Introducing Julie.Mature

Cassidy's apartment. Washington DC. 9.05pm.

Tony knocked on the door of the apartment in the modern building. The door opened, it was Cassidy. She was not in her usual smart, grey work suit. Her hair was loose and she seemed relaxed.

"Hi Tony, come in welcome"

Tony walked in to the modern but functional apartment. He scanned the room. Rugs covered a wooden floor. The decor and furniture were modern but also homely and inviting. Sat in the corner on a large, white fabric settee was Julie. She stood up and walked over to him. She was beautiful, hippyish, relaxed. Her hair was blonde, very long and shaggy. She wore a bright loose dress that complemented her little frame. They smiled at each other.

"Tony Slater, meet my awesome sister Julie Councel".

"Hello Julie, pleased to meet you"

She made no reply. He smiled.

"Your sister has told me a lot about you"

She studied his mouth then she made a sign, she put two fingers on her chin and moved her hand in a downward direction. Tony stood for a moment then he copied the action. Julie smiled. He turned and looked at Cassidy. She smiled.

"Don't worry she's a brilliant lip reader"

He turned to Julie.

"How was your flight?"

She nodded and made a gesture as if she was eating, then she screwed her face up and stuck out her tongue out as if she'd tasted something awful. Tony laughed, Julie laughed. They sat down.

"Can I get you a drink Tony?". She waited.

He was sat gazing at Julie.

"Tony! A drink?"

"Oh yes please"

She had made a special effort to get gin in for him.

"Do you want a gin and tonic?"

Tony's gaze was still fixed on Julie. He didn't seem to be concentrating on what Cassidy was saying.

"Yeah that would be great"

She was annoyed, she had after all made an effort. She left for the kitchen. When she returned, she was surprised to see them laughing and joking. Julie was quite shy normally. Julie was signing things and Tony was working out what she was saying, like charades. She felt a little jealous. She plonked his drink down on the table in front of him. He didn't look up.

"Oh thanks Cass"

They continued to talk, enthralled in each other's company. Cassidy went off to the bedroom to mess with her hair. She sprayed a little perfume on her neck, she also put some more lipstick on. Then she got annoyed with the fact she felt the need to apply the lipstick in the first place and she wiped it off. Then she she put it back on.

She sat down across from Tony and Julie. Tony looked across at her. He pointed to her lip.

"You've got a little smudge... there Cassidy"

They moved to a table to eat. Tony was still deep in conversation with Julie.

"Have you been to DC much?"

She shook her head.

"We should go out one night"

Julie started frantically signing something to Tony. It was coming at him too fast to understand. He turned to Cassidy. Cassidy watched Julie sign.

"She says... She'd love to go out with you and says she loves the theartre"

Cassidy stopped talking and signed something back to Julie.

"She also says your really handsome"

Julie blushed and punched Cassidy in the arm. She had said not to say that to him in sign. He turned to Julie.

"Theatre it is then!" 

He smiled at her, she blushed a little more. Cassidy stood up and started clearing the plates. She screwed up her face.

"I'm glad you two are getting on so well"

Tony snapped his head round to look at Cassidy. He, all of a sudden realised what was happening. She started walking towards the kitchen.

"Cassidy, you okay?"

"Yeah no problems"

John stood up to follow her, Julie grabbed him and gestured for him to sit. She followed Cassidy to the kitchen. After a time Tony walked in to the kitchen. They were frantically signing at each other. As Tony came in they both stopped and stared at him as if they didn't want him to hear their conversation, not that he could.

"Okay ladies I'm going now"

Julie walked over and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"It's been lovely meeting you, Julie. We should do it again soon"

She kissed him a second time. He turned to Cassidy and pushed his cheek toward her.

"Not in your wildest dreams, Slater"

"Funnily enough you're never in my wildest dreams. Just the boring ones" 

He smiled smugly at Cassidy. They reached the door.

"Are you sure?"

He showed her his cheek again, she pushed her hand in to his face and pushed him out of the door.

"See you in the morning, Slater. I'll meet you at the airport".

Just as the door was almost shut. Tony spoke.

"I noticed the perfume, by the way".

The door shut. Cassidy lent against the door and smiled to herself.

The End

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