The train scene.Mature

The Bentley spun round the corner and parked up outside the apartment. They got out and started towards the house.

"So who is he then?"

"Peter Brook. Small time crook by all accounts, he's got form but nothing this big before"

"Do you think he's upping his game or is their someone else involved?"

"We'll see when we get our hands on him".

They reached his front door. They took up positions either side of the door and drew their guns.

"Your gun is going to work today isn't it?"

"It's only a slight jamming problem, it'll be fine. It never let's me down when I need it most"

"YOU needed it on the ship"

"No I didn't, I knew you would be there to cover my back"

Cassidy wrapped on the door. Then shouted.

"FBI open up!"

There was no reply. She knocked again.


She holstered her weapon and got out her lock pick set. Tony looked at her and turned towards the door. With an almighty kick, he smashed the door open breaking the latch as he did.

"The FBI are not allowed to do that!"

"That's okay then, I'm not FBI"

He walked inside. Cassidy followed.

"I suppose you've got a point".

Tony looked around the apartment his gun raised. It was obvious it was empty. The window was open it led to a fire escape. Tony popped his head through the open window and looked down, as he did Brook, took a shot at him from below. He jumped back just as the bullet missed his head. He dived out on to the fire escape. Cassidy was a way behind him. Brook was by now at the bottom and running. He jumped in to a car just as Tony jumped down from the ladder. Brook screeched off. Tony ran whilst pressing his remote, Beth's door flew open and her engine started. Tony jumped inside and started to chase. Cassidy shouted to him.

"GO! GO!".

She called for back up, it soon arrived. The Bentley roared along the road after Brook's car, weaving in and out of the midday rush traffic. Tony was not letting him get away. Cassidy and Tony were in communication via radio.

"Where are you?"

"Heading up sixth and Maine"

"Great I'm nearly there"

Brook took a hard right. Tony followed, he glanced at the street sign but was travelling too fast to see it.

"I've taken a right turn"

"Which street?"

"Not sure"

The cars raced on, as they came to a railway bridge, Tony clipped the rear end of Brooks car. Brook spun out of control. His car piled through the side of the bridge and disappeared below. Tony slammed on and stopped. At almost the same time Cassidy's car pulled up. They ran to the bridge to see a long freight train slowly moving under the bridge. Further down the train they could see Brooks car balancing on top of a carriage full of logs. The last few carriages were now passing underneath.

Without thinking Cassidy jumped off the bridge on to the train. She fell flat on the top of a box cart with a clump. The last carriage passed under. She got up and looked back at Tony who was disappearing in to the distance still stood on the bridge. She turned and walked towards Brooks car. Tony jumped back in the Bentley and started to follow the train on the road that ran alongside the tracks.

Cassidy arrived at Brooks car to find it empty. She jumped down in between the carriages and entered the train. She was in a tool truck, various tools and implements hung on racks on both sides. As she walked, Brook jumped out and grabbed her from behind. They struggled she reached up and grabbed the emergency stop handle. She threw her head back and butted him in the face. He fell back releasing her. Blood dribbled from his nose.


He swung a punch at her, she threw both arms up to block it.

"You haven't seen me when I'm angry yet"

She punched him in his side then kneed him in his other side. He rocked back. She swung a big punch in his face he fell to the floor.

"Then I'm a real bitch!"

She kicked him in the face. He fell back uncontious. Just at that point Tony burst in.

"What took you?"

"Well I stopped for a cup of tea on my way" he smiled at her. 

"You okay?"

"Yeah I'm good"

They made their way off the train as the local police came on to arrest Brook.

They got back in the Bentley and left.

"Next time you fancy doing a stunt like that will you warn me, I'm not sure my old ticker can take it. We are supposed to be partners you know and we can't be if one of us is splattered on a train"

"Okay I promise"

Back at the office, Wright came in

"We've got Brooks downtown on ice and we've recovered the painting. Well done today. You turned a messy situation around"

"Well to be honest apart from the cock up, it was all Cassidy, I was just a spectator for most of it. She's a real piece of work as you lot say".

Wright left.

"Thanks Tony, you're a real piece of work yourself".

She smiled at him.

"Hey why don't you come over to my place tonight. I'm picking Julie up at eight, we could have a bite to eat at nine if you like. I'd love her to meet my partner".

"That sounds great I will".

The End

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