Say I'm brilliant!Mature

Back at the office they waited for the results of the swab test from Donovan.

"I'm picking Julie up tonight, she lands at 8pm".

"Great I'm looking forward to meeting her, your sure she's nothing like you aren't you, because one Cassidy per lifetime is enough for anyone"

"Tony, if you had ten lifetimes you wouldn't get one Cassidy. Not this one anyway"

She smirked at him and spun away out of the office. Tony was reviewing the employee records, when Cassidy returned.

"Hey, I've got something".

"What you got hot shot"

"We have an employee, Robert Lock. Didn't turn in for work today missed his 8am cleaning shift. Very suspicious don't you think? He's worked there for one month. I think this might be our man"

Tony was desperate to contribute to solving the case, as Cassidy was obviously a much better investigator than he was. Tony continued.

"I've got his address, let's go!"

He jumped up and grabbed his coat before Cassidy had even had chance to stir.

"Are you coming to catch the bad guy...or I'm I to go and solve it myself".

With this Cassidy jumped to attention. They left for the address in downtown DC. Beth pulled up across from the address. They got out and walked across the road. As they approached they saw Lock coming back to the house eating a sandwich. When Lock saw them he froze, then he dropped his sandwich. He turned and ran away from them at great speed. Tony lunged forward followed by Cassidy.

"I told you he was our man!"

They raced down the road towards a row of shops and cafés. The pedestrian foot flow had become more dense and suddenly both men were bumping in to and pushing people out of the way. Tony had caught up to Lock and he rugby tackled him in to a fruit and veg store display. Both men went crashing in, fruit and vegetables flew everywhere. Several tomatoes hit an old lady who was leaving the shop splattering her in red. Tony wrestled the man, got on top of him easily, drew back his fist to hit him in the face. Cassidy screamed.

" Tony! NO!"

Tony had already stopped the punch himself. Beneath him was a cowering young man. His hands covered his face Tony could fell him shaking. He grabbed him by the scruff of the collar and jumped up, dragging him up.

"Where's the painting"

Tony ragged him. There was no reply, tears started to develop in the young mans eyes.

"Come on! Where is it?"

The old lady covered in tomatoes walked forward and started hitting Tony with her handbag.

"You leave this poor boy alone, you big bully".

She hit him again. Cassidy jumped in. She turned to Tony.

"Go! Go now"

She pushed him away. She turned to the Lock.

"Hi, do you know anything about the missing picture?"

The boy did not reply then he started signing to her.

"Oh your deaf"

She immediately started signing back to him and started a conversation. Tony walked back to see her with the man. He dipped his head and raised his hand to the old lady. Tony stood watching her sign with the young man who was now much calmer. Eventually Cassidy came over to Tony.

"It's not him"

"Are you sure?". Tony was desperate to salvage something from the situation.

"Yeah. He's just a kid. Turned up to work, cops everywhere. He just though they'd think it was him because he's different"

"Well then, I've made a right bloody pigs ear of this".


They walked back to the car.

"Who's got a pigs ear?"

"Don't worry about the pigs ear, I'll cook you one someday"

"What! You eat pigs ears in England, seriously"

"Hey I didn't know you could sign?"

"There's a lot you don't know about me" She paused. "Hey I'll teach you something"

She turned to Tony. She put two fingers on her chin then moved her hand in a downward arc.

"This means hello". Tony smiled.

Back at the office Wright was not a happy man. 

"Do you realise I've had to go out and personally apologies on behave of the entire FBI, to an old lady who looked like a gunshot victim. I had to take her coat the cleaners myself, MYSELF GOD DAMN IT! Not to mention the compensation to the store. Jesus Christ Slater, I ought to put you on a plane back to England myself. Cassidy interrupted.

"If I might speak on Slaters behave..." Wright cut her off.

"YOU might not speak, Special Agent Councel, don't think your not in just as much hot water as he is. GOD DAMN IT, I should put you both on a plane".

He paced up and down.

"Get out! Find that painting!"

They both stood frozen.


They shuffled out. Cassidy shrugged her shoulders at Tony. Then spoke.

"I'm going to see if Donovan came up with anything"

"I'm going to hang myself"

"Don't worry he'll come round, he always does"

Tony sloped off to the office. Cassidy arrived back in to the office with a file and a smile.

"Go on say it!"

Tony frowned.

"Say what?"

"Say I'm brilliant Tony"

He frowned.

"I'm brilliant"

She punched his arm.


"That didn't hurt, now say it"


"Say it or your not seeing this 'FBI eyes only' file". She waved the file at him.

"Okay you're brilliant and gorgeous"

She blushed a little.

"I didn't say gorgeous"

"Sorry... I was thinking about someone else"

She looked a little disheartened by his comment.

"Can I see the file now please"

"No need, just wanted you to say it. It's got the address of our burglar, the DNA swab came back positive. We have a match, an address and previous form"

"Right then let's pay him a visit"

As they walked out of the office, Tony smiled at her and spoke.

"You are fairly brilliant" he nudged her "and a bit gorgeous".

She smiled. They went down for Beth.

"Only a bit though"

The End

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