Cassidy arrived at the busy departures lounge at Dulles International Airport, dragging a large suitcase on wheels behind her. She moved through to the first class area. She scanned around and eventually saw Tony sitting at a table drinking a cup of tea. She approached him. He greeted her and looked at her suitcase.

"What's that?"

"Just a few outfits"

"Were only going for four days"

"A girl has to have options. Besides if we are going undercover, I might need to be anyone"

Tony frowned. She dropped off her bag and went off to the counter to order a drink. There was a slight skip in her walk, she was excited. When she arrived back. She was taken aback to see Julie arriving and being greeted by Tony.

"Hi Julie, are you ready for the trip?". Tony hugged her as he spoke.

Julie smiled at him. Cassidy was confused. She turned to Tony.

"Tony? I didn't know Julie was coming?"

"Well I thought she'd enjoy the trip and there's plenty of room at my place"

Julie smiled at Cassidy. They hugged and started signing to each other. 

Soon they were outward bound on the flight to Paris. They arrived in Paris on time and made their way from the airport to the exclusive apartment. They entered.

"Wow this place is amazing" Cassidy was impressed with his taste.

The elegant, period architecture gave way to ultra contemporary decor. Cassidy sat on the leather settee. She signed to Julie.

"It's hard"

Tony grabbed Julie's hand and took her through to her bedroom.

"This is your room".

He smiled at her. She walked to the window, it opened up on to a small balcony. She opened the doors and walked out. She looked across the busy Parisian scene then she looked back at Tony. Tony joined her on the balcony. He smiled. She ran across and hugged him. She put her hand to her chest and waved it upwards twice. Cassidy walked in, she spoke to Tony as she passed them.

"It means she's happy".

"Are you going to show me my room at some point?"

"Oh yeah, it's down the hall"

Tony and Julie continued to enjoy the view. Cassidy scowled as she walked on to the hall dragging her large suitcase to the next room along. She entered the room and lay down on the bed. Tony walked in.

"Cassidy your being a little forward aren't you"

She looked up from the bed.


"You're on my bed". Cassidy jumped up.

"Your room is across the way. I don't mind if you want to stay, really"

She got up off the bed, stared at him then grabbed the handle to her case. She barged past him. He smiled. She tripped on the way out, not over, but just enough to be embarrassed. Tony smirked. Cassidy turned to look at him. He stopped and looked around the room trying not to make eye contact with her. She stared at him. She left for the bedroom. She was further enraged when she realised her room didn't have a balcony at all.

After a short while they regrouped in the living area. This room had a double sized balcony and looked out over the Montmartre district. Tony opened the doors and the late afternoon sunshine shone in, instantly warming the room. The sounds of the bustling city filled the space with noise.

"We should go out and eat later on, I know this lovely restaurant that's just around the corner. What do you think ladies?"

Julie noodled and smiled. Cassidy agreed.

"That would be great Tony". Tony continued.

"I've just got to nip out for an hour or so, will you two be okay here. The fridge is stocked and there's plenty to drink. Please, Help yourselves"

Cassidy frowned.

"Thanks Tony, Where you going?"

"I need to see someone, I have friends here in Paris, I shouldn't be too long"

Cassidy nodded. Tony got his coat and left. The girls poured drinks and went to sit on the balcony. Julie sat at the table, Cassidy lent on the balcony, enjoying the view. She looked down to the street below to see Tony talking to a man in a black suit. She watched them. The man gave Tony an envelope. He put it in his inside pocket, then the man gave him a briefcase. Then he walked off. Cassidy was suspicious. She turned to Julie and signed.

"I need to go out, stay here. I'll be back soon"

Julie nodded. Cassidy grabbed her coat and raced downstairs and on to the street. She saw Tony, she followed him. At street level long shadows were forming and Cassidy was able to use the dark patchwork of shadows as stealth. He walked along the Parisian streets blending in with locals and tourists alike. Eventually he stopped outside a large apartment block. He got out the envelope and read something. Cassidy was too far away to see what. He stared up at the apartment block then he turned in to the building opposite. Cassidy slowly followed him in to the building. 

He made his way to the roof of the building. He opened the briefcase and started to assemble a high powered rifle, finally he attached a silencer to the end do the barrel. He rested the gun on the rail around the edge. He adjusted the sight, the blurry image came into focus. He spotted his target through the window of his apartment. It was Carlos Mendez, the mafia drug lord. He followed him through the sight for a while. He was entertaining a young girl, who was undressing in the bedroom. Tony focused his sights on her and watched her for a while as she undid her blouse. He focused back on his target. Mendez sat drinking champagne. The young call girl came in to the room and started dancing slowly in front of him. He sat back in his chair enjoying the show. Tony took a slow deep breath, he held it. He fixed a bead on Mendez head. He slowly squeezed the trigger, his shot was away. 

The shot was accurate, killing him instantly. Blood splattered against the wall behind Mendez. He slumped in the chair. He pulled back from the ledge. As he did the access door to the roof slowly opened. He turned with the rifle raised in readiness to kill again. It was Cassidy, she looked alarmed. Tony started dismantling the rifle as he spoke to her.

"Cassidy, WHAT the hell are you doing up here?".

She stared at him.

"What the hell are YOU doing up here, Tony!"

She walked over to the ledge and peered across in to the apartment. She saw the dead man and the girl collecting her possession together.

"Jesus Christ Tony, what have you done?".

"Bad things happen to bad people, Cassidy. When they are above the law sometimes we have to take the law in to our own hands"

"So what are you, a contract killer now, Jesus Tony. We're supposed to be on the RIGHT SIDE of the law".

"We are, I am... scum bags like Mendez have killed over and over"

"So that's why we're REALLY here in Paris?"

"No! We are here for Saunders contact. This was just..."

"What Tony! A quick killing fix. What kind of man are you"

She walked away towards the door.

"Cassidy! I take orders, I don't do it for bloody fun"

"Jesus Tony, what have you got us in to here, and Julie's here too. Jesus Tony. You're a complete arsehole!"

She stormed off the roof.

"Cassidy wait please!"

She had gone. Tony packed away the gun and left for the apartment. When he arrived back Cassidy and Julie were gone. There was a note on the table. He picked it up and read it. It simple said.

"We're not staying here it's too dangerous. Don't try to follow us".

The End

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