cassidy Councel"

"I'm am, Tony Slater"

They collected Julie and left for the apartment.

"How did you find us, Tony?"

"err... Lucky guess"

Cassidy frowned.

The End

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